5.56 Timeline

Head shot Didn’t Work

That would hurt.

I read some where or other that this round had passed through some other barrier before hitting him. Either way it is not unheard of for all manner of pistol rounds to impact a human head and not get the desired result. Movies and video games and just what seems like common knowledge makes most people assume that any shot to the head is a show stopper. It’s not always. Now how much fight this guy would have had in him after taking that round is anyone’s guess. The level of anger, booze, drugs or desperation would determine if he still carried on the fight assuming it didn’t knock him out.

As we have all heard a million times, shoot them until they know they are dead.

“Speed Holstering” Or, How to shoot yourself.

That is a close call. Luckily the only damage done was a 50 dollar pair of pants, and some pride and ego.

There is a big thing about holstering your handgun without having to look at it. Or “speed holstering” after shooting. I have no idea why so many people are in such a hurry to get their handgun back into the holster. I can say without doubt the big flashy training videos from a few years ago contributed to this.

Keep your gun out until you are 100 sure the threat is over. Then take your time putting it back in the holster. If you have a jacket on or a shirt or anything that might hang up in it, Look first! Especially if your handgun doesn’t have a manual safety.

Gang Of “Urban Youths” Beat Woman & Cop At Mall

An excellent post from over at offgridsurvival.com this evening about a gang of “urban teens” beating a woman who dared try to stand up to them. She should have known better, you can’t confront protected class like that. Especially in The People’s Repbulik of Kalifornia. A CA Top Man tries to help and is completely feckless, He gets choked out for his trouble.

I believe social unrest and violent attacks are two of the top survival threats that we face as a community; while the media continues to cover up these attacks, we are not going to sit by in silence and ignore a very real preparedness issue.

Footage was released today of yet another mall brawl, this time of a group of urban teenage thugs violently assaulting a woman at Bay Street Mall in Emeryville, California. The woman, who earlier had her phone stolen by these thugs, asked for it back — then the beating began. In the middle of the attack, a California Highway Patrol officer tries to intervene and is brutally beaten and choked until he is unconscious.”

This is one of the Top Preparedness Threats You Face!

It’s important to note from this video:

  • This attack happens out in the open at a nice looking outdoor mall where most people don’t even think about being attacked like this.
  • These thugs have no fear of security, police or anyone else.
  • Even the police fear them! The off-duty CHP officer begins to run, but the group chases him and continues to assault him, repeatedly striking and choking him until he is unconscious.
  • You are on your own during these type of attacks! Most people will do nothing to help you, so you better be prepared to defend yourself against a mob!

Unfortunately, these attacks are becoming an everyday occurrence in this country, only the mainstream media refuses to talk about them because it doesn’t fit the narrative they are trying to push. Unless they can tie a story to “racist White Trump supporters”, they don’t seem to give two shits about the public’s’ safety.

Yet Again, just like so many of these violent attacks this won’t receive national coverage; urban thuggery is very rarely reported by the national mainstream media. And the local coverage it received tried to tie it to innocent Black Friday mayhem. But as we’ve pointed out, this type of thing is now happening throughout the country on a daily basis; here are just a few examples that we’ve covered:

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