When Guns Are Outlawed Only Outlaws Will Cut You In Half With Their Car

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.(WVLT)– A human torso was found inside a car during a traffic stop in Knoxville, according to police.

Where is there to go from here?

The upstanding member of the community pictured above. He looks like the kind of subhuman that would run over a man, cutting him in half then driving around with his torso in the passenger seat.

Officers said they made the discovery Sunday after stopping a car they said was swerving between lanes on Interstate 40.

According to investigators, Dorrae Johnson, 29, was heading west near mile marker 388 when he was stopped. Investigators said Johnson yelled out the window that he had to get to his family’s home and then drove away from the traffic stop.

Johnson is accused of then taking the Sutherland Avenue exit, hitting a curb, and blowing out a tire while driving the wrong direction. Investigators said Johnson then hit a utility pole, jumped out of the car, and ran away.

An officer arrested Johnson and turned off Johnson’s car. That’s when the officer said he discovered a human torso in the passenger floorboard. The torso was reportedly missing its lower half, which was later found with its wallet at what police called “the scene of impact.”

Police identified the victim as Daryl Butler, according to the report. Police said Butler was a pedestrian who was hit and killed by Johnson.

The officer who arrested Johnson said Johnson appeared intoxicated. A report stated Johnson said “he knew he was “blitzed.” That’s some mighty fine police work Lou.

When police asked who was in the car with him, Johnson said he and the passenger had switched seats, according to a report Jesus. That is probably the best line I have ever heard from these kind of stories. No wonder the car wrecked, original driver had no legs


” A mother and her two daughters are still reeling from a terrifying ordeal in which a man broke into their Corona home, took off all his clothes, and tried to use a hammer to smash through a wall to reach the room where they had barricaded themselves. “

Sometimes you just have to wonder where these kinda people come from. What kind of place produces guys like this. Some small Mid-western town in Indiana? A back country hollow in NC? Nope. Exactly where you expect. The weather is great there I hear though.

Jason Nelson, 43, is seen in this booking photo provided by the Corona Police Department.

Jason Nelson, 43, is seen in this booking photo provided by the Corona Police Department.

Some people just have one of those “break into your house naked with a hammer ” faces.

Rachel Bollin said she was home with her two daughters, while her husband was away on business, when she heard a loud smash and thought her dogs were getting into trouble.

Then she heard a man’s voice say, “Call 911. I’m in your home.” That was mighty nice of him!

He used a child’s scooter to break a rear sliding glass door, Bollin said, then went to the garage, removed all his clothes, and got a hammer before making his way up the stairs to the bedrooms.

At that point, Bollin said she called 911 as she barricaded herself and her twin daughters in a bedroom across from the master bedroom.

She said her terrified girls were hiding under blankets while the naked intruder pounded on the bedroom door.

Rachel Bollin speaks to KTLA on June 3, 2019. (Credit: KTLA)

Rachel Bollin speaks to KTLA on June 3, 2019. (Credit: KTLA)

Through all this, Bollin said she was screaming out the window for help, speaking to the 911 dispatcher on the phone, and trying to protect her children at the same time.

The man then moved to the master closet and began smashing through a wall with the hammer, almost breaking through to the adjoining room to reach Bollin and her daughters.

Thankfully, police arrived within minutes and arrested the intruder.

Hmmmm. if only she had something small, and portable and hand held that could have ended the threat posed by this naked rampaging man…

“In my mind, his intention was to at least kill me,” Bollin said. “And then, why are you naked? What is your intention? And now you’re busting into a child’s room.” Yea we wonder.. what cold he have been thinking.? I’m sure that he being naked for the world to see, likely had a “tell” indicating exactly what he had in mind.

However, much to Bollin’s shock and anger, she said, he was released on bail four hours later. What? In The People’s Republic of Kalifornia with its priority of giving drug addicts, crazies and felons preferential treatment? Get me my old timey fainting couch! I declare! How could this be?

Has the lady of the house, a good Left coast liberal, learned her lesson from this encounter with the real world?

“I always felt like in California that we really cared about people and that we were trying to create fair laws, but this is very, very unfair because he has more rights than my children. So forgive me, but at some point you have to say, there were minors in a room where he was naked and trying to break into, with a hammer.”

Bollin said the family is also considering civil action against him. She said they have taken out a restraining order and are appealing to state lawmakers for more information on the case.

…….Yea. That will do it.

Corona Mother and Two Girls Terrified by Naked Intruder Smashing Though Wall With Hammer


Kyler Bourgeous, 30, was running along the Frary Peak Trail at Antelope Island State Park when he crested a blind hill and found himself feet away from a pair of bison. These things happen.

“He said, ‘I just turned and tried to run, and I could see I wasn’t going to make it,’” his mother Bonnie Bourgeous told FOX13. Where is Kevin Costner and his .44 rimfire Henry when you need him?

“I was then kicked and trampled, cracking a rib and cutting my head in the process, before the bison moved away,” he wrote. “I yelled for some nearby hikers to call 911 as I lay in a ball hoping the bison wouldn’t attack again.”

His mother told FOX13 her son hikes in the area frequently and planned for the possibility of an attack. She said her son’s plan was to avoid a direct hit to the front or back and then curl into a ball to protect his vital organs.

Now that is a truly great plan. Remember that the next time your life is threatened. Though on second thought that sounds more like something you do when your plan fails. I guess since he lived he likely thinks it was a good plan.

“Boy, if those guys charge, you are pretty much defenseless,”( especially when you are literally defenseless ) Bourgeous told FOX13. “If he had not turned just one inch this way or that way, it would have gone through his heart and lungs and lower internal organs and there’s no way he would have survived.”

A hiker was gored and trampled by a bison near Frary Peak on Antelope Island State Park in Utah on Saturday, officials said.

A hiker was gored and trampled by a bison near Frary Peak on Antelope Island State Park in Utah on Saturday, officials said. (REUTERS/U.S. Forest Service)


Yet He Was Surprised By The FOOM!

Yes you read that right. If it sounds familiar to some of you that’s because it is. Since I started to carry on the When Guns Are Outlawed schtick from weaponsman I thought I would give this a try as well. Hopefully you all will tolerate my lesser imitation of another of Kevin’s regular weird news traditions and perhaps even enjoy it. If this is too much an affront to you please speak up in the comments. If you like it, please let me know in the comments.


Sources say a man was killed in a fireworks accident in Newark overnight.

It happened at 168 Pacific St. Sources tell News 12 the 23-year-old man was holding the fireworks close to his chest when it blew up in his hand and caused internal injuries.

At 23 year old, I’m guessing booze had something to do with this. An urge to show off while drunk, friends around and likely the opposite sex mixed with explosives make for a deadly combination. Why he would be holding it close to his chest/face is anyone’s guess. One thing is for sure, He won’t make that mistake again. I doubt an M80 to that face did much for his complexion anyway.

Reports indicate it was an M-80, a powerful firework designed by the military to simulate explosives and gun fire.

Oh yes, the legendary M80. Infamous for its ability to maim or kill the careless or foolish. I have had occasion to set some of these off before and they are every bit as dangerous as their reputation indicates. I never heard the bit about being used by the .mil though. Perhaps a reader who knows about the simunitions used by the gubberment will let us know in the comments. My older brother would often bring various booby trap and artillery simulators home with him after his 2 weeks of national guard summer training and they did impress me with how powerful and honestly dangerous they were.

In New Jersey, only smaller fireworks like sparklers are legal.

When guns are outlawed.. Just shows that even in a state like NJ where nearly everything slightly dangerous is illegal. there are still ways for idiots to kill themselves.

The man’s identity hasn’t been released. http://newjersey.news12.com/story/40578143/sources-man-killed-in-newark-fireworks-accident

Fireworks. are still explosives and need to be treated with all the care you would use with any other dangerous thing. Mixed with booze and the urge to show off makes them a surefire way to potentially rearrange facial features.

When Guns Are Outlawed Only Outlaws Will be Elevators

Today I wanted to give you a heads up on this potential threat.

A woman in Gujarat, India, was decapitated Monday after the cables of her earphones got stuck in an elevator gate at a plastic products manufacturing company, according to the police.

Unfortunately the lady must not have heard about Bluetooth cordless ear buds.

After wrapping up her work on the ground floor, she took an elevator that was used to transport manufacturing products and other heavy materials to get to the fourth floor. Vishwakarma, who was either listening to songs or talking to someone using her earphones, knelt against the railing of the elevator and looked down as she ascended the floors. Authorities suspect as the elevator approached the upper level, her earphones got entangled in the collapsible gate, the Times of India reported

Listening to music via headphone during work hours is no way to get a head my friends. Don’t goldbrick at work. It can cost you more than your job.

This reportedly caused her head to get stuck between the slab of the floor and the elevator and the impact caused it to get severed from the rest of her body. When authorities arrived at the scene, they found her head on the ground floor while her body was inside the elevator on the fourth floor. Her earphones remained inside her ears even after decapitation. They had become disconnected from her phone, which was left behind in her hand.

Always keep your head on a swivel and look out for danger. IF this lady had been alert and realized there are things other than guns that can kill you, she would still be dittybopping around work enjoying T-series. Now even Excedrin can’t help her. A modern death for modern times if I ever heard of one.


In this photo, a man listens to an iPod MP3 player through earphones in Sydney, Australia, Aug. 17, 2005. Photo: Getty Images/ Ian Waldie