Tools in the Toolbox.


Back when I was in High School I had a teacher that said if you could have one hand tool, it should be a saw.  I thought this was silly, as I though the hammer was the superior choice.

The problem is, if all you have is a hammer, all your problems start to look like nails.  It wasn’t till a long time later that I realized you can join items together with a dovetail cut by a saw, but it is very hard to cut with a hammer.  Still, I would not want to be with out either.


There are a great multitude of shooting styles, techniques, and tactics.  From everything as critical as stances, trigger control, and sight alignment, to all sorts of minutia.  So we naturally try to find the best fit for us, the most useful tool in the set.

It would be so very simple if we could say that there was one stance, one grip, one way to aim, and one tactic that was so very superior to every other option that we could discard everything else.  Sadly it is not so.  Few choose to practice one way, with one technique(tool) and plan to use that in all situations.  Some practice several ways in order to have several tools to handle varied situations or conditions.  Then other people try to learn everything, to own every possible tool for every possible problem.

For example, shooting long range is not done the same way in close quarters battle (CQB).  So, some ignore one and only practice the one that they feel is more applicable to their situation(or worse they only practice the one they feel is easier or more fun).  A person who wants to be prepared for both, most both study and practice both styles of shooting & fighting.

Only training standing might be fun while shooting the pistol, but we also need to practice kneeling, sitting, prone, etc.  Not only should we be able to function in various other positions, we need to be able to adapt and move between them.  This also applied to gear.  Just like how when you pick a vehicle you pick the one that best fits your needs.  A motorcycle wouldn’t be good for hauling cargo and a semi-truck not so good for off-roading.  In a fight, just because you have a firearm, it doesn’t mean that all problems are best solved with that.  Law Enforcement, for example, often tried to solve all issues with what ever was the newest less than lethal options.  Batons, pepper spray, and Tasers are great tools but they are not end-all solutions to every problem.

Don’t try to manage with a single tool, build an appropriate tool box to draw from.


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