FDE Colt 6920s for $700

Arms Unlimited is selling Colt factory FDE ceracote coated 6920 for $700 with free shipping.  They are also including a free dual sided rail mount that attached to the front sight base. https://www.armsunlimited.com/Colt-Law-Enforcement-M4-Carbine-p/le6920fdec.htm Arms Unlimited is pretty shady, but they do manage to get their hands on some good stuff at good prices.  $700 is … Read moreFDE Colt 6920s for $700

Making M855 More Accurate? PART 1

Since the adoption of the service round M855 “green tip” and its use in combat we have heard all manner of complaints about it.   Usually it’s about  its accuracy and terminal performance with the terminal performance  problem being exaggerated  in carbines.   I have read what feels like millions of times, how the older 55gr load … Read moreMaking M855 More Accurate? PART 1


  After the fall of Saigon to the communists of North Vietnam , the crowning achievement of the U.S. Democrat party of the day. There was a lot of equipment and arms left over, much of it US made and supplied to the Army of the Republic  of South Vietnam for their for their survival … Read moreWHATEVER HAPPENED TO ALL THOSE M16s LEFT IN SOUTH VIETNAM ?