Review: Geissele reaction rod


Reaction RodUpper not pictured, normally the Reaction Rod would be inside an upper receiver, locking into the locking lugs as shown.


Geissele offers a new alternative to the barrel clamp or action block for the AR15.  This “Reaction Rod” slides into the upper in place of a Bolt Carrier Group, and locks into the barrels locking lugs.  The other end has flats that fit right in your vice.

I bought one of these have have used it on a few uppers.  I found it easy to use and much prefer it over the action block I was using.  Only downside I found is that it doesn’t fit well or deeply in my White Oak barrels locking lugs.  Both Colt barrels I tried it with worked much better.  Despite not sitting as deep in the WOA barrel, it works very well.  I recommend it.


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