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“The UK armed forces “stand ready” to intervene in the knife crime epidemic, the defence secretary has said.

Gavin Williamson said military personnel “would always be ready to respond” to calls for help while the Ministry of Defence “always stands ready to help any government department”.

No request has yet been made, Mr Williamson said during a question-and-answer session on Tuesday night.

He added: “I know that the home secretary is looking very closely at how he can ensure that everything is done to tackle this problem at the moment.”

Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police commissioner, had said she would be willing to bring in troops to support her officers as they battle a spate of stabbings.

Boy. sounds like the bobbies really have their gunless, hands full huh? I can’t figure out how this happened since banning guns is scientifically proven by rocket doctors to end all violent deaths and attacks.

During an interview with BBC Radio 4’s “Today” programme on Wednesday, she added that while ministers’ serious violence strategy contained “all the right things”, it was not “being properly funded and it doesn’t appear as if anyone’s being held to account for delivering”

Oh yes clearly it’s just that the gov needs more money is all.



Chief Constable Thornton and other top officers were due to meet Sajid Javid on Wednesday for talks




Ah,  a nation without guns.  A communist utopia where no decadent oil obsessed yankee capitalist  aren’t around to  go on a shooting spree and the state takes care of your security  and all other needs.   The dream of the Bloomberg and Polosies of the world.    Why, death by other than natural causes must be completely unheard of right?

Police officers are seen outside the gate of a kindergarten where a woman armed with a kitchen knife attacked children in Chongqing on October 26.


“It happened when the children were entering the school gate …(what happened?
The attacker just ran at them with a knife. The teachers were dumbstruck,” said Zhang Jing, who lives close to the school. 
wait a second. This can’t be right. Chinese peons don’t have firearms.  Clearly this must have just been some sort of Chinese Halloween.
He told CNN old people out shopping for groceries had intervened to stop the attack.
Good for them for acting quick and decisively.
An unknown number of students were taken to a nearby hospital following the incident, according to police.
Video from the hospital showed adults wailing in grief as children covered in blood were rushed from ambulances into the building. In another video, a child whose head is wrapped in bandages was pushed past on a gurney, as crowds looked on.
A crazy person with a knife can do grievous  harm with nothing but a knife.  I am gonna assume everyone reading this site is already well aware of the threat of some one with a knife closing the distance on you even if you have a gun in your hand.  one can imagine the damage a determine kook can accomplish against children.
Zhang said after the knife attack and recent scandals over faulty medicine for children, he’s increasingly skeptical of the government’s ability to look after his own daughter.
Skeptical ?   He is starting to finally start to consider the small possibility that the communist dictatorship doesn’t really give much of a solid crap about the people under its heel.  As hard as that may be to accept, we think he may be on to something.
“It is terrifying. The vaccines are faulty, the food is faulty … and right now even the security is problematic,” he told CNN.
why, it’s almost like you can’t depend on the government to protect you, Communist or on its way to communist or otherwise.
Friday’s incident isn’t the first time school children in China have been hurt by people wielding knives. Nine students were killed at a middle school in Shaanxi province in April by a 28-year-old man who was later sentenced to death.
According to state media Xinhua, the killer had wanted to “get revenge on his former classmates who had teased him” and had bought the knives online.
In 2017, 11 students were injured after a man climbed over the wall of a kindergarten with a knife and began attacking them.

When Guns Are outlawed Only Outlaws Will Be Man’s Best Friend


A 22-year-old man left in a coma after his genitals were “ripped off and eaten” by a bulldog had apparently smeared his crotch in peanut butter.


HOO BOOY!   We are off to a good start already!


The man, who has not been named, was found lying unconscious inside a flat by emergency crews in Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland.

Neighbours reported hearing the Old English bulldog, named Biggie Smalls after the late rapper, barking at around 4am and again at 8am October 7.

This would be the part were the original creator of  the “when guns are ..” would say something about his old Sgt. saying nothing good happens after 300am. 


Police were called at about 2.30pm, where they found a blood-spattered scene.

Rumours swirled around the town that the injured man had been held down during the attack, however it is now believed he was alone with Biggie at the time, although others were present

A police source told The Times the man had “applied peanut butter, or another food spread, to his crotch area” ( as  you do )in the moments before he was savaged by the dog.

Biggie Smalls is reported to have ripped off man’s penis and testicles (Image: Facebook)

The victim was rushed to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, but his genitals could not be reattached, after the mauling by the dog, called Biggie Smalls.

Look. I’m not Doctor here but  I am gonna guess that it’s likely hard to re attach genitals after a dog eats them.   The Garth Ennis comic book “Preacher”  comes to mind when one of the main bad guys utters the line. “my junk is in the bitch’s mouth, and not in the good way”


The sickening attack happened in a flat in Haddington (Image: Google)

He is now recovering in the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh where he has been helping police with their inquiries. “Recovering”  I think is  not something you do when your best furry pal eats your peepee off.

Biggie Smalls, who was covered in blood and restrained, was taken to kennels and later put to sleep.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “The owner of the dog which is believed to have been involved has voluntarily signed documentation consenting to the destruction of the animal.

Was Biggie neutered?  Maybe this was an act of revenge.

 “This has now taken place after protracted dialogue between the Crown Office, Scottish SPCA and the East Lothian Council Dog Warden.”     Oi mate! you got a permit to put down that dog that castrated a man!


A friend of the owner described Biggie as an “absolute angel”.

The pal told the Daily Record: “Biggie is such a nice dog. He isn’t aggressive or anything, and he’s quite small. He’s fine with other dogs. Indeed.

“The dog is an absolute angel. I was happy to be around him. He gets a bit freaked out by noise but he loves having his belly rubbed.” Seems he also loves ( loved ) peanut butter and eating  genitals.

Biggie dindu nufin wrong!  He was a gentle giant!  leave biggie alone! 


Old English Bulldogs are known for the power in their jaws and are descended from breeds used for bull-baiting.

To finish up with a quote from a book that was oft quoted by the originator of this never ending parade of the strange, “think of it as evolution in action ”

Have a good weekend. Don’t let fido get too comfy sniffing your crotch from now on.



Alt title recommendations would be hilarious in any comments.


She wanted to have sex. He didn’t. So she took a knife to his face, cops say

Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/state/florida/article219313855.html#storylink=cpy
Out of all the things that can kill you in this world, few things can be as truly vicious as a woman who has been spurned.
The combination of lust, liquor and a large kitchen utensil landed a Vero Beach woman in jail on charges of felony battery with a deadly weapon, cops say.

An arrest report says when a Vero Beach cop showed up at the apartment that 27-year-old Katherine Nieves Tavarez shares with live-in boyfriend Amaury Vazquez Carrero, Nieves Tavarez “answered the door with blood on her clothing and blood on her hands.”

Caught red handed!

Then the officer saw Vazquez Carrero “fall to the floor with blood covering his face.” When asked what happened, he replied, “she hit me with a knife” and “I can’t see.”


He told officers Nieves Tavarez had been drinking before she approached him early Thursday as he sat on the couch with a request for sex. His repeated refusals, he said, brought the wrath of her yelling. He said he went out to the patio.

BINGO!   We got the culprit of most of the ills in life that result in a visit by the local peace officers. Nights in jail, suspended DLs, facial mutilation from spicy women.
The officer noted Vazquez Carrero had numerous facial cuts and “redness around his neck and chest area and his shirt was ripped.”

Redness. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that was from the blood.  Blood that came from the knife wounds.
Nieves Tavarez said her boyfriend “came home from being out with a friend and had a scar on his face already. Ms. Nieves Tavarez advised that when she asked Mr. Vazquez about the cut on his face, he became angry and attacked her with the knife. Ms. Nieves Tavarez could not give any specific information about her account of the story.”

Of course it was his fault. He was the one that attacked her with the knife.  By simple deduction, one can see that  his gaping face cuts that he was the attacker. Evidence can not be denied.
Women eh? Can’t live with them, can’t have facial reconstruction surgery without them. 

Update On Your’s Truly & When Guns Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Superglue

I thought I would check in today in case some one, some where in some cave some where that has been wondering about me.    I am unfortunately  still in the process of trying to get myself back to normal.  Long story short. I have a lot of digestive  problems.  Have since I was 17.   Used a medication that worked great for years.  Then it didn’t. Doc started new medicine.  Takes a long time to get that new stuff working. I will spare everyone the less than pleasant details.  Take my word when I tell you that it is exhausting and even writing this took an act of sheer willp0wer.    But I am not gonna die or nothing, much to the disappointment of The Old M14 Boys Club. I’m sure.    I am feeling a bit better every day though at least.    Once I am back I have a few things  that everyone may look forward to.  Inland sent me the T3 carbine for review.  That is the m1 carbine in its Korea war era trim but with a scope base on the receiver which I have mounted a period correct-ish or at least correct-ish looking, weaver 4x to it and It’s pretty nifty.    Also still got the Colt Trooper carbine with MLK rail  that I will  do a test and review.   Non-gun related are a couple of hand made custom knives from Black Wolf Knives that I am pretty sure any knife people will want one or two after seeing them.    I will hopefully be back to daily posting within a few more weeks but until  then I will try to pop in a couple time a week.    Sorry for the delay and I appreciate your patience.


Johnnie Lee Carter courtesy: Odessa Police

“ODESSA, Texas – Authorities have arrested a fugitive Texas father who allegedly beat his 1-year-old daughter and used glue to seal her eyes and mouth.”


You know those mugs they make that says something like “Wold’s Greatest Dad” ?  They most decidedly did not make them with this guy in mind.


“Johnnie Lee Carter, 29, was arrested Monday in El Paso on a felony charge of injury to a child causing serious bodily injury, according to the Odessa Police Dept.

Carter – who fled after police were called to a domestic incident Sept. 16 – choked and punched the little girl before applying super glue to her face, the child’s mother told police.

The woman told investigators that Carter beat the infant because she wouldn’t stop crying…”

There are just some things you see on this world that you almost have a physical reaction to   not unlike how you would react when food poison kicks in.