Black Wolf Knives

  A few months ago I was sent a couple of hand made custom knives from a Australian  fellow who lives in Japan.  He has been hand  making knives and selling them online.   These knives are the nicest I have ever owned.    The maker details the making of these knives on the facebook … Read moreBlack Wolf Knives

Optic of the week: Nightforce 2.5-10X24

For a long time the Trijicon ACOG was my favorite scope.  Transitioning from iron sights to 4x magnification was a massive force multiplier.  From there I tried some various optics and the Nightforce 2.5-10X24 became my new favorite scope.  (The Leupold MK6 eventually replaced this as my favorite).  Still I love these so much I … Read moreOptic of the week: Nightforce 2.5-10X24