A Quick Look At a Few New Products


LooseRounds has some pictures of a few new guns that are not easy to find.

First the Colt 6920 with FDE anodizing.

The carbine comes with Magpul MOE furniture in FDE, mags and the  MBUS. The finish color looks better not under high-powered digital camera flash.

Next a few shots of the Daniel Defense new rail and  Front Sight Base and the DD “MK18” Clone.

No bayonet lug on the DD. I am sure this will rankle some nerves, but we need to move on from worrying about a useless feature for a 16 inch barrel.  Worry about marksmanship, not bayonet lugs and you will live longer.

The new DD  flash hider. Not sure what it does different then a standard A2 hider.

The new rail profile.

The DD MK18 clone.

Also got a look at the colt competition rifle.

The colt competition has a FF smooth tubular rail with cooling vents, and a different barrel fluting and gas block.

The colt rifle pictured came with a surefire brake.


  1. Hey, I’ve never seen a DD Mk18 with a black handguard before. I thought they all came with a FDE handguard – a choice by DD which makes absolutely no sense to me, as the mismatched FDE handguard with black everything else certainly doesn’t help with camo in any environment that I know of. I like the DD Mk18, and would be more inclined to buy one if it came with the black handguard as shown in the photos here.

    • Daniel Defense makes the RIS II in both black and tan. If you prefer black, you can buy the rail in that color. However you are mistaken about camouflage, the point of camo is to break out the outline of an object. Mismatched colors help do that. Even the small difference of a different colored handguard or stock can help break the outline of the traditional M16 or M4 rifles.

    • I realize that different color components break up the visible silhouette of a weapon, but the DD Mk18 has just the handguard mismatched, leaving the most recognizable portion of an AR entirely in matching black – the receiver, stock, grip, and even magazine, if using the included black PMAG (not that the military would, but this was DD’s choice of colors for a civilian-market product). I imagined this could be DD looking for a way to unload an excess stock of FDE handguards.

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