Golf tips for the discerning shooter Part 1

I often tell people you can take golf training tips and replace golf with “shooting” and they apply. Yesterday, at work, one of the vendors I purchase from sent me a calendar that has golf tips.  Let us have some fun and see how well they apply to shooting. All credits goes to whom ever … Read moreGolf tips for the discerning shooter Part 1

George Farr And His Famous 70 At The 1921 National Matches

    One of long range shooting’s greatest feats by a civilian shooter took place during the 1921 National Matches at Camp Perry. Ohio. Two men would ultimately be pitted against each other in a shoot-off during the 1000 yard Wimbledon Cup Match. The winner of the match oddly enough fell into virtual obscurity, The … Read moreGeorge Farr And His Famous 70 At The 1921 National Matches

A Taxonomy of Safeties

In addition to the other two posts so far today, I am sharing another one of Hognose’s posts from  This is a repost in our ongoing commitment to honoring  our dead friend Kevin and his work. A Taxonomy of Safeties by   Kevin O’Bien “Hognose” There are several kinds of safeties that are used on … Read moreA Taxonomy of Safeties

What’s so special about John Moses Browning?

This post is a re post from We share it here today to honor and preserve our friend Hognose, who died last spring  What’s so special about John Moses Browning? by Kevin O’Brien   Himself. If you take that question the wrong way, you’re thinking who is this bozo to diss Saint JMB? But we’re not … Read moreWhat’s so special about John Moses Browning?


In 1996,  Colt came out with what is now a very rare variant of the most excellent Anaconda revolver.    The Anaconda being a larger framed ( for 44mag) version of the  Python .357 magnum  revolver.  This limited edition was made in only 1,500 examples  supposedly and was  truly a “system”. The gun came from the … Read moreCOLT REALTREE ANACONDA .44 Rem Magnum

Inland MFG/Bond Arms “Liberator” Test & Review

  Earlier this year I received the Inland/Bond Arms  “liberator”   derringer pistol.   With Inland making a lot of WW2 era guns over the last few years and them teaming up with other companies like Ithaca to make others,  it isn’t a surprise the name was brought back as a homage of the old single shot … Read moreInland MFG/Bond Arms “Liberator” Test & Review