Installing Sights on Glock


Over the last few weeks, Loose Rounds readers have asked several questions about installing sights on your Glock. I will go over some of the basic tools you need and the process of installing new sights on a Glock. For removal and installation of sights, I use a Glockmeister Sight Tool Set.  This set is the best bang for the buck in my opinion. With the right tools this is a really easy process, taking only a few minutes of your time.

Equipment Needed:

No matter what brand of sight tools you choose, you will need the following to install your sights.

-Rear sight pusher tool.

-Front sight hex screw tool.

-Red Loctite 262.

– Soft work mat of some kind.

You may want to have some cleaner and a brush handy, to clear out the rear sight channel and front slide hole, after removing the old sights.

Before getting started make sure your firearm is unloaded/clear. Do not have a magazine or any ammunition around as you work. Field strip your Glock and set all parts aside, except for the slide. Whether you choose to remove/install the front or rears sight first is up to you.  The following steps are my preference only.

Removal of Front Sight:

Use the front sight tool to remove the front sight. Depending on the thread locker that has been used, you might want to apply a little heat if the front sight is being difficult. In most cases this is not difficult. If you are planning on reusing the sight, take care not to damage the threads or hex screw head. If there is debris/dirt in or around the slide hole, brush it out.

Removal of Rear Sight:

Place the slide in the rear sight tool. You should orientate the rear sight tool to push the rear sight out to the right. Rotate the push key on the left to push the sight out. Most rear sights are installed from the right side of the slide, pushing the sight left. Following this path makes the sight easier to remove and less wear is added to the sight channel.  The sights are now removed and you are ready to install the new sights. If there is debris/dirt in the sight channel, brush it out.

Installation of Rear Sight:

The slide is already in the rear sight tool, so now you just have to install the new rear sight. Reposition the left push key back and slide in your new sight. Place the sight in from the right and push toward the left. The new sight will almost slide halfway in with your finger. Once in place, rotate the right push key until the sight is centered.

Ensure there is an equal amount of distance on both sides of the sight to the edge of the frame. This may take several minor adjustments with the rear sight tool.

Installation of front Sight:

Place the new front sight in the front sight slide hole. The sight will have a post that fits the slide hole, it will usually be snug. Make sure the sight is parallel with your slide as it can move slightly.  Place the front sight hex screw in the front sight tool.  Add some thread locker to the screw threads.

Place the slide in one hand while pushing down on the front sight with your thumb. With the other hand screw the hex screw in with the front sight tool.  It is important not to strip the threads, just a slight tightening is needed to secure the sight.

The installation of the new sights is complete. Check to make sure the front sight is parallel to the slide and the sight alignment is straight.  Reassemble your Glock and take it to the range to make sure the sights are hitting where you want them too.

Additional Comments:

I am not a fan of placing a Glock in a vise and using a punch to hammer/push a rear sight in. Although you can accomplish removing/installing rear sights with a punch, it is not as easy as using a push tool.  Since you are going to have to buy some equipment, I suggest investing in some sight tools. Especially if you have several Glocks. For a one (1) time installation you may not want to spend the money. But, the right tools are very nice to have when you see those new sights you want to try.

The Glockmeister Sight Tool Set is a great deal. It comes with the rear sight pusher, a front sight hex screw tool and a capsule of 262 Red Loctite. All of this for $99.00 dollars. This set pretty much sets you up with what you will need. This set works with most sights designed for Glocks. Other sight tools can cost well over a hundred dollars, just for the rear sight tool.




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