Trojan Horse Guncase, Carry your carbine like you are James Bond


I am always on the look out for a way to discreetly carry my carbine or various weapons around with me without anyone having any idea what I really have.  I have used different bags made for the purpose over the years. The so called discreet carrying cases are hardly discreet. They look like soft gun cases with no MOLLE. It is obvious to anyone that has any brains what it is.   I have also used sports bags meant for baseball bats or other sporting gear in.  These certainly pulled off the undercover requirement but had no way to get to the rifle very fast. They also suffered from not having any padding or a backer to keep the case walls stiff.  I also worried the weight of the gun would bust through the seams or tear and coming spilling out.

Last week I ran across something that is exactly what I have always felt I needed.   It, is the Comp-Tac  trojan horse long gun case.



No one I showed it to, even come close to guessing it was for a gun.  It has a sport look to it. It could hold a tennis racket, snow shows, a violin,Aunt Martha’s sweater, anything.   The case has stiffeners in the sides to keep the gun from printing or from tearing through.  It has a divider that allows you to put 2 carbines in the case. One side of the divider has MOLLE and the other is covered with velcro.  Inside, you could have a carbine, pistols ( multiple) Mags for both, a light jacket or just about anything.


The PALS side of the divider also comes with the usual velcro straps to hod the gun in place if its short enough to move around.


The other side can hold almost anything. I found I could even get a small chest rig in there.  Of course. it is possible to put so much in it that you can not lift it or you could jam it so full that it turns bulky and out of shape, hurting its purpose of being discreet.

It does not have padding to protect from hard abuse, but it has stiff parts to keep it in shape and the stiffeners will protect the gun from most but the worst case scenario damage. It is not meant to be a Pelican gun case. It is meant to be something you can toss over your shoulder and walk around a college campus with, or keep in your car without any one seeing it is clearly a gun case.

I am really excited about this case and have already tried it out walking around downtown at the local city. Yes, CCW of rifles is legal in my state and I have a CCWD. So make sure you are legal to do this where ever it is you live.  I could go on about the quality of this thing and how well it works all day, but I would sound like I get a commission from selling them.    I will say, this is the 1st real affordable case of its type I have seen, that actually does not look anything like a gun case.  Sure there are the guitar cases and such, but this could pass off as just about anything. The guitar cases look out of place being carried most of the time, and a guitar is just as desirable to a thief as a gun. Maybe more so since the penalty for guitar theft is not as serious as stealing a firearm.      Most other “discreet” cases just look like plain gun bags without MOLLE or pouches on the outside and still come if the usual dead give a way colors like OD green, tan, coyote and black. And no where on the case is a ctactical company logo to give it away to those looking for a clue.



Bag hardware is the standard heavy duty zipper and a nice sling that  has the QD buckles to take it off in a hurry.  It also has two small pockets on the inside for any other use you can find for it.  This is worth buying.  It is not the thing you need for abuse. Nothing will beat a hardcase like a Pelican, but if you need or want to carry it close, with no one knowing, this works perfectly.






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