ANTIFA playbook “The Changeup”

A B-ARFCOM member has an interesting post tonight worth sharing

The reason for this post is to shed light on a by-design ANTIFA tactic.

Disclaimer: This information comes from undercover law enforcement currently working within ANTIFA. I was given permission to post this information as a potential lifesaving measure, but will be limited in any deeper information or what I can share that might serve to identify my sources or put open investigations at risk.

In order to fully understand this tactic, we must understand the cycle of terrorism for political change.

1) terrorist commits a terrorist act
2) public fear response
3) law enforcement/government overreaction
4) people dissatisfied with government and more angry/frightened
5) fringe elements of disenfranchised flock to join terrorist ranks
6) divide and conquer, remaining populace is weakened and terrorists gain more power
7) cycle repeats

ANTIFA isn’t out in the streets rioting and breaking shit in order to score maximum enemy casualties. That’s why we see them and have fantasies of easily wading through bodies when the time comes.

This isn’t a stand-up fight. It never will be. This is a fucking bug hunt.

Instead, ANTIFA provokes and prods, slowly escalating and daring the police and citizens to hit back. They want a perceived overreaction on camera that they can show to America and draw more retards to their cause.


When police and citizens get down to work and start kicking ass it is a beautiful thing. But ANTIFA thinks it will make them stronger.

If they can use lawfare to make government crackdowns negatively affect normal citizens, they win.

Enter “The Changeup”. No I didn’t come up with the name. The name and the tactic are widespread enough in ANTIFA circles that it’s safe to use it without burning my sources.

Elements of The Changeup:

1) provoke a citizen into going hands-on or preferably drawing a weapon on an ANTIFA
2) Kill said citizen
3) get it on camera
4) do it in a way that results in shooting deemed justified

Goals of The Changeup:

1) kill a “right-wing racist”
2) sow distrust between right-wing and law enforcement/government when shooting deemed justified
3) create fear in ordinary citizens to prevent them from interfering with future ANTIFA rallies/riots
4) influence gun policy -particularly stand your ground laws and CCW to negatively affect right-wing gun nuts (common example in ANTIFA discussions is to prevent another Trayvon Martin)
5) Draw more fringe elements to ANTIFA cause by possibly holding up a victim

It’s important to note here that the ANTIFA worldview and rhetoric plays into this tactic. In particular, they see us as violent cowboys and American gun laws as unfairly influenced to give gun owners license to wander around shooting people of color. Their simplistic and erroneous view of self-defense law in general informs their tactics.

In order for this to be maximally effective, they have to force a situation where the citizen is the aggressor.

Also to note that while this fits the legal definition of a conspiracy, it’s because ANTIFA commies are collectivists, they take a team approach to this shit. It shouldn’t be discredited as a reptilian whack theory just because someone said “conspiracy”

1) Agitator- this is the hype man that gets in your face and acts like an asshole
2) Citizen -that’s you. Ideal target is white, male, armed, wearing patriotic apparel, and clearly there to oppose ANTIFA
3) Samaritan – since the Agitator may be perceived as starting the fight, the Samaritan must be the one to end it
4) The Observer – someone ANTIFA aligned to document and release pictures/video that shows the civilian as the aggressor and exonerates both the Agitator and Samaritan as within their legal rights

How it Works:

1) Agitator starts a confrontation in a public and non-dynamic environment (not a running battle or march where the video is dicey -they want a clear visual and sound byte for the news)
2) Citizen takes the bait – in particular, they want someone to raise a firearm
3) Agitator may at this point utter a code phrase or call for help. (more on this later)
4) Observer begins filming if they haven’t already
5) Samaritan moves in from flank or behind and kills Citizen

The narrative is that the Samaritan observed Citizen was about to kill/harm the Agitator and acted in defense of the Agitator who, while an asshole, did nothing illegal and only exercised his free speech against racists. All of this is backed up by the Observer’s very lucky perfectly framed video evidence.

Case Studies:

It seems that the chosen code phrase has been “shoot me n****r!” in both of these incidents. Fortunately, while both ultimately ended in shootings, neither went according to plan resulting in a successful “Changeup” nor accomplished the narrative shifting goals of this play. Mostly because this whole play sucks and Agitators jumped the gun, Samaritans either held back (Kenosha) or were prevented from “defending” Agitator and decided to go loud when confronted (Denver)


Agitator -Joseph Rosenbaum seen jumping around trying to get multiple patriots to fight him shouting “shoot me n****r” over and over
Samaritan – Joshua Joseph Ziminski aka Alex Blaine – seen milling around near Rosebaum during his Agitator act with handgun drawn. Appears to say something to Rosenbaum at one point.
Citizen -no one takes the bait, “The Changeup” is abandoned – Agitator and Samaritan move on to mayhem resulting in Kyle shooting Rosenbaum in self-defense (NOT a Changeup play)
Observer -unknown, possibly Ziminski’s wife who can be seen in the crowd


Agitator – Jacob Lebron Kelly -prominent shit-stirrer, utters “shoot me n****” code word as Lee engages with him
Samaritan – Matt Doloff -moves to assist Agitator who has uttered code word. It’s go time
Citizen -Lee or others in his group. whoever the Agitator gets to make a move. Lee notices Matt moving in and moves to block him from the group -Matt Shoots Lee dead in scuffle
Observer – 9News team -gets Matt shooting Lee, but fails to get a confrontation where Matt saves Kelly from Citizen assault.

Some of this is my interpretation when viewed through the lens of “The Changeup” play that was created and attempted by ANTIFA on at least these two occasions.


ANTIFA is trying for a “justified” defense shooting to kill patriotic citizens, ruin our morale, and weaken the public perception of CWP and stand your ground laws harming lawful gun owners.

Be very careful when engaging with a loud-mouthed ANTIFA shit-stirrer. Watch their eyes and check your six. They may have abandoned or altered this play. But you could very well have an ANTIFA Samaritan moving in on you in hopes you will “fuck around and find out”.

End public service announcement.

The Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act Explained and why having a State CCW Permit is still a good idea.

By Luis Valdes

(This is not legal advice and do not take it as such.)
The Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act, otherwise commonly known as HR218 due to the original legislative bill number is a Federal Law that grants qualified individuals the legal ability to carry nationwide in all fifty states and territories. It seems simple enough and many think it is a national CCW permit. But the honest truth is it isn’t.
LEOSA does have its caveats. It isn’t universal in its rules.

1. You aren’t exempt from the Federal Gun Free School Zone Act nor are you exempt from State Prohibition due to Location or Private Property Laws as a retired/separated individual. If Minnesota for example allows the “no concealed carry signs” to carry the weight of law. Then you’re barred from carrying at the Mall of America if they have such a sign. Since Florida disallows the carry in polling places. You can’t carry there when you go vote. Same goes with bans on carrying in places like bars, government buildings, post offices, etc.

State issued CCW permits (or Constitutional Carry States) usually grant greater privileges for carrying than LEOSA does.

2. The law says who qualifies. But the reality it is much murkier. Each State defines who is and isn’t law enforcement. LEOSA in a nut shell says you qualify if you have arrest powers and can carry a gun on and off duty. New Mexico for instance doesn’t allow Reserve Police Officers to carry off duty or have arrest powers off duty. So they don’t qualify and that was an issue with Lake Arthur, NM and the pay to play badge scheme.

In Florida, Correctional Officers recently became qualified by statute since they weren’t considered law enforcement. But that has recently changed when Gov. DeSantis signed a bill into law. In Washington DC, Correctional Officers weren’t qualified until they sued the government and won. Federal Law Enforcement Agencies under the Executive Branch also weren’t originally qualified nor were Military Police. But that changed with legislation.

In the end, each State and Territory governs who is and isn’t qualified.

3. It isn’t automatic. Right now, you must be either actively sworn or if separated from an agency you have to either have an aggregate of 10 years or more and have separated from the agency in “good standing”. If under 10 years then you have to have been medically retired and it had to have been after your training period.

There is no definition on what a separation with “good standing” is.

This segues into the next part.

4. Issuance of LEOSA Credentials isn’t automatic and not required by anyone. The Federal 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in Camille Burban v. The City of Neptune Beach that there was no private cause of action under LEOSA that would entitle a former officer to relief after his/her application for an identification card was denied.

Basically, it is up to each agency to issue LEOSA Credentials to who they seem fit and they csn develop their own internal policy. If an agency doesn’t want to issue anyone LEOSA Credentials they can do that. If they want to stipulate that an officer must do 30 years with the department to qualify for LEOSA Credentials they can do that.

5. States can set additional requirements. New Jersey for example makes their separated officers get a “Retired Police Officer carry permit” and limit it to people under the age of 75. No RPO card, no LEOSA carry.

8. Qualified Separated Officers have to qualify annually. Each state is allowed to set up those requirements. No agency is required to put separated officers through a qualification course.

Since FDLE’s CJSTC requires that we qualify individually with each class of weapon. We’re issued two cards. One for Semi-Autos and another for Revolvers upon qualification. Different states have different requirements. 
9. LEOSA is an affirmative defense. It doesn’t prevent any jurisdiction from arresting someone (as NYS and NYC has done in the past).

You have to prove that you’re qualified to carry under LEOSA and even FDLE’s CJSTC LEOSA Card says that in the back.

10. LEOSA is not permanent. You can be actively sworn with an agency and for reasons outside of your control. You can be placed on administrative leave due to a bogus complaint filed against you. While on administrative leave, you might be stripped of your authorization to carry off duty under the badge. Which means you’re not covered under LEOSA. 
So with all that out there. If you qualify and actually have LEOSA Credentials and happen to live in a place where you can get a CCW Permit.

Do it and get one. Don’t just rely on LEOSA.

Also, before I forget. The military is covered under LEOSA too. A number of Military Occupation Code, Air Force Specialty Codes, and Navy Enlisted Classification qualify. 

For example, the Army’s Counterintelligence (35L) qualifies since they are government employees, are armed, and have arrest authority. 
Of course Army Military Police, Marine Military Police, Navy Master at Arms, Airforce Security Forces, Coastguard Maritime Law Enforcement Specialist, along with the the Army Criminal Investigation Command, Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Naval Criminal Investigative Service , and Coast Guard Investigative Service qualify too.
In People v. Booth, the courts stated that Coast Guard Boarding Officers are qualified law enforcement officers and as such they are authorized to carry personal firearms off-duty for self-defense under LEOSA.

So for the military; there is a number of job ratings that would qualify.

You better be thinking about upgrading your eye pro to protect against laser damage

With the recent tantrums a few things have started to become clear about future civil unrest and CW-2. One of those things is damage from cheap but powerful lasers.

Once again Andy Ngo is on the ball.

36-year old Bryan Kelley allegedly pointed a laser into an officer’s eyes that so powerful it can cause permanent blindness, and possibly strong enough to burn through clothing and protective equipment.

Industrial strength lasers file image, via Laser Tools Co.

Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt described the laser as “so powerful that it would burn through paper and cause dry material to catch fire.” 

The Portland Police department went so far as to post a video to YouTube demonstrating the laser’s power in action. The device is seen in the demonstration burning holes in a thick piece of cardboard in a mere couple seconds

You can see above just how powerful they can be. This is an issue the military has been aware of for a long time. Optics covers and eye pro exist to protect the soldier on the battlefield from laser damage to the eyes. The powerful lasers used being ubiquitous on the modern battlefield. The protests in Hong Kong showing how fast the cheap and powerful lasers were used against the communist gov’s JBTs.

The recovered laser is remarkably compact for being so powerful, appearing in evidence photos to be no longer than an iPhone. 

Portland Police Bureau image showing the recovered compact but powerful laser, compared to size of an iPhone.

A Fox News report referenced recent Department of Homeland Security testimony before the Senate saying that multiple federal agents have lately been “temporarily blinded” by lasers being used by Portland protesters and rioters. 

these high-powered compact lasers are sold with protective equipment for use and with strong warnings against pointing them at humans.

Over the course of months of unrest in Portland and other parts of the northwest, laser devices have been frequently used by rioters and demonstrators against police

“Everyone In The City Was Ready For War” – Terrifying Eye-Witness Account Of The Kenosha Riots

Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog,

Much has been written about surviving riots and civil unrest. But there’s nothing like a firsthand account to bring it to life.

We shared an eye-witness story from a National Guard member who told us about the Seattle riots. Another writershared her family’s experience during the Ferguson riots. We’ve seen brutal videos on YouTube and social media. The violence in our country is increasing dramatically.

Here’s a first-hand story of the Kenosha riots.

And now, a woman has shared on Facebook what her family recently experienced in the Kenosha, Wisconsin riots. In her post, the thing that stands out in my mind the most is that help was not on the way. The residents of Kenosha who stood their ground were completely on their own against the mobs rampaging through their neighborhoods. I’ve redacted some identifying information from her post – otherwise, the public post is exactly as she shared it on the social media outlet. All emphasis is mine.

The day of the worst destruction, fires, looting, assaults… all of us in Kenosha were able to watch live -via independent media. The entire start to finish. The worst of it happened on 22nd & 60th, and I live on [redacted], so to tell you I was terrified is an understatement. The majority of Kenosha was watching our two [redacted] live footage well until 3am… police scanners on… bracing for the worst. It was apparent from the beginning there was no help. No police, no fire trucks no ambulances. None. Structures burned to the ground, people hurt and attacked were loaded into cars and raced to any hospital they could get to, rioters just broke into businesses and took what they wanted.

And we all watched it happen. There was nothing we could do.

A sleepless night, we faced the next day with more fear. A massive clean up effort, we helped as many homes and buisnesses as we could, brace for the night, we started to get inundated with messages from individuals and groups … targeting violence to specific neighborhoods, schools, libraries.. with fires and destruction… lots of messages. Most specifically targeting LOCAL NEIGHBORHOODS… families!!!

Cars and buses were coming in to the city with no plates… caravans of groups. Again, no extra police or national guard.

But the rioters came to Kenosha that night again.

Our PD and any help it had was standing ground at the PD building and courthouse… and many rioters did not know… our PD was trying to keep them from burning these down, not only because it was our infrastructure but because right between those buildings were A LOT of local inmates that were currently there due to Covid closing our jail (HUBER).

Again live, we watched hundreds of rioters throwing Molotov cocktails at these buildings and burning our city garbage trucks and dump trucks to the ground that we were using to protect these buildings.

I was afraid for the small line of policemen there that night.

Everyone was urging me and Jim to take all of my animals and to leave the city… and let my house burn. To run far away from Kenosha. I love my home. Those who know me, know the pride we have taken in buying an (as-is) house and turning it into a home. And my business! Could I let it be destroyed?? Absolutely NOT!

We have dear friends with a popular business just 4 houses away… we spend at least once a week there… they packed up boarded up and closed.. terrified … it’s on the main road.

All of us were now under now a state of emergency curfew. Get home and off the streets! gas stations ordered to close and turn OFF all gas pumps..
the sirens and alerts on all of our phones coming in non- stop.

So we pulled out every firearm we owned. Loaded them up. And started to get ready… We were not leaving… Jim’s job told him to stay home and protect his family and home. Everyone in the city was getting ready for a war.

Are you starting to feel anxiety reading this?

Getting a grasp of how desperate we all were?

Knowing no law enforcement was helping? And I’m telling you… NO ONE was there.

I have a dear friend who lives in Gurnee. Has a home and a buisness there, and if she called me and Jim and told me her city was under attack, she was afraid for her LIFE and her store … I would help her. We would go to Gurnee and help her. Armed.

And that’s simply what happened. The residents started to realize this was on us. And we organized. Groups and individuals-On rooftop businesses -in the neighborhoods. I felt a little safer that night knowing we had some help.

So we watched again that night …live. Beginning to end.

At the lakefront… there was a small police presence again, where our courthouse and Pd is…. but the PD was nowhere else in the city. It was just us left to fend for ourselves, watching live feed again, Listening to the scanners … lights off, house alarm armed. Curtains drawn – guns ready as we listened to where the rioters were, which way they were headed. Despite the state of emergency curfew the city was flooded with cars driving around with no plates on, groups of people destroying our city. Not enough police to arrest or stop not ONE SINGLE PERSON.

Until the guard came to help… the entire city was left to its own defenses.

Hell… we ran out of plywood to board up!!!

I had the crates ready to throw the animals in and run… guns at every window and door. Constantly texting neighbors and friends around the city for updates.

When we say, if you don’t live here, you could not possibly know what was going on.. do you now understand? How afraid the whole city was?

The national guard FINALLY was called out – and did not mess around. The people who terrorized and destroyed Kenosha were not from Kenosha. Of all the arrests… most were from 44 other city’s. After our IDIOT governor finally asked, we got the help we should have had from DAY ONE. We had FBI and all the surrounding PD’s come to our aid.

If…you don’t live here… you could not possibly understand what we went thru. People should wait before they jump to conclusions. I just am disgusted beyond words at the judgement that’s happening. DISGUSTED

For those of you with children to protect, a business you put your heart and soul in… a home you struggled to own and pay for.. you have got to understand what we all went thru. The fear and the instinct to protect what you love, and what you worked so hard for is strong. I hope no one ever has to go thru anything like this. (source)

The damage in Kenosha is astounding.

Kenosha isn’t a huge city. It has a population of about 100,000 people. Until these riots, it was not considered a dangerous city. But things changed fast.

Here are some photos of the aftermath of the riots. Minus the damage from shells and sniper rifles, looks like a warzone to rival things I saw in Bosnia when I met with Selco and took one of his survival courses.

PHOTO CREDIT: By Lightburst – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

PHOTO CREDIT: By Lightburst – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

PHOTO CREDIT: By Lightburst – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Is this the new America? If it’s this bad now, what’s going to happen after the election, particularly if the results are contested?

This is spreading across the country.

So many people are convinced this can never happen where they live. I see the denial all the time in the comments on my articles about this subject. And while it’s true that some parts of the country are more resistant to the riots and arson than others, it needs to be clearly understood that these are not locals perpetrating the damage. These are people being bussed in from other places. Time and time again, we see articles with local authorities claiming most of the arrests made were people from out of town.

This isn’t something you see coming a week ahead, like a hurricane on the horizon. One injustice, perceived or real, is all it takes to throw gasoline on a fire that is blazing across the country. It CAN happen to you, too.

A number of people in Minneapolis armed themselves to protect their families, businesses, and properties because they knew they were on their own. The story above only underlines that point. Literal battle zones are erupting across the nation. Armed conflict is already occurring and the writing is on the wall.

Be prepared for civil unrest and riots because you won’t have much warning should violence mobs deploy near you. Have a plan to leave if possible. And if that’s not possible, it cannot possibly be more clear that you must be personally prepared to defend your home, your family, and your business because the police won’t be able to do it for you.