Another note on poor quality ammunition.


This panic buy is making it hard for many people to get ammunition.  In response, many people are buying what ever they can get.

It is good to have ammo, but I keep seeing people get stuff that is absolute crap.  These junk rounds are often sold in plastic bags, by unnamed or unknown manufactures.

The most common issue I have seen is that many of these junk rounds were resized incorrectly when reloaded.  Because of this, they will not chamber in many firearms.  Other issues have included dangerous issues like squibs.

We all know ammo is hard to find right now, but if you are buying some make sure what you get is quality.  It is not worth blowing up one of your guns or risking harm to your self to save a few bucks.


  1. I have heard that it may be 2 years + before Ammo supplies can be expected to return to what was “normal”. Pretty scary situation!


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