Points to clarify a sensitive subject.


By Mark Hatfield:

Points to clarify a sensitive subject.


What if:  The U.S. Senate, the U.S. House of Representives, the President, and the U.S. Supreme Court had all agreed on something and made it into law but most people don’t know about it?  Others ignore it?


What if: The U.S. Supreme Court reconfirmed a position about something 92 times but almost no one knows what they said? Or just ignores it?


What if: The U.S. Supreme Court already decided certain matters but our politicians ignore that?  Could that really happen?


What if:  Many of the questions surrounding gun ownership had already been legally decided but most people don’t know?


What if:  The U.S. government did NOT have the authority to ban or restrict guns, particularly military style guns?  Could that even be?  What if they did some of that anyway and nobody noticed that they’re not allowed to?  Is that even possible?


What if: The President of the United States said something like: “Enough of these arguments abut guns, violence, crime, etc.  What if we try to have a real, honest, unbiased study about gun ownership, crime, and such so that questions are answered once and for all. Then everyone can understand and agree and we can finally get somewhere on this topic’.


Let’s look at those questions.


The study really happened.  President Carter ordered this done and it was done. But the findings of the researchers were not what some people thought they would be, the results were not what they wanted them to be, so the study was quietly put on the shelf and never mentioned again.  I used to have a copy of it, it can still be found.


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