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I didn’t mean to do two of these in a row but it was significant enough to justify it I think. Since as our precious savior Barrack the Benevolent told us ” these type of attacks don’t happen in any other western nation”

a crazed student stormed a Finnish college inside a shopping mall in Kuopio, Finland, RT reports.

At least one person was killed and ten others wounded during the attack, which was carried out with what has been alternatively described as a ‘sword’ and a ‘large knife’, according to early witness reports collected by the Sun.

Among the wounded, two are said to be in serious condition.

The attack started early on Tuesday when the assailant – recognized as a fellow student who had shown up to class late – burst into Savo Vocational College and reportedly started indiscriminately stabbing his classmates.

Eye-witnesses said the student entered class late, then pulled what looked like a sword from his bag and plunged it into a female student’s neck and stomach, before moving on to attack other students.

The attacker set off firebombs during the bloody rampage. 

Police confirmed that an individual had been taken into custody after being shot by an officer. Police said they would release more information later in the day.

A mechanic who works nearby told local news reporters that he had rushed to some of the injured students’ aid after the attack.

“By the time I went to help the classmate, there were other calls for help. Along the corridor, students fled to the store,” Roosa Kokkonen said.

The mechanics’ intervention was critical: after the attack, the assailant decided to wander through the mall, sparking chaos that delayed the arrival of paramedics to the scene.

A 16-year-old student who was in a nearby classroom during the attack said she heard a loud shout that sounded like it was coming from a man. But she couldn’t understand what the person was trying to say. The young woman’s teacher directed the class to shelter in place until they were given the OK to leave.

Once the OK came, the young girl said she and her classmates hurriedly left. But on the way, “I saw blood on the floor and two injured women,” the girl said, according to RT.

All classes on Wednesday have been cancelled.


A body of a woman was discovered inside a portable toilet that caught fire and exploded early Saturday at a construction site in north Florida, according to officials.

That’s a shitty way to go. Died on the throne, Just like Elvis.

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook that authorities responded to the home on North Horseshoe Road in St. Augustine on a report of a porta-potty fire, and discovered human remains inside.

“Human remains”..

“Regarding today’s discovery of human remains contained within a portable toilet, detectives believe the decedent is a white female,” the sheriff’s office said. “At this time, we have not received any missing persons reports that may coincide with this incident.”

Neighbors told WFOX they heard a loud explosion around 7 a.m., then saw the portable toilet on fire in front of a home under construction in the neighborhood.

“it was like a gas explosion ” the man is quoted as saying.

“I just was sitting, watching TV and heard a loud explosion,” one neighbor told WFOX.

The body of a woman was discovered inside a portable toilet that caught fire and exploded early Saturday in St. Augustine, Fla.

Another neighbor said that investigators had to put on hazmat suits as they sifted through dirt and other areas of the construction site for several hours.

Yea. I’m sure they did.

“The portalet blew up so I mean there’s nothing left, at all,” neighbor Jan Long told WFOX.

St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Chuck Mulligan told the Florida Times-Union the victim was too badly burned for immediate identification, and an autopsy is scheduled for Monday at the Medical Examiner’s Office.

Investigators spent Saturday combing through the scene.

Investigators spent Saturday combing through the scene. (WFOX)

Mulligan told the newspaper detectives are exploring several scenarios, including that it could have been a medical issue, drug-related, suicide, or “something more nefarious.”

I hope I never get the medical issue that results in me causing a toilet to explode. I need to ask the doctor about a possible vaccine to prevent that .

“In my 32 years in law enforcement, I’ve never seen one of these before,” Mulligan told the Times-Union

Yea, I think we all could have guessed that Chief.



A couple have been found dead on their neighbour’s terrace after they reportedly fell off a balcony while they were having sex

Above the local Top Men scoop up the couple who fell from the balcony. Now together in the sweet by and by. . Forever euphoric

A naked couple fell to their deaths while having sex on a third-floor balcony after a house party in Ecuador, according to a report Friday. Hey, they died doing what they loved.

The woman, a 28-year-old mother, and her 35-year-old lover were locked in a passionate embrace when they slipped over the edge — and plunged onto the terrace below, twnews.co.uk reports. Romeo and Juliet, forever for eternity.. Come on baby. Don’t fear the reaper.

The tragic pair was discovered by a neighbor in the Carapungo district of Quito, who heard a loud crash and rushed outside to investigate, according to the outlet. Then the couple fell off the balcony, Heyooo!

A heartbroken relative of the unnamed woman said she was the mother of an 8-year-old girl and that the fall happened not long after she threw a graduation party at her home.

Detectives are investigating the circumstances, said Calderon Police District Operations Chief Cristhian Trujillo.

Local media reports said the couple wasn’t paying attention to the height of the balcony wall and toppled over it while having sex. wasn’t paying attention. Haven’t we all been there?

I look through a lot of stories of people dying for these posts and I can say one thing with absolute scientific certainty. There are worse ways to go.


A SELFIE-LOVING accountant died after her mobile phone ‘slipped’ into the bath she was laying in whilst charging. I fell like there is a couple of innuendos in that sentence..

Evgenia Shulyatyeva, 26, died at the scene in Kirovo-Chepetsk, Russia, after being electrocuted by the device when it fell into the water.

In Russia, Cell Phone charges you !

 Friends paid tribute to the 'bright' woman, who died minutes after the incident
Friends paid tribute to the ‘bright’ woman, who died minutes after the incidentCredit: East2west News “she really lit up the room”

Her body was found by her devastated mum, Vera, just minutes later.

Evgenia’s death is now being investigated by the Russian Investigative Committee following a string of similar deaths in the country. Putin needs to get on this and start banning bath tubs, phone chargers and water.

 One said: "Sister ... rest in peace .... sleep well .... you are forever in our hearts … Call me tomorrow, say that was a just a dream, that this is not the truth"
One said: “Sister … rest in peace …. sleep well …. you are forever in our hearts … Call me tomorrow, say that was a just a dream, that this is not the truth”Credit: East2west News

The 15-year-old was found dead in the water at her home in Bratsk, Russia, in December.

She was a champion fighter in pankration – an ancient Greek form of “no rules” boxing and wrestling – and had been selected for her country’s national team.

 Russian martial arts champion Irina Rybnikova, 15, died immediately as a result of the “tragic accident”
Russian martial arts champion Irina Rybnikova, 15, died immediately as a result of the “tragic accident”Credit: East2west News

Speaking previously after Irina’s death, Yury Agrafonov, the head of radio-electronic department of Irkutsk State University, said: “Water is a good conductor. This is why there was a short circuit when the phone fell into the water. Good work Yuri. Thanks for the tip.

“If the phone had not been plugged in to 220 volts, the tragedy would not have happened.” I honestly have nothing to add to that line.

Another woman, 26-year-old Liliya Novikova, who was dubbed Russia’s “most beautiful poker player”, was found dead from a suspected massive electric shock in her bathroom in June. Looks like she drew aces and eights . Heyooo!

Liliya Novikova had been alone at home and her body was discovered on the floor of her bathroom in Moscow.

 Evgenia is believed to have died as the phone fell into the tub with her
Evgenia is believed to have died as the phone fell into the tub with herCredit: East2west News

Don’t take a bath with your “cell phone.”


Antonio Graham using crutches at Brooklyn Criminal Court

A wheelchair-using, one-legged homeless man is hell on wheels — accused by cops of fatally plunging a large ice pick into a rival’s face on a Brooklyn sidewalk. . Very Clever New York Post….

Antonio Graham, 50 — whose troubled past includes a staggering 45 arrests — was awaiting arraignment Saturday night, preliminarily charged with manslaughter, assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

Cops say Graham, a habitual violent thief and drug user, ( yet he was still out there in public )stabbed 60-year-old Gary Smith in the face just before dawn Tuesday near the corner of Schenectady Avenue and St. John’s Place in Crown Heights.

The amputee vagrant then allegedly wheeled himself away, taking the bloody ice pick with him.