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Question For Readers

I found n Army medical website that covers wounds from about everything you can get wounded by in a war. It’s got a very large selection of black and white pictures of these wounds taken by the military for research purposes for wounds and ballistics. I am thinking of making an article about it with some of the photos. Thing is they are graphic to put it mildly. I’m not sure how well this will go over. Don’t want to trigger anyone these days. Below is a more tame example. If you guys want more comment down below and if a few of you want to see this medical wound research I will do the articles.

I won’t post the link because even though its a government/military website, it sets off all kinds of warnings on google chrome and firefox that it’s not safe even though it’s perfectly safe. I just don’t want to hear all the bitching about it if some one goes to it and it sets off their computer warnings.

If you want more sound off below.


Merry Christmas! Ready for the feel good story of the season? I know you are. Daddy is here to give you what you crave.

A view of a swimming pool where three members of the same British family, a father and two children, were found on Christmas Eve at a Costa del Sol resort in Las Lagunas de Mijas.

“The swimming cap of the 9-year-old girl who drowned along with her dad and brother at a Costa del Sol resort has been found inside the pool’s pump system – suggesting that the three family members were sucked to their deaths, according to a report.

The Christmas Eve tragedy at the Club La Costa World in Las Lagunas de Mijas near Málaga unfolded when the British girl got into difficulties while swimming in the pool with her 12-year-old sister.

Her 62-year-old father and 16-year-old brother tried to save her but also drowned after going under, officials have said.

The discovery of the swimming cap by police divers comes amid speculation that suction problems turned the pool into a death trap, according to local newspaper Diario Sur.

A pool expert quoted by the paper described as “very remote,” but not impossible, a situation in which drains at the bottom of a pool floor could suck people underwater if skimmers and other cleaners malfunctioned.

Local media reports say a resort worker went into the water to recover the bodies has said he also had experienced difficulties reaching returning to the surface.

“We are carrying out multiple lines of inquiry, including looking at the swimming pool pumps,” a source at the Civil Guard told The Times of London.

Man, that sucks. The good news is, thanks to this story I already have half a screen play for a horror film about a killer pool written in my head.

Link in case you want all the sad details


More rambling

Slept in this morning, then went to the range. I really like this 6940. That Scalarworks magnifier mount was pricey, but worth it.

Here in the humidity, I have issues with things rusting. It seems like no matter what oil, grease, or cosmoline I have used, I still find rust everywhere. I suspect this is directly to blame why I have grown less fond of blued steel guns and prefer stuff like Glocks, ARs, and the like.

I found the little pin in the CTR stock on my rifle was rusting. I guess I’ll have to oil that too.

I’ve been playing around with the Magpul 40 round P-Mags. I was getting really fond of them. At the range, while I was doing a little rapid fire, I had a passing thought. I figured that these mags had proven trust worthy and I might use a few at my go-to mags.

Per the norm, the mags then told me to go fuck my self. Not so much in words but performance. Moments after I decided to makes these my primary, I pulled the trigger and heard a click when I expected a bang. I figured I had a bad round, so I waited. Turns out I had an empty chamber. The bolt didn’t lock back to the rear when I fired the last round of the mag. The Magpul follower canted so that the rear of it was too low to lock the bolt to the rear.

All three 40 round mags I bought today did this. In this picture, you can see the left most mag has the follower in the completely up position, while the right two followers tilted and failed to lock the bolt to the rear.

Looks like I am going to be trading a favorite optic for a Benelli M1014. This version of the M4 Super 90 had been on a “would like to have, but wouldn’t spend money on” list for a really long time. Now I have the chance to trade something I can purchase a replacement of and got a really good deal on for something else I’ll rarely use, but have gotten a good deal on.

I’ve always seen mixed messages about the M1014 and less lethal ammo. I’ve read people say how the USMC adopted the M1014 because it was the only semi auto that could reliably feel the bean bag rounds. I’d reply, no it doesn’t. Turns out the truth is a little more complex. After the USMC bought the M1014 shotguns, they had a third party modify them to be able to run less lethal ammunition. I’ll go into more details when I talk about the gun.


Got off work early today. Looked at the mess in my place and thought I should clean house. So instead I went to the range.

Isn’t it cool how Ranges will poke holes in the roofs to give you that wonderful artistic feel. Sort of like being under a night sky. I wonder what constellations they were trying to mimic?

After trying out the Aimpoint T-1 with the riser on the B&T APC9K, I decided I prefer it mounted low. Feel better on this gun. So I removed the riser. I zeroed the Aimpoint for 25 yards. If I recall correctly, there was a pretty good argument for a 25 yard zero on 9mm carbines.

I am going to buy the Glock magazine lower for this gun, but everywhere seems to be out of stock right now. I’m rather annoyed by that. I’m also trying to figure out how I am going to mount a light on this little gun. I think if it were any smaller it would be hard to use.

Got a laugh from this decal on a car I saw on the way home. Personally, I’d worry that such a sticker would promote someone to vandalize or break into my vehicle. But to each their own.

It looks like I’ll be getting one of those surplus M17s. Not sure what I’m going to do with it. Probably write a review then trade it off. Is there a support group for gun addicts, maybe like AA?

Merry Christmas all.