Super Sniper 1-6x Optic



Super Sniper has got into the every popular market of  1-4x, 1-6, 1-8x   type scopes  intended for the tactical shooter.  The optics in this lower power range is meant to give you a more versatile  optic.  For a long time you could have large magnification, something like the ACOG in 4x give or take a few Xs and of course the red dot 1x scopes or a combo RD optic with a 3 to 4x magnifier to set behind them.

The problem has always been ( with some people) is that they really wanted the speed of a Aimpoint type optic, but they also wanted to be able to dial in, or zoom in , adjust elevation and take a sniper or DMR type shot on longer ranges.   You can make longer range shots with a 1x RDS, but you do not get the target ID you have with the high magnification  optics. The  S&B Short Dot optic was  the optic that really became well known as being one of the first to offer this general purpose ability.  Since then the list has grown to most of the big names, especially since the Army has stated a desire for a 1-6x optic to be adopted.

Super sniper has been around for a while and have been making tough optics that work at a price that is hard to turn your nose up to.   Looserounds has tried several of the SS optics from the original 10x up to this new 1-6x.  I have not heard anyone say that any of the SS scopes are not tough.

I was sent this SS optic from Howard to try out after he tested it out. At first I was really excited by this scope because it is useful.  I had recently purchased the Leupold 1x-4X tactical AR15 optic and have really come to like the concept. So. I was excited to see how this long awaited SS performed.


The SS is large compared to the Leupold. A lot bigger and  heavier. Of course the Leupold is a 1x-4x but that is still a big difference.   Just looking the SS over and feeling it you can tell it is very well made and there is little doubt in my mind it can take a lot of abuse.

It has the Mil turrets that are easy to adjust and positive clicks that can be felt and heard easy. This is a feature I absolutely have to have in an scope I will be using for longer range shots.  The caps are not covered, but they are not so weak that will turn just from brushing against your shirt. A lot of people complain if they do not lock or have a cover, but I never have found it and issue on optics well made.  The Nikon 1-4s does have the problem if the turrets being  moved though and It is a pain.

The SS does have illumination, but it is not day light bright. The Leupod is not day light bright either  but it cost less then the SS.  The great feature of the SS is that between the brightness settings, it will turn off the illumination. So you don’t have to cycle through the switch to turn it off, Or think you have it turned off when you actually don’t. I wish all optics of this type had the same lighting controls.  The covering cap for the light will hold a spare battery which I appreciate greatly.

The reticle is in the 1st focal plain. Which a lot of people love. I hate it. I can not stress enough how much I hate this feature. I will elaborate in a later post why I hate it and my logic behind my thinking, but not now. The reticle is meant to act as a sniper reticle  at 6x, then be turned down and used like a aimpoint at 1x. This sounds great but since it will not light up day light bright, it does not work out so well.  The design of the reticle does not work very well for speed in my opinion.  I also found the scope to be very unforgiving of eye relief as well.  To me, it was worse then ACOGS like the TAO1 or the TA31F.  It was workable but on a optic meant to be ran fast on a carbine/M4 type gun, it is a major draw back.  My love of the optic on the first week went down hill pretty quick.  It is big, heavy, slow and not as user friendly as a optic of this price should be.

However, the turrets are repeatable and they were accurate to what they are suppose to track to. It stayed zeroed after a month of use and different weather conditions and riding around in a Jeep over very rough terrain. This does not seem serious, but I have seen more then a few Eotechs lose zero from having to ride over the terrain the SS handled easy.

The SS was matched up great with the Larue SPR mount. I have never seen anything that did not benefit from a Larue mount though, so no surprises there, 

The power ring was not hard to turn, but it did not offer much to grip on to and this bugged me on more then a few occasions when I was trying to use it like a red dot then dial up the power for a longer range shot.  Once I got it dialed up, it was easy to use the SS with its clear glass and turrets to make 700 yard shots with the carbine using 77 grain ammo. 


The scope us heavy, but it did not seem to weigh the gun down or make it harder to handle the gun well.  Over all though, every one who tried it was not that crazy about it once they used it a bit.  Everyone agrees that is the SS was the price of the Leupold or maybe a little more, it would be a good solid optic if not perfect, but for its price, it is just not impressive or worth it.  For a little more, you could have a Nightforce or the more higher end Leupold.  If you are looking for one of these new general purpose 1 to 4-6 or 8x, I strongly suggest trying the leupold 1-4x or 1-6x out if you need to keep the price down. If you are willing to pay as much for a scope as this SS costs,  I can say hands down, pay a little more and go for something else. like a Nighforce.   the SS 1-6x would be worth buying if you found it on the used market for 350-400, but not for its price when sold brand new or even the sale price. 




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