Let’s get real. Just the facts. Really.


Submitted by Mark Hatfield


Let’s get real.  Just the facts.  Really.


Let’s stop the deaths of children in public schools.  Ban football.  Yes, it’s true, football is the number one killer of school children.


Why is it still allowed?

Why is it even legal?

Why doesn’t the possession of a football require a permit?

Should a safety training class be required before one can buy a football?

Should you have to be at least 18 years old to own a football?

When any teacher, coach or any school staff dare to bring a football on the school property why aren’t they sent to prison for life?

Shouldn’t we punish any student who draws, cuts a paper in the shape of, or in any manner depicts a football?


If you really want to prevent students dying in schools, ban football.


What about at home?  What kills more people than guns?  Bathtubs.  Yes, really.


Why isn’t there a waiting period for the purchase of a bathtub?

Should they be registered so we know where they are?

Why shouldn’t there be random unannounced safety inspections of any bathtub at any time?

Why shouldn’t the owner be required to show how children and unauthorized users are prevented from using the deadly device?

Why shouldn’t every bathtub owner be required to post an emergency plan in case there is a bathtub accident?

Shouldn’t the emergency plan have to be government approved?

Why shouldn’t bathtub owners be required to have a one million dollar insurance policy or post a bond?

Shouldn’t the owner be required to post a sign on every door warning that there is a bathtub in the house?  I mean, really, would you want your child to go into a house which has a bathtub?


You do really want to prevent the unnecessary deaths, don’t you?



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