COUNTER AMBUSH By Rob Pincus ( My Book report)


In case you have lived under a rock some where in a third world country or on Mars, you probably know who Rob Pincus is.  the industry being what it is and the flood of so called “expert trainers” being what it is, I will give a bit of an introduction of the Author.

Mr. Pincus has been a trainer in the industry for a while now.  If you watch anything on TV about shooting and training to save your life or saving the lives of other people as part of your job, you have seen Rob. For years he had been on the TV show Best Defense ( which was my first intro to Rob) among others, he was the host of the 2 televised and now 1 internet only seasons of SWAT Magazine TV.

To use the blurb on the back of the book.

Rob Pincus is the owner of I.C.E. ( said as EYE SEE EEE) Training company and the developer of the Combat Focus Shooting Program. Rob Leads a team of expert instructors to train military and LEO as well as civilians  and security personnel.  He has written and taught on the subject for over a decade and is the busiest trainers in the industry.   I paraphrased a little, but thats the gist.   I would add that I personally feel Rob Pincus to be a true modern day Musashi Miyamoto.

Everyone loves the trainers who show us some sexy move or style that just oozes super gunfighter SOF killer.  Often with  gear so outrageously pricey or hard to find that more people then you would believe watch or go to them as a type of gear or gun porn.  In my opinion, Rob Pincus is not about fluff and flare.

The biggest reason I have always gravitated to What Rob has to say is that its stuff that is common sense and is meant to just work.  He dos not fixate on gear, he is not always shilling some new gun that is so expensive the gov would turn down spending money on it and, well, I believe he communicates and explains on a level that makes even the newest shooter or most salty shooter listen. On top of all that, Rob is endlessly sharing his knowledge all over the place to help  people, and many of those ways he does it does not cost you a penny and he is a endless defender of the RKBA. Anyone who “likes” his Facebook page will see his endless work ethic.

Now, on to the matter at hand. The book.

The Book is COUNTER AMBUSH and it is the best most honest down to earth training guide I have ever read, and I have read a great many.   I was sent the book a month ago and I have read it three times before starting to to tell you about it because I wanted to really sink into what I was reading. What the book tells you is that important. Its something I recommend you study and re read over time. It is not meant to just read once a throw away.  It is a book of the modern American martial art just as the intro says it is. And anything worth doing is worth studying.

Of note is that the  introduction forward of the book is from none other than the much respected LT. Colonel Grossman, author of the book “On killing” . the  LTC’s book are a worthy companions to this book and are invaluable. You could even say that they would make a comprehensive statement when bundled together with each other.

The book is broken down into sections( chapters) that guide you through the things  you need to save your life.  Everything is explained in detail. Not just training gimmicks, but more importantly, the process the body goes through and how the training is used to exploit the body’s natural reaction.   It is as much science as art. Don’t worry that it becomes bogged down into esoteric  mumbo jumbo though.  Everything and every example is explained to you for a purpose and it will become clear. Once you understand this, you will see why it applies. In my mind, this breaks down some of the pride or legacy things we are taught that do not have a basis in reality.  For example, Rob mentions the weaver stance and how a lot of people say its the only position to use in a fight. He then goes on to talk about after watching hundreds of gun  fights caught on dash cams and security camera footage, he has never seen some one take up this stance. He even offers some one to prove him wrong. No one has yet.  ( for the record, I have never used the weaver).

The book goes on to break down your reactions to a fight from your awareness levels through the order of more and more things going wrong explaining the stages along the way and how to react to them.   Once you understand this stuff, you can take advantage of your own natural reactions and use the to your advantages using cues and learned reactions.

One of the things the book explains is something I knew would be in there, but I was glad to see anyway.  That is the subject on how unimportant dwelling on your equipment really is. Sure, you have to make sure your finger can reach the trigger and you can use your weapon  and the common sense basics, but your mind and training with the weapon and deploying it in the best possible way is what the focus is on, as it should be.  We all love our neat toys but fighting is the point. You can work with anything when you reach certain skill level.  This is explained in a scale of skill and your ability to recognize this.

Some of what you read will be stuff you have read or  have been taught before, but you will be instructed in a fresh way will make you re think some of the old legacy myths of our world.   Taking the focus off of gear and driving home the point of just how close in, violent and out of control a life threatening event is, are just two of the things I highlight to people when telling about the book.  It is a wake up call to a lot of people and this gets attention. Rob does this very well before he goes on to tell you how to start making your self as ready as you can be for a fight. Or even how to realize you do not always have to fight.  The book may not drone on about what guns or calibers are the best, but it does answer the question of what techniques work best under the stress of a fight and helps you use them in the way that your bodies reaction wants to use them. That , is more important then if you are using a .9mm or a .40 S&W  no matter what you may think.

I want to give you a chapter by chapter detailed break down of this book because I am so excited about what it teaches on how it will open so many eyes. But, I can’t because then you wouldn’t buy it and because I am too lazy to type that much and would rather be shooting and applying what is in the book.


I think everyone serious about defending their life or others lives should buy this book.  It really is the common sense, mixed with hard scientific facts  training manual you can find. It is not expensive. It is authored by one of our greatest thinkers and teachers of the art and science of the gun fight and violent encounters.  I would do so far as to call Rob Pincus. “America’s Instructor ” because he really is. No one works as hard to make sure you have the skill and knowledge to keep you safe.  He can train you and lecture you and give you all the tools you need to safe you need to save your own life but no one is going to be there to do it for you if the time comes. That is why it is important to study these things and have the written and spoken to you in a way you can easily understand. This book does that for you.  Of course, you should still seek further training from some one who is not  full of crap, but this book is a must have to go along with all other aspects of training.

If you want to buy the book, and you should. You can find it here.

You can also find Rob on his Facebook page here.


  1. I concur, this is one of the best books out there. Rob really has applied all of the things that have been learned over the past 20 years in personal defense. Common sense approaches to a violent encounter. Your mind, gear and firearm need to work together to win. It is true what Lt. Col. Grossman says, Rob Pincus is the ” Grandmaster Black Belt” in what I call ” The Great American Martial Art”, Gunfighting.

  2. Great review, I would def consider getting this book, between folks like Grossman and Pincus out there educating folks and sharing knowledge we are surely in the midst of the next “COOPER”!


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