5.56 Timeline

Overnight Updates For Wuhan Strain ( New US Case)

  • Total number of confirmed cases now 900+, 26 dead.
  • China restricts travel for 40+ million people as the death toll surges.
  • Two deaths have been reported outside Wuhan.
  • Some residents displaying symptoms are being turned away from hospitals.
  • Hospitals in Wuhan make urgent pleas for help and supplies.
  • Beijing orders PLA medics to assist in Wuhan treating patients
  • UK and US governments tell citizens to avoid outbreak zones.
  • Second US case confirmed in Chicago
If movies taught me anything, its that when the military shows up to plague zones with rifles and white hazmat suits things have taken a turn for the worst

experts estimate that some 4,000 individuals may have already been infected across the country.

According to the SCMP, 40 medical officers from the city’s military hospital have already started working in the intensive care unit of Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital. The 40 officers are reported to be an advance party and the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army in Beijing will send more in the coming days.

Staff at the PLA hospital swore an oath earlier this week promising to do everything they can to combat the virus.

A medical practitioner who worked at the PLA General Hospital said that the hospital would send staff from its infectious disease centre to help run the new hospital and quarantine centre in Wuhan once it was ready.

Staff there held an oath-taking ceremony on Wednesday pledging they would do their utmost to win the battle against the new coronavirus.

“We all swore that we will follow the order, make sacrifices if necessary and do our jobs as required and would not be afraid to suffer or even to die,” he said. “[We were told that] we triumphed over Sars and we will win again this time.”

As we noted below, Wuhan is scrambling to build a makeshift hospital from scratch on the outskirts of the city as a quarantine and treatment center for coronavirus patients. Beijing’s ability to quickly expand capacity to treat infected individuals was said to be instrumental in the fight against SARS 17 years ago.

* * *

Asian markets closed on Friday for the Lunar New Year holiday, which officially begins on Saturday. But in China, the Communist Party leadership are scrambling to contain the virus as 13 cities in Hubei Province are now under quarantine, meaning more than 40 million Chinese will be forced to spend the holiday week at home, the South China Morning Post reports.

End of the year musings on prepping and survival

As we come to the end of another year, I was remembering the Y2K discussions. Now I see people talking about preparing for civil unrest, and some the the discussions are similar.

Being a gun nut, it is easy to focus on weapons. Nice to have a stack of guns and a larger stack ammunition. People like me would joke about building a fort of of your ammo cans to fight from.

Back when Mosin Nagant rifles were dirt cheap, I would read about people buying a crate of them with the intent to arm their friends, neighbors, and harem of liberated soccer moms after the end of civilization.

If you are prepping for the SHTF, or the zombie apocalypse, civil war II, etc, it seems to me that there are so very many items other than a stack of guns that would be useful.

I think in this sort of case the person wanted to buy something, and had to rationalize a reason for it.

Hey, if you want something, and can afford, why not get it? If you can’t afford it, wait.

If you are really trying to prepare for bad times, look at the areas you are weak in. Think about stuff you would not be able to get if supply lines or power were cut.

A simple example would be that many people could make a silencer in their garage with a hand drill. But not very many people could build night vision from scratch. If not night vision, how many people can make a good flash light from the stuff around their house? Similar for body armor or gas masks.

It is like that comical joke of the body builder that always skips leg day. Seeing a tremendous amount of upper body muscle mass atop tiny spindly legs.

It is no fun to acknowledge our weaknesses. I’ve been working on my personal fitness for example, always been a weaker area for me. I have a little food and water stashed away. I keep a pile of ammo. But for me, a realistic bad SHTF event would be an extended period of unemployment. Fortunately I have various job skills that I would like to believe would keep me employed even in a bad recession.

For prepping, we gotta be honest with out selves and ask if we are buying what we want, or what we would need to cover a realistic problem. Are we buying the stuff that gives us a big improvement in our capabilities, or stuff that is just cool to have?

Gang Of “Urban Youths” Beat Woman & Cop At Mall

An excellent post from over at offgridsurvival.com this evening about a gang of “urban teens” beating a woman who dared try to stand up to them. She should have known better, you can’t confront protected class like that. Especially in The People’s Repbulik of Kalifornia. A CA Top Man tries to help and is completely feckless, He gets choked out for his trouble.

I believe social unrest and violent attacks are two of the top survival threats that we face as a community; while the media continues to cover up these attacks, we are not going to sit by in silence and ignore a very real preparedness issue.

Footage was released today of yet another mall brawl, this time of a group of urban teenage thugs violently assaulting a woman at Bay Street Mall in Emeryville, California. The woman, who earlier had her phone stolen by these thugs, asked for it back — then the beating began. In the middle of the attack, a California Highway Patrol officer tries to intervene and is brutally beaten and choked until he is unconscious.”

This is one of the Top Preparedness Threats You Face!

It’s important to note from this video:

  • This attack happens out in the open at a nice looking outdoor mall where most people don’t even think about being attacked like this.
  • These thugs have no fear of security, police or anyone else.
  • Even the police fear them! The off-duty CHP officer begins to run, but the group chases him and continues to assault him, repeatedly striking and choking him until he is unconscious.
  • You are on your own during these type of attacks! Most people will do nothing to help you, so you better be prepared to defend yourself against a mob!

Unfortunately, these attacks are becoming an everyday occurrence in this country, only the mainstream media refuses to talk about them because it doesn’t fit the narrative they are trying to push. Unless they can tie a story to “racist White Trump supporters”, they don’t seem to give two shits about the public’s’ safety.

Yet Again, just like so many of these violent attacks this won’t receive national coverage; urban thuggery is very rarely reported by the national mainstream media. And the local coverage it received tried to tie it to innocent Black Friday mayhem. But as we’ve pointed out, this type of thing is now happening throughout the country on a daily basis; here are just a few examples that we’ve covered:

Read more at link below

Across America in a Record 27 Hours 25 Minutes

I ‘m no car guy. don’t care about what the specs are, or engine size or if the beeeberjab increases the flabbergig. Yes I managed a detail/body ship for years but I only fixed there outside looks. I never cared about what makes them tick and all that crap. That said, I still think this is cool. Not so much because of the car. It’s that something like this can still happen in these days of the near complete authority of the never blinking eye of the sate. The logistics and tech that went in to evading the heavy hand of The King’s Men.

Just look at some of what it took to pull this off. Not shown is the roof mounted IR camera. There is much applicable here for our certain way of thinking.

Read all about what it took and the magnificent bastards that pulled it off.


Should conceal-ability be a feature of the modern individual fighting rifle?

This is something I’ve been mulling over for some time now.

I think about the tactics I used when I played the role of insurgent against Marines. I think about that tactics insurgents used in Iraq against. I real about other peoples imagined concepts of combat operations state side. I don’t think this is something that your average soldier or Marine might need, but those of us living outside a uniformed service might find value in being able to move a long arm discretely.

But before that, I do like being able to be discrete. If I am going to go to the range, I don’t want to advertise to my neighbors where I am going or what I am doing. Part of the reason I have stuff like a violin case to move guns.

Of course, if a neighbor saw me packing a violin case, a couple of ammo cans, and a stack of targets in my trunk they might guess what I am doing. A discrete case is not a whole solution on its’ own.

A great many of the “discrete” gun cases out there still look like rifle cases. Sure, it might be in “Grayman Gray” but it looks like a rifle case. I’ve seen people use tool cases or golf bags and those I think would fool people into thinking it is not a rifle in there. Now, that might even be a more appealing target to a thief, it at least doesn’t scream gun.

Some years back I read of a person who uses a 5 gallon bucket for their range back. Ammo would be in cases or boxes, the pistol cased, and any accessories, eye and ear protection, etc, in that bucket. At the range, spent cases to be saved for reloading could just be dumped in the bucket. Now I think that is a pretty discrete range bag. But doesn’t work for long arms.

We often think of conventional warfare where the combatant might never allow their longarm to be outside of arms reach. Unconventional warfare is another story. An insurgent might stash a weapon somewhere, retrieve it for a mission, and stash it again again. Imagine if one of the Hong Kong protesters had a rifle. Slinging it on their back and walking home wouldn’t really be a viable option.

Fortunately guns are getting smaller. I found it funny when we got the para-saw barrels for our M249 machine guns in Iraq. It make the those belt fed guns shorter than our M16A4s. Hell, look at the SIG Rattler. With the stock or brace folded on the Rattler, the entire gun is about 16 inches long. You have a gun that packs up to the size of the barrel on most other longarms. But you do have to make major sacrifices to reach that size.

The Rattler is about an inch too long to fit flush in that 5 gallon bucket referenced earlier. But it isn’t really a combat rifle, it is more of an alternative to the classic submachine gun.

But I am straying from the topic.

Back in 2006, when I was in Iraq, it was not uncommon for an insurgent to take a stashed rifle (like a Mosin Nagant) take a few pop shots at us, stash the rifle away and blend back into the crowd. This worked pretty well for them. Partly due to the fact that we were not the sort to just burn down the building they fired from.

If I were usng such a tactic, I’d rather have a gun I could fit into a ‘discrete’ way to transport it. Something like a back pack. Still easy to stash away, or to ditch if you had to to escape, but something you could far more easily move to where it would be needed.

There was a time I traveled between my duty station and home via bus. I wouldn’t recommend that for anyone. I’d bring my only AR15 at the time by separating the upper and lower. The barrel would stick out of my backpack, so I would pull a sweatshirt or poncho liner over it to look like messy packing. Far from ideal, but it worked.

As nice as a FN FAL, M1A, M1Garand, M16A4 is for fighting, I’m starting to think that the ability to transport a rifle around concealed might be valuable in the future.

Tangentially, there is value in being somewhat discrete in the military. Part of the idea of guns like the SDMR was to have a precision weapon system in a rifle squad with out the enemy being able to easily identify who had them.

Riflemen or Marksmen? Would the enemy be able to tell from a distance?