REVIEW: Packing in Pink



REVIEW: Packing in Pink

The firearm industry has been evolving as more females are becoming gun owners and enthusiasts.  In a Gallup poll published on October 26, 2011, it stated 23% of gun owners are female.  That is a 13% increase from 2005.  I remember going to the gun range and being the only female.  Nowadays, it seems like a consistent 80/20- 80% male, and 20% female (at least in California).  It brings a smile to my face when I see a couple of girls renting out a lane without any males (sorry, no offense to the guys).

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Packing in Pink was founded in 2007 by Kim, a female gun enthusiast in Canada.  As the name implies, Packing in Pink is a company geared for the female shooter.   Their merchandise is subtle in feminine aesthetics and definitely says, “I’m a woman shooter.”  Their FaceBook headline reads, “Just because you shoot like a man, doesn’t mean you have to look like one!”

During my phone conversations with Kim, I learned about her background and passion for firearms.  I think we all can agree, starting a business is not an easy task, but with determination and perseverance, one can succeed.  Her excitement and pride for her products gleamed in her voice over the phone.  In my opinion, there are not enough “good” female targeted gun merchandise products that exist in the market.  I’ve found typically (except for hunting gear designed for women) the products are cheesy and low quality.  Nothing irritates me more than when a company manufactures cheap products and splashes girly colors, stars, and hearts to try to appease my taste.

CLOTHING – I like the clothing.  First, it has an American Apparel brand, so it’s manufactured in the U.S.A. and soft (90% combined cotton and 10% poly).  It is not thick, but it does not feel like it will rip.  It’s your standard t-shirt.  Second, the design is not over the top.  The logo and font is pretty and simple.  I’m not a walking billboard, so I’d rather not look like one.  The t-shirt is light and fitted for a female’s body.  The jacket is 100% combed cotton, lightweight, on the thinner side, and good for layering.  As far as fitment goes, I typically like my clothes forming fitting and a little loose.  I usually purchase medium, but from Packing in Pink small seemed to fit me.

HATS – The hats are durable, adjustable, and my favorite one is the trucker design.  The logos are thickly embroidered and the hot pink color pops out.  Once again, I like the subtleness in design.  It’s not screaming for attention, but it definitely says, “I’m a woman shooter.”

LATEX GLOVE POUCH – I personally don’t carry latex gloves on me unless I am going hunting.  Even then it’s usually in my dressing kit.  Once you click open the pouch it has a soft cute pink leopard design.  I assume this product is used to hold latex gloves on your belt for gun cleaning or for someone in the medical field.

TRIGGER LOCK – The trigger lock is light pink and you can program a 3 digit manual combination.  It fit my rifles and handguns well.  Once I locked it, I attempted to try and pry off the lock without success.  This is a great feature to add for additional safety.

SHOOTING GLASSES – I received many compliments on the pink glasses at the range.  Yes, the lens is pink, so everything will have a pink tint.  However, I was surprised.  Looking at the glasses I thought it would be much darker than it actually was.

EAR MUFFS – For ear muffs, these are great.  The color is light pink and it is generously padded for comfort.  It was a little tight, but I assume with time it will adjust.  I wore it on the range and it protected my hearing very well.  I only wish the muff was a little smaller because it did get in the way when I pressed my cheek to the stock of my AR-15 rifle.  To resolve that, I simply pulled back the ear muffs.

All the items are reasonably priced and good quality.  I recently read that they will be carrying pink Blade-tech Kydex holsters.  I personally would like to see ribbed tank tops, shooting vests, and pants.  I think coyote brown, OD green, and khaki colors would also look good with the Packing in Pink logo.  Lastly, electronic ear protection would be great.  Overall, I am impressed with Packing in Pink and excited to see what other products Kim brings aboard.


  1. I have a pair of the tactical black earmuffs with the cute little box as well. I started out with a green pair that my guests now use. I’ve purchased pairs for all 4 other shooters in my family as well. Virtually everyone of the instructors at Gunsite had them when I went there, so I took that as a recommendation.


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