Range Report


An odd issue, the round managed to slide forwards and the large rim of the 7.62x54R held it in place in the lower.  The round had to be hammered out.  No matter how simple the machine, there can be issues that take it out of commission.

Additionally last weekend we has an out of battery (OOB) detonation destroy a Walther G2 rifle.  While the rare .22 OOB does little to a Ruger 10/22 or an AR15 conversion kit, these little pot metal plinkers that Walter is sell can not seem to survive them well.  I would recommend to pay a little more and get a more durable firearm.  Consider it an investment.

On that note, fortunately the owner of the firearm was wearing his eye protection as the top of the rifle was broken.  Often at the range we have a hard time getting people to consistently wear their eye protection.  Some even get offended when we tell them to do so.  I shouldn’t have to explain to people that eye protection is necessary for so many reasons.  From kabooms to richochetes, there are so many good reasons to wear eye protection and no acceptable excuses.  If you say your eye-pro makes your S&B look like a NCStar, buy higher quality eye protection, you can afford it.  Should you think that eye-pro makes you look un-cool, would an eye patch look better?  I dunno, perhaps some people would like the pirate look.  If possible, wear wrap around eye ballistic protection, while prescription glasses or sun glasses are better then nothing, they pale in comparision to the better protection quality ballistic eye protection will give you.  Your eyes are worth it.

Oh, and when you are at a public range, it is good to pay attention.  Not paying attention and doing things like going down range while the line is still hot is not generally a good idea.


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