Real for the shooter that has everything




I was  recently sent some products by a company called RealBullet.  They make some really net stuff.  The thing I liked was the  bottle openers, As you can see in the picture, they make bottle openers out of real non working .50BMG rounds.   I have been trying these out  for over a week now and they work great.  Sure it is not some major manufacturing feat to make a bottle opener that works, but, to make it out form something cool is a new take on some thing as old as dirt.

Also , as you can see I was sent a bottle opener from a 7.62 round that doubles as a key loop.   It works prefect as well and I have to admit, it has been handy having it on my Jeep keys.  I use to pass up buying mexican coke in a bottle when out driving because I always seem not to be able to open them and no kwiki marts around here ever seem to have a way to open older glass bottles. 

As  you can imagine this is a attention getter as well.  I would not give one to a kid though in the current climate. Nuff said about that I think.  Sadly.

They make more then just this of course. I also got a 50 cal round that is an ink pen, It is every but as cool as it sounds.  it looks and feels and is the exact size as a real 50 BMG round. Unfortunately, my camera stopped working when I tried to get a picture of it.  But you can find it on their website.   I gave the ink pen to my Dad to use and I have never seen him so excited over something as simple as an ink pen.

They also sent me this very nice T-Shit I think every one would appreciate.


It is very well made.  The image and words are clear and it is not falling off.  One thing I can not stand on shirts is when they shrink after a wash and fade.  This one has done neither of those and I really appreciate that quality in a shirt.  I have worn and washed it at least 3 times and it still looks brand new and fits just right.

If you want to give something to a shooting friend of a B-Day gift or just to have something unique around to make liberals feel uncomfortable,  this place has you covered.  They know how to make products that make a statement, that is a fact.




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