Toggle-Locked Orphan: the Benelli B76

Today we have another article from our now gone friend Kevin O’Brien, or “Hognose” as he was known by his many fans and admirers. Kevin was the owner and writer of and  passed away  in spring of 2017.  We repost his work here to save it, introduce it to more people hopefully and to … Read moreToggle-Locked Orphan: the Benelli B76

Where are they now – Muzzle Standoffs

The second AR15 upper I purchased had a Phantom flash hider with the crenelated front pin and welded to it. It looked the the bottom flash hider in the picture.  Not only was the Phantom flash hider a superior flash hider, it could be used as a pain compliance tool on others.  The sharp front … Read moreWhere are they now – Muzzle Standoffs


As you may have noticed my love o vintage target/varmint weapons and optics have been on my brain recently.  Last night I got thinking about Unertl again after a friend asked me something about those old beauties and remembered some years ago there was a forum discussion some where or other about what happened. As … Read moreSO, WHAT DID HAPPEN TO UNERTL OPTICS?

A Taxonomy of Safeties

In addition to the other two posts so far today, I am sharing another one of Hognose’s posts from  This is a repost in our ongoing commitment to honoring  our dead friend Kevin and his work. A Taxonomy of Safeties by   Kevin O’Bien “Hognose” There are several kinds of safeties that are used on … Read moreA Taxonomy of Safeties