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Reloading 40mm Chalk Rounds

Back when I ordered my M203, chalk rounds were about $5 shipped. When I got it, it took me a bit but I managed to buy a crate at $7 shipped. Still it is getting harder and harder to find these rounds. So, like many shooters shooting expensive ammo, I am going to reload.

Image from ldsystems.us

Chalk rounds are pretty simple. A blank, a case, a pusher, a cone, and chalk.

First, I have to punch out the old blank. On some of these cases, the blank came out easily. Others not so much. There is some sort of black sealant uses on these cases that made it kinda tough to get out.

At first I used a brass punch. After that failed, a few minutes on the lathe got me a stainless steel punch. The narrow diameter is about .01 smaller than a quarter inch. I started using a press to punch out the blanks.

Note the black sealant
Black sealant everywhere
Fired blank next to an unfired blank

Maybe I shouldn’t call this a blank. It might technically be an “impulse charge”, but that is semantics. I’ll keep these spent “impulse charges” as they can individually be reloaded. I bought mine from Gunbroker.

The replacement blanks can easily be pressed into the case. I didn’t bother with adding any new sealant for these reloads.

In the middle of reloading
The cones press on to the zinc pushers, the pushers can be pushed by hand into the case.

At the moment I am lacking cones. I am wondering if I 3d print if those would hold up to the firing.

Reloading the chalk rounds is very easy. Getting the components is the hardest part.