September 11


We have not forgotten.


  1. But you will. ‘Remember the Maine!’ Who now remembers the Maine? We had a war starting with that incident. People are already forgetting Pearl Harbor. “Lest We Forget’ is the phrase, yet we always forget. People would rather not remember and insist on having to be forced by hostile powers to awake, and even then, each time, there is an ever increasing number of people who stay in denial. As the world becomes ‘smaller’ and technology changes, we can no longer afford to wait and respond only after attacks. Yet the current attempts to be proactive are turning us into a police state. Sooner or later, this country will likely experience an unexpected attack from which no response or even recovery may be possible. We cannot live in bunkers or with the help of ‘tin foil’ hats, nor can we live expecting an attacker from behind every tree, nor blast every idiot back to the stone age. People need to be reminded of, and learn history, real history, real knowledge and truth are our best protection.

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