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SWFA Super Sniper 1-6x first impressions

SWFA Super Sniper 1-6SS SWFA Super Sniper 1-6SS 2013-02-28 08.51.48

SWFA has released a new Super Sniper scope that is a 1-6 power.  The price is $1000 and is available from SWFA.

This scope has a first focal plain reticle with a center dot and half mil hash marks.  There is also a large circle visible on lower power settings and out of the field of view at 6x.  Turrets have 1/10 mil clicks and are 10 mils per revolution.  They also have caps, if not using the caps, the included thread protector covers where the caps screw on it.

SWFA gives these stats for the scope:

  • Matte Black Finish
  • First Focal Plane Illuminated Donut (Circle/Mil-Scale)
  • 30mm Tube
  • .10 Mrad, 10 Mils per Rev.
  • HD Model
  • Undercover Turrets
  • Coming soon, accepting pre orders
Weight (oz): 22.4
Length (in): 10.47
Eye Relief (in): 3.75
Field of View @ 100yds (ft): 95-15.9
Submersible: Yes
Operating Temp (degrees): .5 – 160 Fahrenheit
Adjustment Value: 0.1 Mil
Adjustment Value Per Revolution: 10 Mils
Total Elevation Adjustment Value: 35 Mils
Total Windage Adjustment Value: 35 Mils

So what do I think?  I am impressed.  The eye relief is generous and perhaps the longest of any scope I have owned.  While the reticle illumination isn’t daylight bright, the reticle is plenty useable at 1x during the day.  While it is not as fast as an Aimpoint, it is a quick optic to use at 1x.  I love how the illumination knob can be spun completely around and has an off setting between each brightness setting.

It has a space for a spare battery in the illumination knob, I personally could do with out that.  The turrets are 10 mils per revolution.  I like this, but if you are dialing in a fast adjustment the fine clicks and sort of blend together.  It is perfectly functional, but not the best scope turret ever.

I found engaging a single target, or multiple targets quick with this scope.  Still not as fast and nice as an Aimpoint for that purpose, but quick none the less.


While this scope isn’t proven yet, I think I can recommend it.  It isn’t perfect, but I think it is well worth the cost.

Question and Answer

This is a LooseRounds.com Q&A session.  If you have a firearms related question please email it to QA@LooseRounds.com. We will post the your questions anonymously and give you our answers.

We get a lot of smaller  questions sent to us weekly.  So today I am going to rapid fire answer a few of the easiest to get  the info out to those who want it.

What caliber of ammo was used in the m40 in viet nam?    7.62 NATO  M118 special ball

5.56 green tip vs car door?  Yes, M855 will go through a car door

What ammo for 1:7 twist?   Any ammo is fine for 1/7  despite what you may hear or read otherwise, 1/7 will shoot as low as 40 grain all the way to 90 grain

winchester unertl scope? Winchester did not make Unertl scopes, Unertl is the maker not the model. Winchester did sell scopes but they have another name and were used some in WW1 and 2

Does a colt le6920 have a firing pin spring? No,  the colt 6920 is the closest you can get to a military M4 and is milspec other then  the barrel length and full auto. The 901 does use a firing pin spring.

colt 901 dry or lube?  Lube. all guns need and work better with lube. Always.

does colt rail gun come with night sights? No, the USMC  rail gun does, not the current civilian model. The USMC model will be sold in 2013


How are Super Sniper scope?  SWFA SS scopes are generally considered good for the money.  Their HD line receive excellent reviews.  I owned a side focus 10x and thought it was very good for a cheap scope.  I also owned a 5-20 and thought highly of it.  However SWFA has been criticized for how they have been handling some sales and preorders.

how to modify 25 ammo for better performance?  We highly recommend against modifying factory loaded ammunition for self defense.  Modified ammo can have various issues from poor feeding to blowing out the center of the projectile when fired, and leaving a ring shaped section of the bullet in the neck of the barrel.  As for .25 ACP, often a round that has good penetration is recommended for self defense.  A large part of ammo selection for the .25 is finding what will work reliable in your firearm.  The various 50gr full metal jacket rounds from the major ammunition manufactures are what is often recommended.


SWFA Facebook Sale

For all your Facebook users and SWFA/SuperSniper fans here is a chance to save a few bucks on Super Sniper scopes.

Update April 14th:      The 2000 likes code is now active.

Update April 17th:     The 2500 likes code is active.

Update April 21st:     3000 Likes code is active.

Update April 24th:  Not only has the 4000 Likes code been activated, SWFA has received over 500 likes in the past day.  I intend to get a 1-6x for evaluation should the 5000 code be activated.


As of the 26th, SWFA has 5000 likes.  I will be ordering a 1-6x to test out.