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When Guns Are Outlawed Only Outlaws Will Have Knives -Again..

This is a when guns are outlawed post, but it could very easy be another Protected and Served post. A lot of WTF to go around.

PITTSBURGH – One of two women stabbed Thursday at a bus stop in downtown Pittsburgh has died, police said. We must do something about this epidemic of knife crime!

One of the women was talking to a police officer when a man came up from behind the officer and attacked her and another woman walking by with a knife, authorities said. The woman the officer was talking to may have been sleeping at the bus stop, according to officials. Good job officer. Months of police academy training paid off with that quick reaction.

getting a lot of mileage out of this one lately

It just goes to show even if a law officer is within arms distance, if some one wants to take a life they will, Laws don’t matter. tool doesn’t matter and police presents DOES NOT MATTER.

The stabbing happened about 11:30 a.m. outside the Burlington Coat Factory on Sixth Avenue, which was shut down between Wood and Smithfield streets. A large police presence was in the area. Not large enough apparently.

Both women, who investigators said did not know each other, were taken to hospitals.

The woman who had been talking to the officer before she was stabbed in the neck died at the hospital, police said. The second woman is still being treated.

Police believe the second woman was wearing a hijab; however, they said the attack appears to have been random. * Local news station – How can we spin this to orangeman’s and white men’s fault?”

“At this time there is no evidence to suggest that this attack was racially or religiously motivated. The woman at the bus stop was not wearing religious garb, but the second victim may have been wearing a hijab. Police are investigating and will explore all possible motives,” a news release said. “police believe the woman may have been wearing a hijab but aren’t sure until they determine if it will advance a political narrative and are waiting for higher ups to determine what agenda is to be followed. Police also believe the 2nd woman was a woman but further investigation is needed.”

The officer who was talking to one of the women was able to subdue the suspect before helping to give medical aid to the victims, officials said. Glad to see he had his priorities in order.

The Port Authority of Allegheny County released the following statement:

“Port Authority extends its deepest sympathies to the families of the deceased and surviving victim of the senseless attack at our bus stop earlier today.

“Although the investigation by Pittsburgh police remains ongoing, we understand that this was an isolated incident. Isn’t it always? Unless a gun is involved that is.

“The safety and security of our customers, employees and the public is our top priority, and we will continue to maintain a strong police presence in the areas we serve by working with Pittsburgh police and other local law enforcement agencies throughout our region.”


We all know that if those evil guns are banned, murder would end. There would be no more mass killings and it would be a utopia of love and brotherhood. Just like has been demonstrated in the People’s Republik Of Kalifornia… er.. wait a sec.

A man who allegedly went on a deadly stabbing spree and killed multiple people in Orange County Wednesday was arrested, Santa Ana police said.

The suspected stabber went into a Subway restaurant in the 3800 block of West First Street and stabbed a person to death before going to a nearby 7-Eleven on the intersection of West First Street and Harbor Boulevard and attacking a security guard there, the Santa Ana Police Department said. How can this be? Only guns kill people! This story is obviously a Russian plant cooked up by the KGB and the NRA!

It was not immediately clear if the man attacked at the 7-Eleven survived.

Police said they then took the suspected stabber into custody at that point, but the man is also suspected in a double-stabbing in Garden Grove on Jentges Avenue. I refuse to believe this could happen. why, I find the very idea offense. Scoff! To intimate that multiple people could be harmed by anything other than a machine rifle.

Two men were stabbed in the 12100 block oJentges Avenue, with one man pronounced dead at the apartment, police said. 

In addition, there appears to be another stabbing scene at a Chevron gas station.

You really have to hand it to those Russian NRA gun maker’s lobbyists. They really know how to spin a fantastical tale of pure whimsy. Good thing we are all too smart to fall for this fairy tale.



We all know by now two nut cases decided to do what kooks do over the weekend. If not for those evil black rifles and the one thing even more evil, Orangeman, there would be no more homicide in the world. And as usual we continue to chronicle that gun free world with this on going column started by our departed friend Kevin O’Brien.

A 21-year-old Pasadena man is now facing charges following what police describe as a deadly assault on his pregnant wife late Saturday afternoon. Deadly assault? must have been with a weapon of war.

Alex Guajardo was not present at the probable cause hearing Sunday.

Reports say Guajardo admitted to stabbing his wife Caitlynne, who was 16-weeks pregnant, in the stomach because he didn’t want anyone else raising their child.

Investigators say she was stabbed approximately 20 times.

Neighbors say the victim was pregnant and they heard screams coming from the apartment.

Court documents say he was arrested for family violence against his wife on Wednesday, and was not supposed to be near her due to a protective order. That really worked didn’t it? Though I have to wonder if the wife let him come back despite the PO as they often do..

He was later released on bond and returned Saturday to their Pasadena apartment. Our legal system at work folks. No need for a gun, the system will protect you!

Reports say Guajardo called the police himself after the stabbing and waited at the scene until officers arrived. He must have had a stab of conscience.

After medics attempted CPR at the scene, Caitlynne was transported to the hospital where she died. And the unborn child. Lets not forget that, though I’m sure the urinalist is likely of a political leaning that would not want to recognize that.

Neighbors said they heard screams coming from the upstairs apartment in a complex. And did nothing apparently since the killer had to call the cops on himself.

“They had an argument, a family dispute,” said neighbor Manuel Hernandez. “But it became worse than that. People got killed.”

“All I know is he’s sick and to take his wife… and he knows she’s having a baby,” said neighbor Rineo Cavillo.

According to neighbors, he also killed his wife’s cat that day. Man! that’s just mean. I joke but reality is in some quarters that cat’s death would cause more sympathy.

“He stabbed something, put it in a dumpster and that’s when the police came. She called them and they went in the dumpster and pulled out a bag. She called them and I think that’s what escalated to this,” Cavillo said. What’s the over under of him getting charged with animal cruelty but not for two separate murders?

Pasadena police plan a news conference to discuss the case on Monday. They sure like doing press conferences these days don’t they?



A Kazakh man has been hacked to death in broad daylight in the middle of a German street with a ‘samurai sword’, police said. Now there is something you don’t read every day .

The dead man’s Syrian roommate was arrested after the 36-year-old victim was repeatedly stabbed in Stuttgart yesterday in front of horrified onlookers.

Authorities confirmed a man was killed in the road in the German city Fasanenhof district with a ‘sword-like object’ that looked like a samurai weapon. Good work boys. I wonder. Since its a Japanese sword, will he be charged with cultural appropriation?

Screaming witnesses tried in vain to save the man as he was hacked at by his attacker, but he died at the scene. I have to say, I am really surprised screaming at a guy who is brazen or insane enough to behead another dude in broad daylight in the middle of a road didn’t work.

The suspect then reportedly fled on a bicycle but was caught that evening following a frantic police helicopter manhunt.  I kinda wish it had been a tricycle or unicycle.

Officers also found a “sword-like object” discarded in a bush near the scene, thought to be the murder weapon.  What the hell is up with the “sword like object” ?

The attacker was seen repeatedly stabbing the victim

Residents tried to stop the attacker as repeatedly hacked at his victim

The attacker (left and right) was seen repeatedly stabbing the victim in the middle of the road in Stuttgart as horrified onlookers (right) tried to save him

After hacking the 36-year-old man to death the suspect ran fled the scene on a bicycle

After hacking the 36-year-old man to death the suspect ran

Police and prosecutors said today that a 28-year-old Syrian man who apparently had shared an apartment until recently with the 36-year-old victim was arrested.

There was no immediate details of a possible motive for the stabbing yesterday evening, which followed an argument between the two men.     

The victim – who has not been publicly identified – is believed to be of German-Kazakh origin and used to share a flat in the city with the suspect, Welt reports.

According to Bild, the suspect was heard by witnesses repeatedly shouting at the victim: ‘Why did you do that?’ However, the motive behind the attack has not been revealed. Must have deleted his pron folder.

Germany just gets better every day now that it’s a rich and diverse country full of other beautiful cultures. Why, if anything, they just need some more 13th century historic re-enactments.



A woman has been given a suspended death sentence for murdering her lesbian ex-lover by stabbing her nearly 200 times following an argument in a Hunan hotel. I think she was serious.


On January 29, 2018, the 29-year-old woman, given the pseudonym Fang Yao, chased her former girlfriend, a 26-year-old woman given the pseudonym Wang Lei, down to the lobby of the hotel in the city of Yongzhou from the 10th floor, slashing her with a knife inside the elevator. Ask any police officer and they will tell you that domestic disputes between gay couples are especially vicious. I don’t know why this is.. ahem. I have observed this myself while working for a investigator for the public defender and have a story about this for another time.

By the time that police had arrived, Fang had fled and Wang was dead at the scene. An autopsy found that the victim had suffered 196 stab wounds. Police also determined that the death was the result of stab wounds..

The two had been childhood friends, coworkers at a hospital, as well as lovers. However, Wang’s father told reporters that the couple had broken up the preceding year because Fang had continued to ask his daughter to lend her money to fuel her gambling addiction. I think we see the possible real reason for this knife violence.

Wang is said have lent Fang hundreds of thousands of yuan. She met Fang at the hotel after Fang promised to sign an IOU. Yes, love turned to hate can be a powerful thing that drives some insane irrational behavior. Ownig some one a hell of a lot of money and not wanting to pay it back seems to be right up there on the scale of popular reasons to murder some one. Love/money/drugs. It always comes back to those three things.

For Wang’s murder, Fang was given a suspended death sentence which means that her sentence will be commuted to life imprisonment as long as she does not commit any crimes in the next two years.

The sentencing was made in December but has recently made headlines as Wang’s family have publicly called instead for Fang’s execution, arguing that she deserves to die for such a violent and horrific murder. I think we can all agree with the family on this one.

An appeal has been filed and the family is currently awaiting a date for the second trial.