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With it being the anniversary week of D-Day.  I thought it would be a good time to take a look back.   I have already made a post a few years ago about Omaha beach so this time I thought  I would do something different.   I cherry picked a few pictures for various reason  I found interesting.

Above is a picture of I assume Marines piling up .30 caliber Browning machine guns burned out  during the battle for Tarawa.  No doubt final protective fire on wave after wave of Japanese mass  attacks is hard on an  LMG.     Showing once again that  unfortunately  guns do wear out.

Above is a stripper or charger, clip of British .303 ammo struck by a German mauser round while worn by some lucky Brit.   They don’t come much closer than that!

A G.I.  compares  his US issue Bazooka with  the German  88MM Panzershreck  and no doubt wonders how come he wasn’t provided with something equal.    Bazooka envy?

Below a German Infantry Machine gun team using a captured   US , Browning M2 .50cal machine gun.


Below  two men of the US  1st Special Service Force at Anzio with a Johnson machine gun.  An under appreciated weapon in its time and one that should have seen widespread use.




Above.  US infantry in urban fighting.

The next two picture are Germans fielding captured US  Browning 30cal machine guns.

And finally  a selection of common US infantry small arms used by the greatest generation.