Flamethrower attachment

some worthy thought up a way to have a fully functioning flamethrower mounted to their AR15. I wonder what the pearl clutchers in...

Top. Woman. Glocks Herself In The Foot

Oops! We all know that only the police should have guns. They being the only truly safe and professional people with enough training and...

Hans Grabber Builds a Glock

I tell you, I love the manuals that the AWCY guys are writing for their printable products. http://looserounds.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Hans-Grabber-Builds-a-Glock-E43x-Assembly-Manual-4.pdf

Friday Fun


Surfing for Dolphins – 762 Gear – LBV-88

This will be quick. After boot I went to soi east. I spent a little time as a geiger tiger camp guard. During...

A warning about shills

About a year ago I saw a scammer make eighty thousand dollars in about 3 hours. Oh boy was I jealous. I'm...