’s brass vs. steel test did very interesting test comparing brass cased ammunition to Brown Bear, Wolf, and Tula. It is highly worth the read, there is a good bit of information to be had from their article.  Some points I took from this is: Bushmaster reaffirmed that they have lousy quality control with how their “Barrel nuts were torqued to … Read’s brass vs. steel test

Magpul L-Plates

I have always preferred USGI magazines, you can stock up quickly at a lower price than non-USGI magazines. When selecting your USGI magazines stick to known high-quality brands. Several are: NHMTG/Colt, D&H Industries, Brownells, and Center Industries. I mainly use NHMTG/Colt magazines, but I have been switching to D&H Industries magazines from DSG Arms. The … Read moreMagpul L-Plates

Tactical Assault Gear (TAG) Marine Gladiator Chest Rig w/Bib

There are so many choices when it comes to chest rigs.  I wanted to get a chest rig that was not going to blow up my wallet and give me the function and features I wanted. I was looking for more than a basic magazine (mag) pouch chest rig, that was uncomfortable, with flimsy straps … Read moreTactical Assault Gear (TAG) Marine Gladiator Chest Rig w/Bib