Lebman’s “BabyMachinegun” Full Auto M1911s

Is there anything the Colt Model M1911 can’t do?  I certainly don’t think so.  I’m not the only one either.  Long before the idea of the PDW ( personal defense weapon) existed for military and VIP protection, there were some men who felt that a full auto M1911 would be just the ticket.   Sad to … Read moreLebman’s “BabyMachinegun” Full Auto M1911s

WTF Autoglove?

So I was just informed about the “Autoglove”. Picture taken from their website, click on the picture to visit their website. It is a glove with some sort of electronic plunger to press a firearms trigger for you quickly. First, stuff like this goes to show how stupid our gun laws are. Secondly, you have … Read moreWTF Autoglove?

Springfield Armory’s Forgotten AR-15: The XM15

Despite what several gunwriters are claiming, the Springfield Armory Saint is not their first AR-15 rifle. Their first was the XM15, introduced circa 1982-83. However, Springfield has very good reasons to try to sweep the XM15 under the rug. It appears that in 1983, Springfield (or their fraternal sibling Rock Island Armory, Inc.) wrangled a … Read moreSpringfield Armory’s Forgotten AR-15: The XM15

Two M231 Port Firing Weapons Or How Bad Can You Want Something Complete?

About 10 years ago the ARFCOM  retro forum had not become the price driving monster it would end up.  During that time it was still still possible to find some pretty rare parts on ebay and various places.  Some of those parts could be made into a full weapon minus the lower of course.  That … Read moreTwo M231 Port Firing Weapons Or How Bad Can You Want Something Complete?