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Above is a link to contact or write Boehner in just a few minutes. Even if you are out of district.

Here is a link to the NRAs page and rep finder.

It only takes a minute and they have a easy template already set up. Just write what you want to say,


If we lose our right to defend ourselves, we lose the only thing that guarantees you are free. If new bans and laws are passed, you have only yourself to blame this time. Stand up and fight.

KAC AR15 Ambi-Safety

KAC Ambi Safety


Shawn and I both like and use the Knights Armament Corp. ambidextrous safety for the AR15.  While not the cheapest, it gives you multiple options for your right side safety lever.  As shown in the picture, you can use it as a single sided safety, or as a normal ambi-safety.  I really like the scalloped right side safety lever as it doesn’t rub against my trigger finger like the non-scalloped right side safety.  If your looking for an ambi safety, take a look at the KAC ambi-safety.  A Full-Auto selector kit is also available.

Prayers for Sandy Hook Victims and a Message Regarding Gun Control

Prayers for Sandy Hook Victims

The Looserounds family is in complete sorrow over the tragedies that occurred on December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.  No one, especially precious innocent children, should have to witness such a tragic horrific event.  We cannot fathom how someone could commit such a heinous evil act.  Parents having to bury their children… it’s heart wrenching.  It saddens us that people are attempting to use this tragedy as a chess piece in their political gun control agenda.  This awful event is a reminder that evil people exist and they will do anything to fulfill their needs.

As every media channel rushes to upload new information, we are learning many incorrect statements have been released.  The true story continues to unravel about 20 year old Adam Lanza.  Most recent stories state he was very intelligent; however, he suffered from “Asperger’s syndrome or a personality disorder (and) had a tortured mind.”  Tweets have been posted from those who knew him stating they were not surprised he had committed such an act.

It is believed that after murdering his mother, he stole her guns and drove to the school to massacre innocent children and adults.  Lanza was not the legal age to purchase a handgun.  The reason for this atrocious act is unknown, and we may never know since he selfishly and cowardly took his own life.  At this moment the authorities are stating he used two 9mm handguns (Sig Sauer and Glock)  which were found near his body at the scene of the crime.  They also found a Bushmaster Rifle (.223) in the trunk of the car; however, the evidence of it being used is currently in question.  Nevertheless, anti-gun lobbyists and anti-gun media channels are jumping all over these inconclusive statements stating they want stricter gun control, banning of assault weapons, and even going as far as taking away our 2nd amendment right.

Looking at these awful recent massacres and stating if guns were banned these crimes would have not happened is not a sound statement.   The opposite could be said that if victims were equipped with a firearm then these tragedies could have been prevented.  Both scenarios are speculations.  However, one fact remains constant… the disturbed minds of the people behind the weapons.  Evil people will do what it takes to get what they want.  Whether it means obtaining it illegally or finding alternatives (i.e. homemade explosive, chemical weapon, etc…), they are set to accomplish their twisted goals.  Stricter gun control is not the solution.  It only takes away rights from good American citizens and eradicates our ability to protect ourselves and our families.

Our deep condolences, prayers, and hopes are with the children, families, school, and law enforcement officials who had to witness such a malevolent act.  God bless and let’s keep our children close and safe.

Review: Geissele reaction rod

Reaction RodUpper not pictured, normally the Reaction Rod would be inside an upper receiver, locking into the locking lugs as shown.


Geissele offers a new alternative to the barrel clamp or action block for the AR15.  This “Reaction Rod” slides into the upper in place of a Bolt Carrier Group, and locks into the barrels locking lugs.  The other end has flats that fit right in your vice.

I bought one of these have have used it on a few uppers.  I found it easy to use and much prefer it over the action block I was using.  Only downside I found is that it doesn’t fit well or deeply in my White Oak barrels locking lugs.  Both Colt barrels I tried it with worked much better.  Despite not sitting as deep in the WOA barrel, it works very well.  I recommend it.

Abusing the Gen 3 Pmag

After getting some of the new Pmags as seen in my last review of them, I shot them and decided to  hurt them a little  before I made a final decision.  Behind my house is a 50 foot rock cliff.   I went to the top of the drop and tossed the Mags over the side and had some one throw them back up to me.  Often this resulted in the mag not making it but 3/4 of the way up, then bouncing off the rock face and falling down.  I did this about 20-25 times before my helpers arm got too tired.


I then took the mag and laid it on the  drive way and dropped a huge piece of fire wood on the mag around 10 times.  I let it fall free not  putting extra effort into throwing it down.



After this, I ran over empty twice with my Jeep. I made sure the front with the engine and the most weight. went over the mag. I then kicked it around for 5 minutes and  dropping it feed lips down onto the drive way from shoulder high  close to 30 times.

The mag then fired  90 rounds fine. It locked back when it was supposed to and it fell free from the mag well just like  you want.   The feed lips did become marred and fuzzy looking ( only way to say it)   but it did not effect performance.  I did note the mag seemed a little harder to load  but not so much to really worry. It is likely grit or something. Or, it is likely just all in my mind. Who knows? I am no scientist so if it keeps working after taking more abuse then reality would deliver, thats good enough for me.



I will not tel you the new gen 3 mag is some huge improvement over the older gen Pmags we all have.  Other then the gripping surface. It is not all the different. It is however. just as tough and reliable as  the other excellent mags they make.  I love Pmags, but I have to tell you again, if you are going to pay a little more for a mag then what the cost of the older Pmag is, go with the Lancer AWM.  But, if you love and trust magpul. you will be more then happy with the Gen 3.  The grip surface is worth an extra buck or two to me.  I do look forward t getting a new ranger plate that will work on the new mags though.