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Review: Daniel Defense A1.5 rear sight

It does what it suppose to do.

Daniel Defense A1.5


The DD A1.5 rear sight is an A1 style rear sight that attaches to your railed upper receiver.  Instead of having the M16/M16A1 type aperture Daniel Defense uses the M16A2 aperture.

To install the sight you need to completely remove the screw that will hold it on.  Then you slide it on from the front or the rear of the upper.  You may need to remove your hand guard or your charging handle to do so.

The sight is very light and simple.  The only complaint I could have about it is that the rear sight aperture is farther forward on this sight then on most other rear sights.

If you use this sight, keep in mind that the M16A2 rear sight aperture is not same plane, so the concept is to have a 300m zero on the small peep then the larger 0-2 sight will have a 200m zero useful for low light or moving targets.


Daniel Defense Omega X Rail 12.0 FSP

I recently purchased and mounted a Daniel Defense Omega X Rail 12.0 FSP on a Colt LE6920. There were several reasons I decided to go with this rail system. I have traditionally been a carbine length rail guy but  I have been looking for a long time at extended rails.

Daniel Defense Omega X Rail 12.0 FSP
Daniel Defense Omega X Rail 12.0 FSP

There are several high quality free-float rail systems on the market and choosing is hard. I had to look at several areas of my shooting grip and needs. I really did not what to choose a rail that would require me to ditch my front sight. I really like the standard F marked Front Sight Base (FSB). This made narrowing the rail system down to one that would allow the standard Front Sight Post (FSP) to be used.  I also wanted QD points built into the rails. Quickly I narrowed down the choice to either the Omega X Rail 12.0 FSP or Centurion C4 12.0 FSP rail.  Next I looked at the width of the rails.  I was familiar with the drop in Omega 7″ rail and knew the width of the Omega’s was 1.90″ and the Centurion C4’s were just over 2″ at 2.1″ . The rail height was about the same on both rails. I was able to get a good deal on the Omega X Rail 12.0 FSP and jumped on it.

Colt LE6920 w/ DD Omega X 12.0 FSP / Surefire X300 / Aimpoint T1

Daniel Defense Rail Dimensions:

DD rails

More Rail Dimensions (width” x height”)

DD New: DDM4: 1.9″ x 2.165″

DD Omega: 1.9″ x 2.42″

DD M4: 1.94″ x 2.42″

DD Lite II: 2.06″ x 2.42″

DD RIS II: 2.23″ x 2.22″

LaRue: 2.0″ x 2.22″

Centurion C4: 2.1″ x 2.38″

KAC RAS: 2.2″ x 2.3″

Troy TRX: 2.2″ x 2.44″


Unlike the Centurion Arms C4 rails, the Daniel Defense Omega X rails have a proprietary barrel nut and removal of the A2 flash hider, FSB, gas system and barrel nut are required. If you do not have the tools or are unwilling to have this done, look into getting the Centurion C4 rail.  The Centurion can be installed very easily without removal of most of the above mentioned parts.

Remove FSP, Gas Tube and Flash Hider and factory barrel nut, replace with Daniel Defense proprietary barrel nut
Remove FSB, Gas Tube, Flash Hider and factory barrel nut, replace with Daniel Defense proprietary barrel nut
Replace FSP, Gas Tube and Flash Hider.
Re-install FSB, Gas Tube and Flash Hider.
Install the DD upper rail on barrel nut, using carry handle to align properly
Install the DD upper rail on barrel nut, using carry handle to align properly
Install the DD lower rail on barrel nut and secure it to the upper rail with the (6) rail screws. Tighten down the (4) Allen head screws on barrel nut
Install the DD lower rail on barrel nut and secure it to the upper rail with the (6) rail screws. Tighten down the (4) Allen head screws on barrel nut
Check alignment on front of Daniel Defense Omega X 12.0 FSP Rail
Check alignment on front of Daniel Defense Omega X 12.0 FSP Rail
Check alignment of receiver and Daniel Defense Omega X FSP Rail
Check alignment of receiver and Daniel Defense Omega X FSP Rail
Check alignment of top of receiver and  Daniel Defense Omega X FSP Rail
Check alignment of top of receiver and Daniel Defense Omega X FSP Rail

My Grip:

When looking at my grip, I have always used my support hand to grip far forward with some of my fingers under the FSB. This had always been very natural for me and something I have always done. The lack of extended rail was the only thing limiting me from gripping right under the FSP. I also have a tendency to roll my thumb over the top rail or extend it forward along the side of the FSP. As I fire rounds, the FSP and barrel heat up and I naturally have to move back on the rail.

My Grip on Colt 6920 w/KAC RAS Rail
My Grip on Colt 6920 w/KAC RAS Rail

With the extended rail of the Omega X Rail 12.0 FSP, I can grip right at the FSP. This gives me consistency on my grip and facilitates my natural tendency to grip in this area. The extremely thin profile on the Omega X Rail 12.0 FSP gives me a positive grip around the rail. The Omega X Rail 12.0 FSP allows me to move my light in front of the FSP at the 12 o’clock position. This set up puts the light switch right next to my thumb. Once again allowing me to quickly operate the momentary on switch at my natural grip location. The light at this position also eliminates barrel shadow on the right or left side of your view, depending on whether the light is mounted on the right or left side of the rail.

Grip on Colt LE6920 w/Omega X Rail 12.0 FSP using Streamlight TLR-1
Grip w/Omega X Rail 12.0 FSP / Streamlight TLR-1 / Aimpont ML2

Another benefit for me, is consistency in my support hand grip with the carbine and handgun. As this is my go to defensive rifle, the Omega X Rail 12.0 FSP allows my support hand grip to very closely match the distance and grip when using a handgun. Now shooting a rifle and handgun are very different, but consistent muscle memory placement while presenting the rifle or handgun towards a threat will benefit from this. I feel this is one reason I have a natural tendency to grip a carbine farther out, (under the FSP), like I was holding  a handgun.

Grip consistency compared to handgun
Grip consistency compared to handgun
Grip consistency compared to carbine
Grip consistency compared to carbine


The Daniel Defense Omega X Rail 12.0 FSP is definitely a quality upgrade for me. The benefits for my particular shooting grip and weapon manipulation is a big plus.  If you have a similar shooting grip style, the Omega X Rail 12.0 FSP or another quality FSP rail, like the Centurion Arms C4 12.0 FSP, might be for you. An extended rail gives you much more flexibility with, weapon handling and accessory choices for those of you who like to extend your grip at or past the FSP.


Centurion Arms Rail

Centurion Arms C4 Rail

 CR Pic 01

I recently found myself in the market for a carbine length free float rail for an AR build. After reviewing the multitude of rails on the market I opted to go with the Centurion Arms C4 front sight cut out rail.

I decided on this rail for a variety of reasons. They were:

1. It free floats the barrel. Admittedly, for anything other than a precision rifle, free floating the barrel is of minor benefit, however if given the option I feel like you might as well free float.

2. The rail maintains and extends around the Front Sight Base. I am a fan of the standard AR fixed and pinned front sight base as it is bombproof and basically malfunction free. With that in mind I was not interested in any rails that would require the installation of a low profile gas block. The disadvantage to this is carbine length rails are pretty short and run out of space quickly when vertical fore grips, lights, sling mounts, etc. are installed. This is one of the areas in which the carbine cut out C4 rail shines as it retains the pinned front sight base but has rails that extend past the FSB on the sides and bottom, giving more room to add and position accessories.

 CR Pic 02

3. Easy install that does not require removal of the FSB. As much as I like the pinned front sight base, I hate having to remove them. The Centurion Arms rail’s two piece design makes this a non issue as the FSB does not have to come off for the rail to be installed. It merely clamps around the factory barrel nut, and is an easy do it yourself install. This is also a benefit to those with some type of pinned muzzle device as it will not have to to be removed to install the rail. The handguard cap and delta ring assembly do need to be removed however.

4. Lightweight for its size. The sight cut out rail I purchased weighed in at 10.6 oz.

5. Built in quick detach sling mounts. The rail has built in mounting points for quick detach sling swivels at the front and rear of both sides of the rail. I am a fan of making things as efficient as possible with the fewest parts, and the built in mounting points allow the sling to attach directly to the rail, eliminating the need for a separate bolt on mounting point. The multiple mounting points on each side also allow the user to adjust the sling to their preference.

I purchased my Centurion Arms rail from Rainier Arms and highly recommend them for any of your AR parts needs. I have always had excellent dealings with them. The rail came packaged in a form fitting tube and inside I found the upper and lower pieces of the rail along with the six screws with which to assemble it. No instructions were included however it is fairly simple, straightforward, and self explanatory. If you just have to have them, instructions are available at Centurion Arms website.

 CR Pic 03

CR Pic 04

CR Pic 05

I started by removing the factory handguard cap and delta ring assembly. If you want to retain these pieces for re use later you will need to remove the FSB to uninstall them. I did not, nor did I want to remove the FSB, so I used my handy dremel tool to cut them off. The factory under barrel sling swivel also has to come off but a hammer and punch made short work of the pin that holds it in place.

 CR Pic 07

CR Pic 08

With everything removed the upper and lower sections of the rail clamp around the factory barrel nut. Install four screws at the barrel nut portion of the rail and other two screws on the sides near the FSB end and you’re done. Mount the accessories of your choice in the locations of your choice.

 CR Pic 09

I also have an upper with a Daniel Defense M4 9.5 FSP rail installed and took a few quick comparison photos of the two next to each other. As you can see the DD rail extends slightly further than the Centurion Arms rail however the Centurion Arms rail has continuous top rail while the DD has a gap for the proprietary barrel nut. The DD rail also lacks the built in sling mounts.

 CR Pic 10

CR Pic 12

CR Pic 13

After several months of use I have no complaints and have found the rail does what it’s supposed to do with no fuss or drama.  It locks solidly to the upper and has no noticeable flex.  Subjectively it feels slimmer in the hand than other full railed handguards I’ve handled.  I would recommend Centurion Arms rails to anyone looking for a railed handguard.

 CR Pic 14


SHOT SHOW 2013: Daniel Defense ISR Marks their Entry into the Suppressor Market

The Daniel Defense ISR (Integrated Suppressor Rifle) is essentially a 10.3” SBR with a pinned/welded suppressor that they developed specifically for this rifle, bringing the total barrel length to over 16”.  This means you only need to purchase one NFA stamp to own this gun.  It does not require being registered as an SBR.  The forend is Daniel Defense’s new MFR which I found to be extremely comfortable.

As of right now, this model is only offered in AAC 300 blackout, with no word on future plans for other calibers.  They will begin accepting orders for this platform beginning of April and should start shipping around mid-May.  The MSRP is projected around $3199.

*As a side note, this year Daniel Defense will also be offering their new premium line of ammunition in 5.56 and .300BLK calibers.

Daniel Defense ISR

SHOT SHOW 2013 Daniel Defense, Night Vision Devices

Loose Rounds is till crawling all over SHOT SHOW like a buzzard on a gut wagon to get the most info on all the new toys.   More High Resolution pictures are added to the Facebook page every day. Stop buy and look at the large gallery and enjoy. Once we get done, we will get some video up and comment more in dept on the new stuff out this year.


Some very interesting new stuff from Daniel Defense this year.  The news of the 300 Black out of course and their new hand guard has been generating a lot of talk.


A lot of exciting stuff in the NV gear area this year too.  Movies and book about DEVGRU and the killing of UBL has brought a lot of attention to some of the  state of the art in night fighting.




The tech to let modern fighter operate in the night with impunity boogles the mind.

All these pictures and much, much more can be found on the facebook page for now. You can scroll through over 400 high quality pictures of SHOT.  We will be commenting on whats out after this week.