5.56 Timeline

“Speed Holstering” Or, How to shoot yourself.

That is a close call. Luckily the only damage done was a 50 dollar pair of pants, and some pride and ego.

There is a big thing about holstering your handgun without having to look at it. Or “speed holstering” after shooting. I have no idea why so many people are in such a hurry to get their handgun back into the holster. I can say without doubt the big flashy training videos from a few years ago contributed to this.

Keep your gun out until you are 100 sure the threat is over. Then take your time putting it back in the holster. If you have a jacket on or a shirt or anything that might hang up in it, Look first! Especially if your handgun doesn’t have a manual safety.

Machete Wielding Man In L.A. Police Shooting.

Many takeaways from this video. The police should have shot this guy long before he had an officer on the ground in the middle of the street. At one point you see the cop shooting him, it failing and him turning and trying to run. He should have been emptying his mag instead of yelling at him. He could not have stopped shooting. They are supposedly trained to not panic in a situation like this. Easy to say I know. But these are the people who have the power over your life and are trusted with protecting you. You have to wonder if this officer had been trained on a failure to stop drill.

It’s scary to think about. One hit from that blade is almost certain to at the least maim you for life. You are looking at a very deep wound severing nerves etc. Maybe a lost limb. I’ve seen machete wounds to the head because I am the kind of sicko that goes to bestgore dot com. ( don’t go to that site unless massive amounts of gore don’t bother you) and there are no small machete wounds when those wounds are made with intent to hurt.

I also can’t help to assume a lot of it was the SJW policies of the L.A. higher ups and the fear the cop had of backlash that would come from having to end one of the protected class. Either way that was not some mighty fine police work on his behalf.

If you are new to self defense and just started to carry concealed and watching and reading this Do not let some one get that close to you if they are coming at you with a blade of any size and with intent.

Advantage Arms Glock .22 Conversion Kit

I was digging though my stuff and I had forgotten that my Advantage Arms Glock 19 .22LR conversion kit came with such a nice case that has custom cut foam.

It looks like the kits now come with a little range bag instead of this hard case. While the case is pretty cool, a little range bag would be more practical. You don’t really want to be stuffing a dirty kit into the foam, as that would dirty up the foam.

Initially when I got the kit I planned to have the same night sights as on my carry guns installed. Later I heard it was suggested against installing steel sights in the aluminum slide of the .22 kit. After using it for a while, it became apparently that it was a good choice to have the adjustable Glock sight as you could adjust it for what ever particular ammunition you are using.

The magazine is a single stack 10 round capacity. It is disappointing to have such a big mag hold so few rounds.

To have the barrel threaded 1/2×28 it has to have a threaded adapter attached to the end. This prevents removing the barrel for field stripping or cleaning. Not a problem, just makes cleaning a little more awkward.

The ejector slides in the upper and has a hook that latches on to the barrel. When you reassemble this slide after cleaning, you will need to hook this extractor over a notch on the barrel. Easier to do than I can explain it.

After owning this for some years, I’ve not used it much.

I’ve not tried very many different brands of .22 in it, so I can’t say I’d have this issue with all of them, but the old cheap .22 I had would gum the kit up pretty quick and it would stop extracting reliably until it was cleaned.

Years ago I had a thread on Gemtech M4-02 suppressor and I tried that on this kit for a few rounds. The M4-02, being a 5.56 silencer, was too heavy for this kit. That weight caused excessive headspace and it would not reliably fire. I don’t believe this would be an issue with a lightweight .22 can.

I wanted to have a trainer with the same trigger and manual of arms as my Glock 19. This does that, and shoots the much cheaper .22 long rifle. But it doesn’t have the same recoil, or weight. Practicing more is great only if you are practicing perfectly. Sometimes shooting .22 can lead to sloppy shooting. You don’t want to be making bad techniques muscle memory.

In the end, I found I would rather just shoot a little less 9mm than shoot a little more .22 for training.