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No, not steel. This heavy metal is the kind that pours out of Marshall stacks.   In this case the title is a bit inaccurate but I couldn’t pass up the chance to use it.  It wasn’t the metal itself  it was the heavy metal fan.

Simon Morris is charged with manslaughter after he beat a man to death who tried to steal his wallet, authorities said. (Orleans Justice Center jail)

Simon Morris is charged with manslaughter after he beat a man to death who tried to steal his wallet, authorities said. (Orleans Justice Center jail)
Simon Morris snapped when a man swiped his wallet outside an Uptown gasoline station Friday morning.”
Hey who wouldn’t? With gas prices the way they are who among us wouldn’t snap when robbed at the gas station?
“He chased the thief across the street and beat him to death with his fists and feet, New Orleans police said.Morris, 31, faces a count of manslaughter after the killing of a man identified in court records only by the name Edwin.”

The “victim” in this case being also the perp.    Was given some swift and decisive instant karma by Metal Morris meted out Some Metal Melee Moves and walloped and wailed on the wallet snatcher.

“According to police, Edwin approached Morris and asked him for a dollar outside the Express Mart Gas Station at 4140 S. Claiborne Ave. about 8:20 a.m. Friday. But Edwin then reached into Morris’ back pocket, snatched his wallet and ran across South Claiborne at Milan Street.”

Anyone who knows anything about street crime can tell you panhandling and begging are often a way to approach a target for either a snatch and grab or something more sinister.  The scum bag usually reacting to the body language of the target and judging how soft or hard the targeted person is. In this case it seem the thief judged wrong.

Morris caught up with him in the rear driveway of Hi Class Customs, an upholstery and window tinting shop at 4201 S. Claiborne. Morris wrested his wallet back and then began beating on Edwin with his fists, police said.”

“At least two people tried to restrain Morris. But he kept punching and then started kicking Edwin, who “was begging Morris to stop and was attempting to cover his face and body,” police said.

No doubt Morris would have been in a lot less trouble had he stopped at this point. Or at least in most parts of the country not run by the democrat party.   Continuing to stomp the thief into a mud puddle after he was no longer capable of putting up a fight and while at least two other people tried to  pull him away.  This was be akin to shooting a home invader after they ran out the house, you ran outside and half a block to shoot them.  No matter how righteous and deserved it may be.

Morris battered Edwin’s head and body “for a duration of five minutes or more,” police said. He didn’t stop until one of the witnesses managed to pull him off. The witness said he feared Morris would try to beat him up as well, according to police.”

Metal Morris may have a touch of madness it sounds like it.  Or he really had his blood up.   Had this happened in the mid 90s  Pantera would not doubt be getting the blame  for this. Unfortunately both founding brothers of the Grove metal band  are now dead.  Though their music will live on longer than the robber will.


“Paramedics took Edwin to University Medical Center for treatment, but he died there not long after arrival.

Officers detained Morris and later secured a warrant to jail him on a count of manslaughter.

I would almost bet some of those officers  felt some what sympathetic to Morris.   But in this case they had little choice.

In Louisiana, manslaughter is defined as a killing that is carried out in the heat of passion following a provocation that would cause an ordinary person to lose self-control. The crime calls for a maximum of 40 years in prison but doesn’t include a mandatory minimum punishment.

40 years for a reaction to something the law  says  would cause an  ordinary  person to lose self control.   I would bet the rice paddy that there are “victims of society” who have had 30 year records of more heinous crimes that haven’t served 40 years between any 5 of them in New Orleans.    Morris being  himself a victim in this case will no doubt result in him having the book thrown at him. Maybe he needs the same lawyer as  The Zimm-Zam Man!

Morris made an initial court appearance Friday evening in front of Orleans Parish Magistrate Commissioner Brigid Collins. She set his bail at $150,000.”


Once again we have an attack from the breed of peace.

A woman who went on a routine walk in her North Carolina lakefront neighborhood on Thursday never returned home, officials said.

The 66-year-old woman is believed to have been attacked and killed by two pit bull dogs in her Lake Tillery subdivision, Montgomery County Sheriff Chris Watkins said in a press release on Friday.

“This is a very tragic event, which has deeply affected the family, friends, deputies and first responders,” Waktins said in the release. “Our thoughts and prayers are being extended to all.”



“An investigation involving medical and animal and wildlife officials determined the woman was attacked by dogs, Watkins said in the release. Officials then “searched the neighborhood and located two pit bull dogs with physical evidence reflecting the dog’s involvement,” the statement said.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess it was thew mauling that gave it away as a dog attack.   And that the dogs were covered in the victims blood and viscera

“The owner agreed for the dogs to be euthanized so they could be forensically examined to see if they suffered from rabies,” Watkins said in an interview with The News & Observer on Saturday. Medical examiners also wanted to study the animals’ jaw sizes, Watkins said.

People grow might attached to their pets but I don’t know many normal citizens who would have put their own dogs down in an instant if they were found to have killed some one out for a walk. Though  when one buys the breed of peace you better prepare for the likelihood they will turn violent on some one at any moment

The woman’s body was sent to Raleigh for an autopsy, according to the press release.

Watkins said as of Saturday the case remained a death investigation and not a criminal investigation.

Read more here:




The scene where a plane crashed into a home in Payson, Utah

The alleged intentional crash in Payson, Utah, came hours after Duane Youd was arrested and booked into jail on suspicion of domestic  violence

When you are soooooooooo angry at you wife that just beating her like most normal pieces of trash?  why, you follow the example set by the Japanese in WW2 and get a plane and kamikaze the thing into the house she’s in.

“PAYSON, Utah — A Utah man flew a small plane into his own house early Monday just hours after he had been arrested for assaulting his wife in a nearby canyon where the couple went to talk over their problems, authorities said.”

The pilot, Duane Youd, died.” Excellent reporting.  I don’t think anyone would have been sure a dive bomb into a home inside of a giant piece of aluminum full of aviation fuel was deadly

“His wife and a child who were in the home got out and survived despite the front part the two-story house being engulfed in flames, Payson police Sgt. Noemi Sandoval said.”

Luckily the wife and boy escaped  death. Had they been in the wrong part of the house it would probably been a case of needing dental records.

Image taken before the headfirst smash into a house via airplane.

Youd had been arrested about 7:30 p.m. Sunday after witnesses called police to report that Youd was assaulting his wife, Utah County Sheriff’s Sgt. Spencer Cannon said. The couple had been drinking and went to American Fork Canyon to talk about problems they were having.

How did I know booze had a part to play in all this.  Or has Hognose called it, “judgement juice.”  We have seen some pretty crazy things over the past two years.  A man flying a plane to his own death in an attempt to kill the  old bal and chain out of spite ranks right up there with  “free bleeding”.

Youd was booked into jail on suspicion of domestic violence and then bailed out, Cannon said. Youd requested an officer escort to go to his home so he could get his truck and some belongings around midnight. That occurred without incident, Sandoval said.

If he had requested an officer escort him to the home and told him they would take plane ride would he had agreed?  Maybe if he was a member of the LEO investigating the Las Vegas concert shooting..

Within hours, Youd was taking off in the plane from the Spanish Fork-Springville Airport about 15 miles north of his home. He flew directly to his neighborhood and crashed into his house, Sandoval said.

Photos of the wreckage showed the white plane charred and in pieces in the front yard nearby an overturned and crushed car. Most of the upscale house was still intact, but heavily burned in the front.

In case the image above wasn’t all you needed to see.

Police had responded one previous time to the house on a domestic violence incident, Sandoval said. Online court records show that Youd agreed on July 23 to attend marriage and family counselling sessions for six months as part of a plea agreement following an April 8 domestic violence incident in which he was charged with disorderly conduct.”

Flying a machine into a house is pretty disorderly.  Luckily though Youd would have been prohibited from owning a firearm due to the domestic violence charges.  Goo thing or otherwise some one could have been hurt!



Two teens are behind bars after Nye County deputies say they stabbed their mother to death.

Pahrump teens.JPG

I bet you already know where this is going from that opening.


“On July 30, the Nye County Sheriff’s Office received a missing person’s report on 46-year-old Dawn Liebig.

“When deputies responded to the 6300 block of Wedgewood Street in Pahrump, they encountered 17-year-old Dakota Saldivar and 17-year-old Michael Wilson..”

Two teens who are the same age have the same mother and have differenet last names.   What good can come of that I ask?

“The teens initially provided a statement to police that Liebig simply disappeared and they had not heard from her.

Deputies found inconsistencies with their story and conducted additional interviews and a search of their cell phones.

During additional interviews, the juveniles then claimed that Liebig was suicidal and asked them to assist her in suicide. They reported that at her request, she asked for them to stab her to death.”

So it was a act of mercy?  She wanted to die and they just acted out of compassion to grant her an end to her suffering.

“The juveniles told us they waited until she fell asleep, then attacked her. They recounted stabbing and bludgeoning their mother. They also told us that this attack lasted approximately half an hour while Liebig fought for her life,” said Sgt. Tippets.”

That doesn’t seem to line up with some one wanting  you to help them die. That sounds like the exact opposite!

“One of the juveniles led detectives to a shallow grave in the desert where the body of Dawn Liebig was discovered. The other juvenile led detectives to the general area of the murder weapons,” said Nye County Sergeant Adam Tippets. More interviews were conducted and both juveniles finally confessed that a few hours prior to the murder, they had a fight with Liebig and were tired of her parenting style and demands on them.”

I guess it was unreasonable to ask them to take out the trash,stop playing Xbox or take a shower.   Who could stand up to such demands?

The juveniles sound more like they have the cold blooded murderous  personalities of the heartless career criminal to me.  May be time to stop referring to them  as “juveniles” and try and execute them as the abominations that they are.

In other news. This one taking place in Howard’s stomping grounds.


“Four-year-old Je’Hyrah Daniels was screaming as her mother dragged her toward the Hillsborough River on Thursday afternoon, waded into the water, tossed her in and left her to die, witnesses told police.

Je’Hyrah died at St. Joseph’s Hospital less than an hour later.

Shakayla Denson, 26, was charged with murder, aggravated child abuse and grand theft of a motor vehicle. She was booked into the Hillsborough County jail late Thursday and is being held without bond.

The chaos started at 3:09 p.m. Thursday when Denson stole a gray Nissan Altima from Jordan Auto Repair, 5604 N. 40th Street, according to police.”

“Things just unraveled from there,” Chief of Police Brian Dugan said during a news conference Friday morning.

Yes chief, I would say things did unravel from there indeed. I can see why this guy is in charge.

“Witnesses say they observed her forcibly push a child into the backseat of the car. One witness attempted to intervene and was struck by the car as she fled the scene.”

Denson drove the stolen car to the river and parked on Rome Avenue just north of West Aileen Street, where witnesses watched as she forcibly took Je’Hyrah out of the car”

“She started dragging Je’Hyrah by the arm and heads toward the Hillsborough River,” Dugan said. “Witnesses report that the child was screaming and at one time, both the child and the mother were screaming.”

Denson grabbed the girl with both arms, pulled her close to her chest as she waded into the water, continuing until the water was near the top of her shoulders and then let Je’Hyrah go. She then turned around toward the river bank and walked south down Rome Avenue.

By about 4 p.m., Tampa police had received multiple calls reporting that a woman had thrown a child into the river just north of the Columbus Drive Bridge. Officers rushed to the scene, and by 4:16 p.m. Tampa police divers had began searching for Je’Hyrah.

At about 4:30 p.m., a diver pulled the 4-year-old girl out of the river about 75 feet from the bank not far from where her mother tossed her in, police said.

Je’Hyrah was rushed to St. Joseph’s, but was pronounced dead at 4:49 p.m.

Moments later, just after 5 p.m., police found Denson walking in the 2300 block of North Oregon Avenue — less than a mile from the scene — and she was taken into police custody.”

It is hard for most people to image the  thoughts and minds of the kind of sub-human animal that would do such a thing.   All one can do in response it to put her to death in the most painful way hands can devise.

Now in the mid-west. Where those middle-America values are still as strong as ever.

Police: IN father didn’t call 911 after child’s meth overdose

SEYMOUR, IN (WAVE) – A father accused and jailed in the death of his young son could have his bond reduced.

Curtis Gilbert Collman, 41, has been charged with neglect that led to the death of a dependent and possession of meth.

Detectives said his eight-year-old son, Curtis Collman III, accidentally ingested meth while in his father’s custody. The amount of meth he consumed was enough to kill a grown man, according to officials.

Anyone that is a parent, you know, would be emotionally upset,” Jackson County Sheriff’s Department Detective Tom Barker told WAVE 3 News. “It kind of hits home if you have kids.”

“Your worst nightmare as a parent,” Jackson County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Jeffrey Chalfant said.

Apparently for some people it is not their worst nightmare.

But, that parent did just the opposite Chalfant believes.

Around 10 a.m. on June 21, Collman noticed his son was falling ill. He reached out to a friend who came over and advised the child might need medical care, according to police documents.

The father then took his friend’s cell phone to prevent her from calling 911. He also pointed a gun at her and threatened her life, according to police. Collman and his son then drove to his mother’s house, police said.

Curtis Collman II (Source: Jackson County Detention Center)

I will spare you most the details of story  about the actions of NOT  Father of year.
“You have an eight year old child that most likely suffered for many hours,” Barker said. “It upsets you.”  Indeed it does.
The story is always the same with these  offal. Living in squalor , neglecting anything that doesn’t involve getting more drugs. destroying anyone and anything that gets in the way of acquiring more dope.
Now we come to my favorite part of these stories,  where we learn the scumbag has a long well known record of being the worst humanity has to offer.

“Collman also faces charges for pointing a firearm, theft and failure to register as a sex offender. He requested a bond reduction so he could spend time at home with his parents while awaiting trial. The judge will decide by close of business Friday if the bond will be lowered.

Both Barker and Chalfant said they’ll fight to keep Collman behind bars.

Collman’s previous criminal record includes trafficking and sexual misconduct with a minor.”

Why? How?  This man is a known sex offender, pedo and all around dirt bag  and the “authorities ” knew this and yet he was out on the street.   We can thank that revolving door justice system.  Little Curtis can thank modern criminal justice system for that. RIP.

Curtis Collman III (Source: Family photo)

Happy Monday folks.



laciana tinsley 1 Woman Sentenced To Prison For Allegedly Killing Husband With Fire Extinguisher

Credit: Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office

Everyone home should have one.  You never know when  you  may have to grab one at a moments notice  to use to save everything you own., Your home, your family, your toys,you own life.   Of course we mean the fire extinguisher, one piece of emergency kit that anyone prudent should have ready and up to date anywhere a fire could break out.

MOUNT HOLLY,  N.J. (CBS) — A woman who authorities say beat her husband to death with a fire extinguisher has been sentenced to prison.

Laciana Tinsley, 44, was sentenced to 24 years behind bars after her husband, Douglas Tinsley, 74, was fatally beaten to death in January 30, 2017.

Authorities say Laciana struck her husband in the head multiple times with a fire extinguisher in the unit block of Hancock Lane. Douglas Tinsley was pronounced dead at the scene.

Will this result in demands for a ban on extinguishers?  After all,  a gun is as capable of saving lives as  a fire extinguisher.  The only logical conclusion is that  we have to have more laws.  You don’t need a fire extinguisher to hunt deer!


“This was a tragic case,” Prosecutor Coffina said. “There is no justification for the brutal killing of Mr. Tinsley. We are gratified that justice has been served, and our thoughts continue to be with the victim’s family.”

Laciana must serve 85 percent of the sentence before becoming eligible for parole under the No Early Release Act.


I do wonder what brought this on.  Beating a husband to death with a fire extinguisher is not something  done after careful planning and speaks more of heated rage and emotion.

If you will excuse a bit of lame poetics, the extinguisher  in this case put out a spark. Just not the kind it was meant to.


“WILLIAMSON – Kentucky State Police are investigating a single-car collision that killed a woman walking along U.S. 119 near Belfry on Wednesday.”

Last night in my virtual back yard, a well known lady met her ends  while jogging down the  side of 119.   A mother driving her to kids  struck and killer d her.      Rumor mill says the driver turned back to hand a bottle to the baby and veered off the road killing the jogger, who is , or was a PE teacher at the local high school.  I have no idea that is what  happened, but  usually the local scuttlebutt is true more often than not in a rare exception to the rule.

The local  rag couldn’t help   but post the most grisly pictures it could come up with.


One car crashed in the southbound lanes, just after the intersection for Belfry High School, at approximately 10 a.m., according to a news release issued by Kentucky State Police


spokesman Trooper William Petry. The car drove off the highway and struck a woman walking along the median, Petry said.

Petry identified the woman as Robin Gail Porter, of Williamson. She was pronounced dead at the scene by the Pike County Coroner’s Office. The driver’s name has not been released.

The drive has as of yet not been charged indicating the po-po think it may indeed have been a freak accident.   Luckily quick acting citizens stopped to render aid and remove the children from the up ended car.

Events like this is why I personally keep a expanded first aid kit in my vehicle.   Not only in case I wreck my own fool self some where it is going to take a while for help to arrive, but also in case of coming upon wounded from an accident  who need help ASAP.

One life taken and another life probably shattered forever for being the operator of the car.   The mental impact on the kid later in life can not be predicted  and the family and friends of all involved will no doubt suffer.       It can all be taken in a split second if you let your attention lapse.      Not a gun insight to blame unless the driver of the car had a CCW.   It is possible the gun whispered into her ear and convinced her to kill the pedestrian.    These things can’t be ruled out.      It does make a compelling argument for me about  my correct decision to stay  inside and no eschew PE.   You can’t get hit by a car in your recliner.


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A 6-year-old girl attacked by a dog Sunday morning has died, according to her father.

In the  great state of Florida known  for its strange  happenings and stranger people who make the news so often the term “FL man” has been given birth online  we have news of another grisly death.  Once again we have a victim of Man’s best friend


“Police and firefighters were called to a house on Herrick Drive about 10:15 a.m. Sunday by a neighbor who heard screaming and saw the girl’s mother carry the girl’s unconscious body outside.

“I just kept hearing somebody (yell), ‘Help me, help me!'” Timothy Hightower told News4Jax. “She came out of the house and laid the baby down right there and told us to call the paramedics, and that’s what we did.”

Jaelah was taken to Memorial Hospital with what police described as “very serious, life-threatening injuries.” She was transferred to Wolfson Children’s Hospital, where she later died.

The girl’s 7- and 9-year-old siblings were not hurt.

News4Jax has contacted the medical examiner’s office to learn Jaelah’s official cause of death.”

I’m guessing the cause of death was  a mauling from  a certain type of dog known on some gun forums as ” The breed of peace”.   To hammer that joke in  and murder all humor, the  “…of peace ” being a play on the often said  claim of many of the left about the  death cult of Islam being  a “religion of peace” for those of you not living int he USA.     Anyone who has ever been bitten by a dog or seen a serious animal bite knows it is a serious injury.     An attack from a dog like a pitt bull is a real meat grinder.


“he Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office believes the dog that bit Jaelah was a pit bull terrier. The dog, which does not belong to Jaelah’s family, was picked up by Animal Care and Protective Services and placed on a 10-day quarantine and is being medically observed. “


Hey what do you know!   Maybe I should become a fortune teller.  Who could have ever guessed it was  pitbull?

“Police said more than one dog was in the home at the time, and the dog that attacked Jaelah was not the family’s pet, but a dog they were watching while friends were on vacation. It’s unclear what the dog’s owner plans to do as far as filing an appeal.

A second dog was also removed from the home Sunday as a precaution.

John Holzbaur, an attorney not affiliated with the case, said the dog’s owner could be held liable in Jaelah’s death “if the state can prove reckless disregard in this attack.”

That could mean six months in jail or a $500 fine.”


“On Tuesday, News4Jax learned that the Florida Department of Children and Families was also investigating the attack, looking into what was going on in the home at the time and if there are additional safety concerns.”

Something does seem off when you get a tragic death of a child from a dog mauling then on top of that the police start looking into what was going on leading up to the death.    It could be  booze, dope or who knows what else. May even be something sinister  went down and the breed of peace  is the patsy, since after all I  hear all the time how gentle and harmless they are.      Call me a cynic but the po-9 don’t start digging into you chili after your kid just got treated like a chew toy unless they have reason to believe something else is going on.


The dog is likely got a date with a lethal inject for its troubles.

A bite from an animal is a serous wound, even if it doesn’t seem too bad initially.  The teeth puncture the skin and can crush tendons, bones and nerves.  An animals mouth  has more germs and bacteria than a bernie sanders  campaign rally.  If bitten immediately try to clean the wound and get to a doctor or better ,yet an ER.  Not only can the bite cause infection by there is also the possibility of rabies.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A 6-year-old girl attacked by a dog Sunday morning has died, according to her father.

When Guns Are Outlawed Then Only Outlaws Will Have Mr. Clean

12-year-old charged with attempted murder, accused of poisoning her brother

Now there is something you don’t hear every day.  The 12 year old who attempted murder in a method as old as murder itself lives in my stomping grounds here in Ky.   Here in Christian County, Ky no less.  Apparently the name of her home county failed to inspire her to turn the other cheek on her little Bro.  We all have annoying siblings but come on, poison?  How annoying of a brat could he have been?

According to the report, the girl told a man in Texas on Skype that she was going to poison her brother with Mr. Clean. The girl’s mother confronted her and told deputies her daughter admitted to poisoning her 4-year-old brother because she thought her mom loved him more. 

Deputies talked to the girl and reported the girl also admitted to them she put Mr. Clean in her brother’s water and said it was because “he was annoying her.”

The girl was placed under arrest and taken to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation by order of a judge. 

A sheriff’s deputy tells News 2 the boy was sick but has since recovered. “
Good news for the little fellow, but you have to wonder what the family may be like if the daughter was capable of such a thing.


In the land of the rising sun where  private ownership of firearms is virtually banned  deaths are all but eliminated!  Except for it isn’t.  Without  guns around the Japanese have found more creative ways to kill each other.

” A man was arrested in Japan on Saturday after a prank – shooting compressed air deep into a workmate’s rear end – ended in tragedy.”


Yep you read that correctly.

“The Ibaraki Prefecture Ryugasaki Police on Saturday arrested 34-year-old Yoshiyuki Yoshida for accidentally killing his 46-year-old co-worker Akio Ishimaru.

According to the police and other sources, Yoshida and the victim both worked at an industrial equipment manufacturing plant in Ibaraki Tsukuba City. At round 5pm on July 13, during a break, the two were apparently clowning around when Yoshida jokingly took an air compressor on the site and poked Ishimaru between the buttocks with it, injecting a blast of lethal wind deep into the victim’s body.”

A few minutes later, Ishimaru begin to complain that he felt unwell. A colleague called emergency services, which dispatched an ambulance to the scene. Although Ishimaru was swiftly transported to hospital, he did not survive the indignity he had suffered.

Yoshida has confessed, and now faces charges of assault resulting in death. “I just did it as a prank,” Yoshida told police. “I didn’t think he could possibly die from that.”


Like every where else in the world,  there are always clowns  at the workplace without any brains.  I doubt anyone reading this  doesn’t k now of the dangers of shooting compressed air too close to your skin.       The Japanese  choice of aiming it  at his co-workers  rusty sheriff’s badge is  a common Japanese prank usually done with fingers.  Japanese kids are pretty fond of sneaking up on each other and surprising their pals by seeing how far they can ram  their digits up  the Hershey highway.  Ordinarily  this wouldn’t result in death but adding high pressure air up an orifice is another matter.

Butt wait ! There is more!

On December 16, 2017, two men working at an industrial waste disposal factory, in Saitama Prefecture accidentally killed their co-worker. The three men were using the air compressor to blow dirt and grime off of their uniforms, when they pranked their 44-year-old colleague by poking him in the rear with the air compressor. Both co-workers were arrested on charges of assault resulting in death.

In fact, the year had started with an ill wind. On January 1, a 28-year-old student in Kyoto died after being prodded by his friend, between the buttocks, with an air-duster gun.

Even the armed forces are not immune. In 2013, members of Japan’s Self Defense Forces pranked each other with air compressors, resulting in serious wounds and hospital visits. Fortunately, there were no fatalities from the soldiers’ rear assaults.”


A strange trend to be sure and  not a very honorable way to meet the ancestors I would think.    But don’t let it worry you, the writer is quick to remind you  how safe it is since no one can have guns.  Why, it is so recognized that guns are the ultimate evil that even the local Yakuza ( mafia) refuses to touch a firearm.    The yakuza are the charming fellows responsible  for underage prostitution and  other activities on the up and up.

“Japan is a country remarkably free of guns and gun deaths – even the yakuza avoid them – but in recent years has been plagued by an unlikely lethal weapon: the air compressor. Yesterday’s death is, in fact, just one of several incidents related to air being forcibly blasted up backsides.”


Remarkable.   almost free of guns and gun deaths!   It is sooooo much better that the hang themselves, toss themselves off of cliffs, jump in front of bullet trains and..gulp.. severing their own genitals..     But no gun deaths!

A spate of deaths and injuries in Japan in recent years result from a dastardly prank: compressed air being blasted into rectums. Photo; Andrew Salmon/Asia Times

When Guns Are Outlawed Then Only Outlaws Will Have Gravity And Vegetable Knives And Clothes Dryers

One of my favorite  ongoing spots on weaponsman was the WGAOTOOWH bit.   Kevin would highlight some poor slob or just unlucky person’s usually horrific death  as a way to both show how fast death can come but also that  deaths are caused when no firearms is involved.  One of Kevin’s other readers recently mentioned it here and I had been thinking about  it myself for a while.  So.. if you will forgive me, I will attempt to revive  a fan favorite even if I can’t carry it off with the same style and whit. 

NEW DELHI – Indian police have arrested a drill instructor who pushed a university student from the second floor of a building to her death during a bungled training exercise, officials said Friday (July 13).

“A crowd of students positioned below with a crash net could only watch as the young student cracked her head violently in the awkward fall before tumbling to the ground.”

I am not an expert on falling off of a building to your death but I would think  it is always  awkward.

Student pushed to death during safety drill in India

The video at the link shows the  fall and the website reports a “drill instructor ” gave the student a shove while trying to prepare the students  during a training exercise.  I suppose nothing  prepares like the real thing.

In other news, a man in China went on a  stabby spree.

“SHANGHAI – A man armed with a knife attacked students at the entrance to a primary school in Shanghai’s central Xuhui district on Thursday (June 28), killing two of the children, police said.

The 29-year-old man attacked three male students and one female parent with a vegetable knife around 11.30am local time, the Xuhui branch of the Shanghai police said on its official Weibo account.

The victims were rushed to hospital but two of the students died, it said, adding that the third student and the parent were not in a life-threatening condition.”

Seems no gun zones work the same in China as the do  in the US.  Luckily  no one had a gun or someone could have really gotten hurt!


It seems the attacker was stopped by people who acted quickly on the scene.   Video at the link purports to be taken and shared on the Chinese social media Wiebo.

The Asian new sources reminds us how safe it is in the Communist utopia thanks to there being no guns around while at the same time telling us how many people are killed by sharp objects.    Apparently China has no woken up to the seriousness of the existential threat sharp object pose to the planet unlike our cousins from across the Atlantic who have been rounding up the treacherous kitchen implements in  London.

Violent crime is rare in China compared with many other countries, especially in major cities where security is tight, but there has been a series of knife and axe attacks in recent years, many targeting children.

“In April, a 28-year-old man who harboured a hatred of children having been bullied at school stabbed to death seven Chinese middle school students who were on their way from classes in the northwestern province of Shaanxi.

Such attacks are often blamed on people with mental illness or who have personal grievances. Knives are most commonly used because gun controls are extremely strict in China”

In other news on  US soil.

NEW BOSTON, Texas —Authorities in East Texas are investigating the death of a 10-year-old girl who was apparently electrocuted as she was reaching behind a clothes dryer to retrieve her kittens.

KSLA-TV in Shreveport, Louisiana, reports that the parents of Greenlee Marie said she was trying to rescue the pets Saturday at the family’s home in New Boston, Texas.

“She is a beautiful soul. She has more compassion in her at 10 years old than most adults do in their entire life time. She loved her babies and she would do anything for them,” said her mother Shelby Roos.

“There is no reason our baby should be gone. You don’t die inside your own house,” father Scott Hendrix said.”

A 10 year old girl  dies from electrocution apparently while trying to save kittens.   Tragic that  her life was ended  because an attempted act of compassion.   The cynic in me says there may very likely be more to this.     Apparently  I am not the only  person in the world who never assumes a child’s death is what it seems.

“Authorities were back at the home on Monday investigating.

New Boston police Chief Garry McCrary told the television station the home had electrical issues in the past but that it’s “too early right now to go ahead and place blame and responsibility until the investigation is over.”

The parents have started  fund for people to donate money towards  helping animals in her honor.