Q&A March 2013


1. What is the best length to fire  MK 318 SOST through?

As with all ammo, The longer the barrel. the more velocity and the better the performance of the bullet.  The MK 318 was meant for the A4 rifle down to the MK18. You can use it in any length, but longer barrels will always give better performance.

2. Can I ruse .222 re size dies for .222 rimmed cases?

yes. just like using 45 ACP and 45 Auto rimmed will work the same.

3. Can you adjust the sights on a colt rail gun?

You can, but it is a Novak fixed site not adjustable for elevation. You have to drift the rear sight to the left or right with a brass punch to make windage changes

4. What caliber rifle did carlos hathcock use in vietnam?

Carlos’ first tour rifle was a M70 in 30-06. his second tour rifle was a M40 in .308/ 7.62 NATO until wounded. He also used a scope mounted M2 Browning in .50BMG.

5. What is the break in procedure for sig sauer 716, 308 winchester?

None, it does not need to be broken in.  Combat rifles do not to be “broken in” This is a myth.

6. Why is  the shotgun is the best for shtf?

It is not.

7. What is the difference between fn pbr & fn spr?

There are major differences. The PBR has the same action, but with a hogue stock and with a shorter and lighter barrel profile. The SPR has a McMillian stock, a 24 inch Match chrome lined barrel with the same M70 action as the PBR but with over all  tighter tolerances and is made to be a precision sniper rifle.  The PBR is a slightly upgraded varmint type rifle meant to ride in a car trunk all day and make short to medium raange DMR type shots.

8.What wilson mag comes with colt usmc?

The 7 round 47D

9. Was the Winchester m52 target rifle a military training rifle?

The first version, the M52, was intended to be a .22Lr trainer. But the Springfield M1922 was more widely used for that role.

10. What is the winchester marksman rifle stocks?

That was a walnut stock used on the National Match and International and target models. Some where used by the USMC sniper team during the Vietnam War.  They had a wide flat fore arm and a rear stock at the correct height for optics.  the stock was also used on the M52B and C models.  Until the New Haven plant closed. The same stock design was used on the Heavy Varmint and Stealth line of Model 70s  but it was a synthetic and made by H-S Precision.  Current FN made Model 70s do not use the marksman stock style stock.

11. What is the marine corps hydration carrier?

The most common one is made by The Source called the WXP



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