My Gen 2 Glock 19 Concealed Carry.


Over the last few years, I have reevaluated my Every Day Carry (EDC) or concealed carry firearm and associated equipment. My experience carrying firearms everyday as a law enforcement officer and my exposure as a firearms instructor and armorer lead me to my current choices.

I have carried several different firearms over the years, and a Glock 23 or Sig Sauer P245 have always been my concealed carry favorites until this year. I love the .40 cal. and 45 acp but ammo has been getting expensive, and I have slowly moved over to 9mm, as I like to shoot a lot. I have never been a fan of pocket pistols or calibers smaller than 9mm. I wanted a firearm that was very reliable, had a low recoil impulse, and was compatible with the Glock 17RTF2 that I have in a nightstand safe for home protection. I was not interested in a bulky light for it; I wanted a smooth, fast, no B.S. carry piece. I evaluated what I wanted in a carry firearm and the Generation 2 Glock 19 looked perfect.  Now these Gen2 Glock 19’s are hard to come by, but I happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Generation 2 Glock 19
Generation 2 Glock 19

A few things made the Glock 19 a good choice for me.  One (1), ammo capacity is 15 + 1 in the Glock 19. I like that.  Two (2), grip purchase. I find the mid size grip of the Glock compact series to be the best for me and the Gen2 the best out of the G19’s.  It allows for a solid grip and purchase of the firearm during the draw. Three (3), bullet technology advancements over the last decade. With the right modern loads (FBI Ballistic Test Protocol rated) like, Speer Gold Dot, Winchester Ranger, Federal in HST or Tactical Bonded, and others, all calibers perform basically the same now in my opinion. With the 9mm, I find I am more proficient at getting rounds on target much faster and more accurately.  Four (4), Kydex holsters that have come out over the last few years.  Kydex holsters keep the firearm closer to the body than any holster I have ever had and there is almost no visible print of the firearm under the clothes I regularly wear.

IMG_5157 IMG_5158

IMG_5205 IMG_5207

In the holster department, I have failed a lot more than I have succeeded. I have a whole drawer full of holsters. I looked at several different holsters while looking for the right EDC holster for me. I wanted to find a holster that could be made for me the way I wanted it.  I don’t remember how I came across NTAC Holsters, but I was looking specifically for a Kydex holster at the time.  I am not a fan of an FBI cant or 15% cant for my body set up.  I spoke with the owner and requested a 10% cant, as this works best for me, and advised I would need the holster to fit a Glock 19 Generation 2 with an extended slide stop.


NTAC seems to have gone out of business and is not responding to its customers. Loose Rounds staff highly recommends Dark Star Gear holsters.

Kydex holsters conceal very well and are comfortable with all day carry.  I have two small boys that want to go everywhere and do everything, and with my Kydex holster and G19, I have no worries of the firearm printing on my clothing as I move. Even with summer clothing, I have no problem concealing a Glock 19/23.


Glock 19 with kydex holster
Glock 19 with kydex holster

Once I got the Kydex holster and Glock 19 together, I added some parts to the Glock. I purchased the Gen 2 Glock 19 used of course. It is a late 97 model making it one of the last production Gen2’s.  I stripped all the internals out and updated required parts.  I added a few things that are my personal preference. I replaced the serrated trigger with a smooth G17 trigger. I do this in all my compact Glocks, as I do not like the serrated trigger. I added a New York one trigger spring and (-) 4.5 OEM connector.   This trigger pull set up is what I prefer.  It takes up some of the trigger slack and provides a more positive reset for faster follow up shots while still providing a 5.5 lbs trigger pull.  I added a Vickers magazine release and a Glock extended slide stop.  When I was looking at sights, the Trijicon HD’s had come out.  I gave them a try, and I am glad I did. The Trijicon HD’s are great on this firearm.  Very accurate, and I find them very fast to acquire.

Vickers magazine release and OEM extended slide stop
Vickers magazine release and OEM extended slide stop
Trijicon HD Night Sights Orange
Trijicon HD Night Sights Orange

Of all the firearms I have carried over the years for my EDC or concealed carry, the Gen 2 Glock 19 is my favorite.  Concealed carry is not just the firearm or the holster; it is multiple pieces of equipment that must come together. Going cheep on the firearm, holster or belt will not make a winning combination.  The firearm and the equipment to support it must be well made and work together. Adjusting your clothing is also a factor you must consider.   For me, it has taken over 12 years to get my concealed carry equipment as comfortable as it is right now.



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