Suppressed Sig 556



I had the opportunity to examine and fire a suppressed Short Barreled Sig 556 with an AAC M4-2000 can.  I did not like that setup.  It’s owner pointed out that the mount of the AAC can prevented the gas system from being removed for cleaning.  When the rifle was fired, gas would vent from the gap between the Sigs upper and lower receivers, and blow upwards into the shooters face.  Later in the day, the owner of this rifle ended up having mechanical issue with his rifle.  He ended up having to take it home to disassemble it for cleaning and maintenance.

The SBR Sig556 and the AAC M4-2000 does not make for a good combination.


  1. As the owner of the Sig, I agree!
    Turns out that the mechanical issue was from using some very dirty ammo. My buddies warned me, but…
    Quite a few issues that day, mostly due to bad ammo and poor choice in SBR platforms.
    I loved checking out your SBR. Lighter than mine, good shooter and stupid quiet! One expensive lesson for me.

    • I know I have spent lots of money on things that didn’t end up working for me. Sometimes what I bought was junk, other times it was good gear, but just not right for me. Hopefully with this blog I will be able to save some people their time and money.


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