Q&A for looserounds.com for the 901 and anything else firearms or gear related


We are going to be adding a Q&A to looserounds  soon. If you have any questions  you want answered about anything gun related, or military related just ask.  We have noticed a lot of people searching for info  close to what we are writing about and realized we could answer those questions uf you just asked.

Also You can ask about the  Colt 901. As far as I know  we are the first to have any thing interesting about it up so feel free to ask whatever you want about it.  We will have a lot more to say about it in the coming days, but if you can not wait or we didnt cover what you wanted. Just ask.   Sorry but we can not tell you where babies come from. Try to keep it gun related.


  1. Hey Shawn, i have read you posts and many other on different websites like ar15.com, I have one question. The gas rings are bent on my le 901’s bolt, because inserting the bolt into the carrier was a really tight fit and when i pushed it in and pulled it out, to get it aligned for the cam pin to fit the rings got bent, will an AR-10 McFarland gas ring fit? the one armalite uses in their weapon systems that they are selling on their website? it is also chambered for a .308 caliber bolt.

    My other option is i have to send it back to colt and wait a lifetime till i get it back just becuase of a little less than $5 piece and Colt will not even send me one even after i sent them pics and described it to them in detail.


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