5.56 Timeline


We have a  lot of stuff to show you from SHOT already, and its going to be a bit before we can get it all uploaded. Video and higher quality picture of more detail on everything is coming. I want to give a few teasers taken with a Iphone camera to wet the mouth with.


Here are a few glimpses into some new stuff from Colt this year. If you know anything about Looserounds and the writers, you know we like Colt. So, we like to see hwta they have out first.


Some big news from Colt this year is of course the USMC adopting the Colt rail gun in a modified form and called the M45A1 .  Colt will be selling this pistol to civilians once the USMC contract is filled. Looserounds has been told they will be sent a pistol for testing and writing about after SHOT, so we hope you look forward to that as much as us.




Next is a glimpse at some of the many carbines and rifles offered by Hartford this year.  Note the middle carbine is finished in ATACS camo pattern.  I like the looks and potential of the bottom carbine with the interesting FF tube that appears to be a PRI type shaped like the older triangle style A1 handgaurds.


A lot of offerings from the Colt Competition ( CR ) line this year. Rifles intended for 3-gun and such.   This year we see a few offerings in 308 in the CR line. Once has a billet lower with a flared mag well.





we will have more ( a lot more ) from colt later on as we get everything sorted. Follow the LR facebook page for up to the second updates.


Next thing to make an impression on us this year was the amount of Remington 1911s  big green had up.

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Left hand picture shows the R1  1911 in ATACs finish. ATACs seems to be a fad this year.  Remington is  offering up 1911s ready for carry and combat and not just a stock gov model copy now. Some really nice semi custom pistols look like they will be out soon.

734769_10152380379415618_67147103_n 230624_10152381875525618_1494219040_n

FN has some new models out this year. The FNX looks to be a really nice pistol. You can find my thoughts on the FN 45 here already and know that I am a fan. I am really liking the new pistols.

FN also now has a version of the pistols out with no external safety, something a lot of people have been wanting.


Above you can see the two new pistols with the FN SCAR H with extended factory rail and Warne scope mount.



We will have much more coming up so please come back to our SHOT show coverage  and we will do our best to get the info you want out for your enjoyment.

SHOT SHOW 2013 more news

We are still going through the booths today. It is a lot of pictures and info so check back later tonight and we will be trying to have a ton of news, pictures and videos ready to show.  It is a lot so please be patient.  Check back to see the newest stuff.

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More Guns from SHOT SHOW 2013 Range day



The Glock in 10mm is reported to shoot very smooth , worked flawless and had surprisingly little felt recoil.


The new Remington R1 carry model pictured above comes with some semi custom touches. The gun has been dehorned  for carry.  Catherine reports it malfunctioned on her a few times during firing.


Some famous faces have already rubbed elbows with Looserounds staff, trying to make sure everyone can see they are pals with the best gun blog on the web!

Keep checking back during the rest of the SHOT show for more pictures, news and updates.  We will get you knew info as fast as we can.

Printable Mags?

It is amazing how technological advancement marches on.  50 years ago our favorite plastic and aluminum rifle was made using advanced machining of space aged alloys.  Soon enough, you may be able to just print out major components at home.  This capability is a nightmare to the anti-gun crowd.