First thoughts on the Aimpoint T1 iO Cover.


Aimpoint T1 IO Cover

The plastic iO covers for the Aimpoint T1 are shipping.  This slips right on an Aimpoint T1 and offers a front and rear lens cover for the T1.

2013-02-25 17.09.47

The caps can easily be snapped open by one hand, but they don’t always move completely move out of the way.

2013-02-25 17.10.01 2013-02-25 17.10.07

The caps can snap to each other to get them out of the way.  This can easily be done one handed, and shows off a Tango Down logo when nested together.

2013-02-25 17.10.14


The caps stay on the left, they are in the field of view but are out of the way.  While the caps can be opened and nested one handed, closing them takes me both hands.

If you are looking for lens covers for your Aimpoint T1, I would recommend the iO Cover.


  1. Doesn’t the folded up cover on the side get in the way of your FOV? I guess if it’s mounted forward enough, maybe it isn’t noticeable.
    It’s just, the thing I like about the T-1 is that it’s not too big (like Aimpoint M4/PROs) but not too small (like Trij RMR/docters)….I just see a dot inside a small circle.
    I like the IDEA of these, but feel like my bikini covers might be more practical in the sense that I keep it covered up when storing it or whatever, and rip them off and shove them up in the grip or a pocket when I’m going out with the T1.

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