5.56 Timeline

NationalInterest.org “The 5 Things You Need to Make a Glock or Sig Sauer Truly Deadly”

Over here at LooseRounds.com we have a few gun enthusiasts who try to share some useful facts and opinions about guns. But we have to give credit where it is due, there are people out there that are so much more informed professional experts that we just can only pale in comparison to their knowledge.

“The bullets” writer Kyle Mizokami (Of the defense and security blog “Japan Security Watch” and lives in San Francisco) tells us what we need to make our pistols truly deadly over in their article at: https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/5-things-you-need-make-glock-or-sig-sauer-truly-deadly-63267

He so expertly points out the following 5 items you need to use:

  • Dum Dum bullets
  • Jacked Hollow Point Bullets
  • 13mm Gyrojet
  • Flechette Rounds
  • +P Ammo

So what can we learn from this experienced expect?

Well first that we would be stuffing in 13mm Gyrojet rounds or firing out “a high speed cloud of deadly darts” of our CCW weapons. That way we would truly have an effective gun.

As always, it is not grand to have a Californian tell us what we need to do? Or maybe we can use this as a learning experience to see how truly uninformed some are.

A tale of two NDs

Over in the news, in North Carolina a woman shot her self while at a Ruby Tuesdays. She ended up dying from her wound. I suppose that is one way to get out of paying a bill. Or maybe Ruby Tuesdays was just that bad.

I dunno, but there is another story to share about someone shooting them selves.

There is a long write up by a man who shot him self in the leg with his shotgun. Now we could easily start working through his story and try and make our selves feel better by pointing out his mistakes and saying that we would never do that. Instead lets give it a serious read and let his suffering be a lesson for us. I can learn from my mistakes, but I’d rather learn from some one else’s screw ups.

Never hurts to have a reminder of how bad we can screw up in an instant.

The Tape Loop

My father just sent me this good video.

For some people guns are just a toy, or collectible, etc. For others, they are a fighting tool to protect lives and families. We need to keep in mine that the gun and the shooting is only a small aspect of the big picture. In the process of self defense, multiple layers of defense have failed if you reach the point of shooting. The very best defense is to be able to avoid a conflict.

One of the many tools to do this is “The Tape Loop”. This series of pre-practiced and prepared lines is a tool to help prevent problems, potentially diffuse problem situations in the beginning stages, or buy you that precious moment to identify what is going on and respond to it. Also helps keep you from being a bumbling buffoon in the first moments of a problem situation.

John Farnam explains it better than me in this video: