TacStrike Target Stand for Training


A few months ago, I got looking for a nice stand to use for training and for my carboard targets. I wanted something small, tough easy to transport and not too pricey. I also needed it to set on ground that was not always perfect level.   One day I walked into Herd Tactical in Huntington, WV and saw exactly what I needed.


The target base/stand is tough metal that is built very solid, It takes two 2x2s into the deep. solid brackets.  There is a bolt that screw against the boards to act as giant set screws to take the wobble out.  They have durable finish that has kept mine from rusting despite being out in the winter weather for months.  For around forty dollars, you can not beat these simple systems.  TacStrike makes more then these stands, including steel plate targets. TacStrikes website lists Costa as having them at his on personal home range if that sorta thing impresses you.

The company has a great selection to help you outfit a range or training area  and  their targets will take some real abuse.

You can visit their Facebook page and see what they have and use it to go on to their website for ordering.



If you want a great deal on the stands visit Herd Tactical. The owner is a great guy who understands what CS is suppose to be.  Herd Tactical has a Facebook page and a website where you can order just about anything you could need. This is where I do all of my gun related shopping. He has the target stand in stock right now.




  1. Another handy thing whose proper name I can’t remember are target spikes. Designed to fit on to the end of the 1×2 and stick it into the ground. Use in pairs for standards targets, can fit to any diferent widths of targets or use as singles.

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