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Low Quality Ammo from GS Custom


With ammo prices up, I see more people using reloaded ammunition.  Reloads can be high quality, or loaded cheaply for bulk.  But sadly many companies making reloads and other bargain ammunition are doing a lousy job.

The GS Custom reloaded ammo pictured here would not chamber in a firearm.  The round shown has a split case, that brass should not have been reloaded.

Various other issues I have seen in these poor quality reloads include but are not limited to:  Poorly sized ammunition that will not chamber.  High primers that can cause out of battery detonations.  Hot loads blowing out primers.  Rounds with no powder, and rounds where the bullets are not seated correctly or crimped leaving the bullet loose in the case.

Some less then honorable retailers are taking old surplus and repackaging it as new production ammunition.  The date on the headstamps show this to be untrue.  Often this ammo with perform well as surplus ammunition is generally reliable.  However some old surplus has been stored poorly over the years and will not fire reliably.

Bad ammunition can be unsafe, be sure that what you are buying is actually quality ammunition.


  1. Please note that there is no relationship between GS Custom Guns & Ammo and GS Custom Bullets. GS Custom Bullets does not manufacture ammunition and our bullets are all precision instruments. See our website at http://www.gscustom.co.za for info (About Us) on how we do quality control.


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