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WV , Mountain Momma , take me hooooome!

HUNTINGTON — A Huntington woman confessed to the 2017 stabbing death of her husband Monday, stating he was accidentally stabbed as part of sexual foreplay they often performed in their relationship.

Indeed, That old chestnut. You know it goes. One minute you’re having some romantic time with your beautiful bride, the next you are shanked in the back when things get a little too passionate.

Jennifer Lynn Via, 49, pleaded guilty before Cabell Circuit Judge Gregory Howard on Monday to voluntary manslaughter in the death of her husband, Thomas Via. He was stabbed in the back with a 14-inch-long decorative dagger Nov. 4, 2017, at their home in the 900 block of 28th Street in Huntington. Police say, “worst case of accidental sexy time stabbing they ever saw.”

She had been charged with first-degree murder about 10 days after his death after detectives felt her story did not line up with evidence.

The varying stories included that he had slipped on water and fell into an old knife or screwdriver.

Plausible. I can’t count the amount of times this has happened to me or I have seen happen. Some one should make a law.

Huntington Detective Chris Sperry said Via said they had been mimicking a ninja superhero movie and she accidentally stabbed her husband as he stood up from a bent-over position while dumping water into a toilet.

I seen a lot of ninja super hero movies and even a few documentaries. But I’ve never seen a ninja movie that posited a scenario where some one was bent over dumping water in a toilet while some backstabber tried to get the jump on them from behind.

At her plea hearing Monday, Via said the pair had been playing around with a dagger when the knife pierced him.

“My husband and I liked to fight and have sex and then make up, if that’s the right way to say that,” she said. “He wasn’t supposed to get hurt, but it did happen.”

“liked”… Past tense. My guess is he stopped liking it about the time the knife penetrated him from the rear.

Defense attorney Kerry Nessel said the situation had gotten out of hand, most likely due to alcohol.

“As strange as this is, they watched these Kung Fu movies and it led to, what I would tell a jury, foreplay, which was both of them getting pretty violent with each other while playing with weapons,” he said. “That’s what led to this.

Is there anything else I can really add other than some bad puns? Alternative title suggestions and more jokes in the comments please.



While looking for something on weaponsman.looserounds.com the other day I was reading the comments as I usually do. Kevin’s comment section was and is always excellent and is often as good as the posts. I ran across this comment from Kirk, who is more or less famous among readers of weaponsman for his comments. In this case he was talking about the 1986 Miami FBI shootout. It was classic Kirk. I decided it was good enough to share here as it’s own post. So below is Kirk’s thoughts in original unedited form. If you see Kirk on some other website commenting, please do ask him to join us here.


It’s not just the problems with weapons selection or in mindset, it’s baked into the culture of law enforcement in this country.

The problem actually begins well before the weapons selection even happens. All too many cops and FBI agents go into work every day expecting that it will be another routine of traffic stops, investigations, and shuffling paper. They do not, and we might perhaps be grateful for this, go into work expecting to have to fight for their lives. This mindset leads to a certain… Ah… Complacency? Disregard for the potentials, of meeting that lion-in-the-morning?

It goes to selection, it goes to training, it goes to preparation, and it goes to weapon selection. Most FBI agents, as proudly boasted by J. Edgar himself, start out as lawyers or accountants. It’s the rare guy who comes aboard from some semi-tactical realm, and that shows in the whole of the so-called “FBI shootout” in Miami. They knew that the subjects they were trying to stop were guys who had been conducting armed robberies of armored cars and banks, and yet their preparations were laughably inadequate for taking on a guy who’d been a Ranger in Vietnam. They did not know who they were targeting, that morning, and had not one clue that Platt was literally that “lion-in-the-morning”. They weren’t expecting the two to go “off-script”, and actually effectively return violent resistance with a rifle. Between the two of them, Matix and Platt damn near managed to eliminate 8 FBI agents that had surprised them, leaving only one unwounded, and nearly escaped from the situation. Whatever weapons were used were immaterial to the issue, because the whole thing was predicated on piss-poor training and unrealistic expectations. You can see similar issues arise in the North Hollywood situation–Nobody in US law enforcement is really expecting to find themselves dealing with these kinds of situations, and the few that are…?

Likely won’t encounter them. It’s probably a coincidence bordering on the miraculous that the San Bernardino shooters happened to flip out and make their attack only a few blocks away from an active training event that morning, and I think that made all the difference–All of the meat-eaters in the local area were concentrated and ready to go, already. Odds of that happening again? Probably fairly slim. Your typical cop or FBI agent has no visceral expectation that he’s going to find himself engaging with trained, effective, and properly-prepared opponents–And, it shows.

All too many of the police officers that I have encountered really have not a fucking clue about the realities of these things–The majority of the people they encounter are on-script, and even the criminals cooperate, to a degree. All it takes with most engagements is to display a weapon, fire a few times, and then call for either an ambulance or backup; rarely do they encounter truly effective tactical countermeasures to the routines they’ve been trained on.

One of these days, the US is going to experience a Beslan or Mumbai on US soil; the first responders to that are statistically likely to be in the same state of mental and physical unpreparedness for what they’re encountering that the FBI team was in on that morning in Miami. It’s damn near a “fer shure” thing, and it’s probably unavoidable.


Looks like the fun and medical bills generated from the 4th of July continued over the weekend.

PIERCETON, Ind. — A man had to be air-lifted to a Fort Wayne hospital after a firecracker exploded in his hand, according to the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office.

All you future EOD men, women and everything in between listen up!

The 20-year-old man was riding in the passenger seat of truck with a woman and another man. They knew the people in the vehicle following them and wanted to throw a firecracker stick out the window. In Kentucky, we call this “showing off.” fiddy bucks says the old booze may have played a part in this incident where less than critical thinking was involved.

The woman lit the firecracker while it was in the passenger’s hand. It detonated before he was able to throw it. In KY we call this “immediate disassembly.”

“The explosion completely removed his left hand, caused chest burns, damaged the instrument panel and spidered (sic) the windshield,” Kosciusko County Sheriff public information officer Chris Francis said in a statement to WSBT. Gotta love how the paper just had to sharp shoot the cop..

That is one powerful firecracker. Sounds like the fabled M80 or some kind of professional grade firework like the kind used to put on displays for cities. Or even an arty simulator. I am curious how much the other passengers got hurt.

The man had to be flown to a Fort Wayne hospital. It’s unclear if he’s still hospitalized.

If you are going to show off with explosives, make sure you have a tourniquet.

Saturday, July 6th 2019


SMG Shoulder Holsters

The topic of shoulder holster rigs for SMG popped up in a few places last week. This got me thinking about them. Back in the 1980s it was more common to see these. Well, more common than now I have no idea how common they actually were or if they just looked cool and showed up in film and TV. The above rig was at the time supposedly what the US Secret Service used on protective detail. I don’t know about that. I do know the photos from when Ronaldus Magnus got shot ,there was brief case laying on the ground with a foam cut out for an uzi inside it.

I recall reading an article from the time about the UZI rig and how the practice was to keep it in the holster with the shorter 20 round mag in the gun and then two spare 32 round mags in the off side. Obviously the shorter mag cut down on printing under clothing. Which is hilarious.

You can see in this Desantis ad the same concept of the shorter mag in the gun and two 32 rounders on the off side. In this case a MAC/Ingram. I’d like to see the person that could fire that thing and hit anything from the position. Reminds me of the double micro Uzi rig used by Chuck Norris in the Canon films action classic Invasion USA.

Also makes me wonder what exactly you could wear to hide the things other than a full on giant winter coat. When I see those things I still can’t help thinking . “Columbine drug cartel”. Hey, what can I say? I’m a product of my times.

Above is the same concept before but with an HK MP5K I believe. Or a clone thereof. I’m sure some one some where knows the situation or jobs these would be perfect for. I think i would opt to just carry a MK18.

The SMG in a should rig isn’t talked about or used seriously as much as it seemed to be back in the day. But people do see appeal in it. The idea of a full auto sub gun carried concealed holds a lot of allure for some people. Superficially it does even kinda seem like a nifty idea but I doubt it is in practice. None of the examples I have shared are all that fast to deploy unless you do a shoot from the hip kinda thing. And we all know that’s never a good idea. Your gonna burst off 20 or 30 rounds in a second, miss everything and then still have to reload. Or you are gonna have to unsnap and unfasten and otherwise divest yourself of that contraption in a hurry if you need it. Maybe if you have back up to cover you , but if you are alone and need it now.. I think a MK18 sized carbine in some of the low profile bags or some such with your normal handgun to back it up would be faster and a better bet. Plus you are getting a rifle round .