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Vietnam War Covert Transmitters

Some more Vietnam history today. This picture shows some of the technology used at the time for covert operations and intelligence gathering.

The display box holds three transmitter that would be left in areas with a lot of human traffic. Top left is one made to look like a stick. The top right looks convincingly like a stone. The bottom is most clever, made to look like animal or human feces. I guess the idea is there would be less change anyone would pick it up. On second thought it would probably be the one most likely to be cleaned up if left by a camp if the inhabitants wanted to keep the area clean.

Some M16 Magazine History

Now here is something we all wish we would find at a yard sale. A complete box of never issued twenty round Colt M16 magazines. Never used. Made in 1970.

The cotton bandoleer came with 7 pockets of two stripper clips of 10 rounds each. The box comes with 7 mags. The bandoleer will hold the loaded mags. Who knew there was a time when the government got something right that made sense?

one of my VN era bandoleers with era made 20 rounders to demonstrate

Tango Down /Vickers Tactical Glock 44 Parts

TangoDown® Inc. is pleased to share that existing Vickers Tactical™ products are compatible with the recently released GLOCK® 44.  A total of five products are already available and consist of the following:  Magazine Floor Plates (VTMFP-001); Magazine Release (GMR-003); Slide Stop (VTSS-003); Grip Plug/Tool (GGT-02); and Carry Trigger (VTCT-002).  Follow the link below to shop specifically for the G44.  

For more information on the parts for the G44, please visit:  tangodown.com/products/items-for-glock/glock-gen5/glock-gen5-44

**Installation by a Certified GLOCK® Armorer or Gunsmith recommended.

MSRP:  Between $17 – $39 (depending on product)