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VIDEO shows how Moscow Instagram blogger’s deadly pool party with DRY ICE went HORRIBLY WRONG

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You know what happens when you fill a small room with people and carbon dioxide? You get a “when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have..” post!

No-one expected the festivities to turn into a tragedy ( no, they never do. That’s why they do dumb stuff) when the blogger’s husband Valentin presented the guests with a surprise treat. The man brought out a large amount of dry ice – solid carbon dioxide – and after everyone donned symbolic ‘protection’, he poured it into a pool to create the fancy mist effect for everyone to take photos and videos.

Everyone loves a cool science project. But when you are Russian, you do things like you are in the control room at Chernobyl.

Footage of the fateful moment emerged online on Saturday. It shows the revelers wearing improvised protective costumes and goggles and gathered by a small indoor pool. One of them reads the instructions aloud, jokingly warning that the dry ice might be very dangerous before pouring the substance into the pool. Blyat !The guests then proceed to jump in, with the bravest one submerging himself completely – while one of the onlookers jokes “He’s dead, he’s not with us anymore.” Har Har Komrade


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The joke, however, turned grim within moments. Upon coming into contact with the water, the dry ice evaporated, creating a thick plume of carbon dioxide – effectively turning the pool into a gas chamber. 

Three people, including Valentin, were left dead in the aftermath of the stunt, while several others remain in hospital. The small indoors location, as well as the large amount – 25 to 30 kilograms – of dry ice used, created a lethal concentration of the gas. The ‘protective equipment’ the revelers sported proved completely useless, as it didn’t include full-body wetsuits and rebreathers.

These are the people who masterminded the 2016 “election tampering” and we feared during the cold war..


a man wearing a hat and smiling at the camera: Harriett McNair Boykin

© Raleigh/Wake CCBI via CBS 17 Harriett McNair Boykin

Batter Up! Season started early this year!.

GARNER, N.C. (WNCN) – A Garner woman is behind bars after police say she beat her husband with a baseball bat at their home on Sunday afternoon and he later died from his injuries.

According to police, Harriett McNair Boykin, 67, attacked her husband on Sunday afternoon in the 1700-block of Misty Meadow Lane.

I’m guessing the poor guy answered the question ” does this haircut make me look pretty?”

The beating, which police said occurred around 2 p.m., left her husband, Joey Keith Boykin, 58, with serious injuries.

According to officials, Harriett Boykin used a baseball bat to repeatedly strike her husband in the head. Joey Boykin was transported to the hospital where he later died.

The 67-year-old woman is charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury. Some one needs to ban these deadly weapons.

Police said Harriett Boykin is currently being held in the Wake County Detention Center under no bond and the investigation is ongoing.

Harriett Boykin has not been charged with the killing at this time.


Texas man Paul Joseph Garcia drove with pedestrian's 'mangled corpse' after crash, police say

Paul Joseph Garcia

A Texas man drunkenly ran a person over and then drove with the “mangled corpse” in his passenger seat for at least a half-mile — before stopping at a beer garden, police said.

Hey, who wouldn’t need a stiff drink after riding around with a bloody corpse for half a mile? That would be traumatic! Can’t really blame the guy.

Paul Joseph Garcia, 24, allegedly rammed into a pedestrian pushing a shopping cart at about 10:40 p.m. Saturday in South Austin, the Austin American-Statesman reported on Tuesday.

The victim went through the 2014 Ford Focus’ windshield and suffered traumatic injuries to the head, with some body parts becoming detached, according to an arrest affidavit cited by the newspaper.

The police were able to piece together what happened.

But Garcia kept driving “with a mangled corpse in the vehicle,” the document states.

I love the lurid language of that.

Witnesses saw Garcia park his car about a half-mile from the scene of the accident and then calmly get out, police said.

Can keep his cool. Got to admire that. You have to see the good in people, that’s what my Grandma used to say.

He then walked into the South Austin Beer Garden barefoot — “in a manner that caught the attention of the other patrons,” the affidavit said. He wasn’t served any alcohol at the bar.

How did he do that? He walked in Covered in blood, guts and hair a with bits of safety glass stuck to him? That just makes the imagination fire up don’t it?

Debris, including car and body parts, lined the road from the scene of the crash to where the car stopped, the document said.

Garcia had evidence on his body that matched the blood and body tissue found coating the inside of the vehicle, cops said. Called it!

Officers conducted a sobriety test on him and he was charged with intoxication manslaughter and accident involving injury.

Good work boys.

He was being held Tuesday on $110,000 bail.

If he lived in NY he could have been out the same night.

I find it odd that the news reports don’t mention the victim sex. With the writing from above it would really have spiced it up if they could have reported it as a woman killed or a “person of color” killed by drunk driver. Hmm… killer’s last name is Garcia.. Want to take bets on race and gender of the deceased?


Everyone hates it when their order at a fast food joint is wrong. You are hungry and you know just what you want then some one screws it up. Finally someone stood up and said “I’m not gonna take it anymore!”

According to the criminal complaint, officers were dispatched to an apartment in Racine on Sunday afternoon, Feb. 9 to investigate an assault report. An officer made contact with a woman who indicated she has lived with Scarpetta for two years. She said “she ordered the defendant a Filet-O-Fish sandwich from McDonald’s. (The woman) stated the employees at McDonald’s put cheese and tartar sauce on the Filet-O-Fish. (The woman) stated the defendant does not like cheese and tartar sauce” and “became angry” because of how the sandwich was made. Hey , we all been there right?

The woman told police Scarpetta “got in her face,” pushed her and caused her to fall, “striking the back of her neck.” When she got up, the complaint says Scarpetta “put (the woman) in a chokehold and began choking her.” When the woman began to scream, Scarpetta fled the apartment — taking the woman’s cellphone on the way out.

See, I think he was trying to help her understand how serious he was about not liking cheese and tartar sauce on his fish filet. Some people need a more hands on approach to learning things.

An officer ultimately located Scarpetta. The complaint says Scarpetta told police “he was in an argument with his girlfriend and both of them pushed each other.” The complaint says while Scarpetta was taken into custody, he stated the officer “was lucky that the defendant was in handcuffs.”

That is a man serious about his meals.


Sacrebleu ! How could such a thing in Harlem? Guns are virtually banned so there is no way for a suspect dressed in black wearing air jordans (…………) to hurt some one.!

A French tourist was randomly slashed in the neck while strolling around Harlem with his girlfriend Friday, police said.

Frog gigging?

The couple was walking on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard between 132nd and 133rd streets in Upper Manhattan around 11 a.m. when a stranger suddenly jumped the 27-year-old victim and slashed him across the face and neck with a knife, cops said.

The man and his girlfriend had just walked out of the IHOP on 135th Street when the unprovoked attack happened, police sources said.

EMS rushed the victim to Harlem Hospital, he was listed in critical but stable condition.

Police canvassed the neighborhood for a suspect dressed in black and wearing Air Jordan sneakers but had yet to find him.

The Coulter Rule is full effect..

A man who works in a nearby building saw the incident on surveillance tape and detailed what happened for The Post.

“A man and woman were walking down the street, and a guy was walking beside them, like side-by-side. Then [the attacker] turns towards [the victim], looked him in the eye and pulled out — it looked like a box cutter — and sliced him on the neck,” the worker said.

Meanwhile locals just now wake up to the reality of the world.

Other neighborhood people were just as upset by the attack. Not as upset as the Frenchman with a second mouth on his neck I’m betting.

A worker from the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Homeless Shelter said, “I’m so surprised. I just want them to catch this guy. It’s so random, and it could have been me.” Yeah Adam, it could have been. Maybe you should as the Mayor for more gun laws.

William Modeste, 38, a local real-estate agent with Uptown Flats, added, “I think it’s a random attack and so unexpected. Totally random, nothing to see here .

“We always have plenty of visitors in the neighborhood, and when I heard about it, I just thought, ‘This person had cruelty on his mind.’ ” This person is damn genius.

Link to the NYpost with video but I already gave you the best parts of video and text.