5.56 Timeline

More Guns from SHOT SHOW 2013 Range day



The Glock in 10mm is reported to shoot very smooth , worked flawless and had surprisingly little felt recoil.


The new Remington R1 carry model pictured above comes with some semi custom touches. The gun has been dehorned  for carry.  Catherine reports it malfunctioned on her a few times during firing.


Some famous faces have already rubbed elbows with Looserounds staff, trying to make sure everyone can see they are pals with the best gun blog on the web!

Keep checking back during the rest of the SHOT show for more pictures, news and updates.  We will get you knew info as fast as we can.

Printable Mags?

It is amazing how technological advancement marches on.  50 years ago our favorite plastic and aluminum rifle was made using advanced machining of space aged alloys.  Soon enough, you may be able to just print out major components at home.  This capability is a nightmare to the anti-gun crowd.

Shot Show 2013

Cat Kim is over at Shotshow looking around and taking pictures.

Springfield XDS single stacked 9mm

Glock 30S, a G30 with a G36 slide.

Springfield EMP 9mm

Shawn and I are going nuts trying to find out all we can about whats going on at Shot 2013.  Keep watching here and on our Facebook page for updates from Cat Kim.

Assorted issues at the range

POF gas system


Before you shoot, or before you get ready to employ your weapons systems you need to check them.  At the range, we had a few people who found their rifles would not work because the adjustable gas system were in the wrong setting.  The worst case was when one new POF AR15 rifle owner found his rifle was only functioning as a single shot.  When I looked at his rifle, I found the gas plug was gone.  Fortunately his friend found the plug downrange.  Once it was installed and placed in the proper setting, his rifle ran great.

Aside from gas systems, it is also often that optics will be mounted loosely.  Sometimes batteries are dead in the optics.  Other times a firearm with no lubrication will cause all sorts of issues during a range session.


So, before you go to the range, or when your doing your regular checks of your fighting weapons, make sure to check the little details like if your optics and lights work, that your sights and gas systems are set correctly, etc.  As it is said, “Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance”, and “Complacency Kills”.



Suppressed Russian .50

Watching this video reminded me that one of quietest suppressed rifles I have ever listened to was a suppressed .50 BMG.  Now I have been around many a quiet .22 bolt gun, but this silenced .50 was quieter then most of them.  I wish I knew who made that can, I think it might have been one of Anzio’s.