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Oil Tanker Attacked By Mine Explosion At Terminal In Saudi Red Sea (Gulf of Tonkin Part 2)

Hey! It’s never too late!

Right after the Israeli Saudi late night romantic rendezvous, how coincidental. Both the BBC and CNN are now reporting that a number of Iranian passports were apparently found floating around the oil tanker.

An oil tanker in the Red Sea has been subject of a mysterious attack while it was anchored at the Saudi port city of Shuqaiq on the Red Sea, reportedly after a mine exploded.

The vessel has been identified in Bloomberg as the Maltese-flagged, Greek-managed Aframax tanker Agrari which early unconfirmed reports are saying was “attacked while at a berth” according to a statement on behalf of its owner TMS Tankers.

The Agrari, file image

The statement further said that attack was from “an unknown source” just as as the tanker was undergoing preparation to depart, and it’s further said to be stable with no cargo on board, however the ship was breached by the blast.

Early reports are suggesting a mine may have been placed on the ship’s hull.

Hmm I wonder who did this.

Maritime news analyst Will Collins describes of the incident

The Aframax tanker Agrari was “attacked by an unknown source” early this morning, while at berth in the Red Sea port of Shuqaiq, Saudi Arabia, and suffered a breach, ship management company TMS Tankers said.

TMS Tankers, which manages the 107,000 deadweight tonne (dwt) tanker, said it was struck one metre above the waterline and breached, having discharged at the port and while preparing to depart. The tanker transported a fuel oil cargo from Ventspils, Latvia to Shuqaiq, arriving on 23 November, according to oil analytics firm Vortexa.

The Red Sea, which remains among the world’s busiest shipping channels, has in recent years witnessed military tensions and incidents between Saudi Arabia and Yemen’s Houthi rebels amidst the civil war that has been raging for at least five years.

The latter is said to be backed and supplied by Iran, which raises the question of whether this attack is connected to rising tensions also centered on speculation that Trump may be planning some kind of preemptive military strike on the Islamic Republic just before leaving the White House in January.

As if biden won’t give all the swamp creatures and our greatest pals exactly what they want anyway.

The Super Rich Elite Class Planning To Flee The U.S. They He Created

A interesting peek into what our overlords are doing now that they seem to have gotten Bidet elected. Like Californians, they flee the results they voted for.

Wealthy Americans are rushing to secure second passports, as a growing club of individuals have begun participating in government programs abroad which allow foreigners to acquire them, according to Bloomberg.

A person holds up an image of a Cypriot passport during a protest against corruption last month after the latest scandal to surround the investment scheme.

Eric Schmidt acquired all the typical trappings of a mega-rich U.S. citizen: a superyacht, a Gulfstream jet, a Manhattan penthouse.

One of his newest assets is far less conventional: a second passport.

Alphabet Inc.’s former chief executive officer applied to become a citizen of Cyprus, according to an announcement last month in a Cypriot newspaper that was first reported by the website Recode. –Bloomberg

According to the report, Americans rarely sought to buy so-called ‘golden passports’ in prior years, with such programs historically appealing to people from countries with far fewer travel freedoms than the United States – such as China, Pakistan and Nigeria.

“We haven’t seen the likes of this before,” said Paddy Blewer, a London-based citizenship and residency advisory director at Henley & Partners. “The dam actually burst — and we didn’t realize it — at the end of last year, and it’s just continued getting stronger.

A second passport can be had for as ‘little’ as $100,000 – and include potential benefits such as lower taxes, greater investment freedom, and hassle-free travel.

The so-called citizenship-by-investment programs haven’t historically been as popular with Americans since one of their main draws — the favorable tax regimes of adopted countries — has been of little benefit to citizens of the U.S., one of the few nations to tax its people regardless of where they live.

The current heightened interest among U.S. citizens predates the coronavirus pandemic, but the crisis has helped turbo-charge demand as they plan for how to maintain some freedom of movement with lockdown measures increasing amid a swelling second wave of Covid-19 cases. –Bloomberg

Americans are thinking: ‘I want to have that ability to move as quickly as possible and not be stuck,” said Nestor Alfred, CEO of St. Lucia’s citizenship-by-investment unit.

Yes, and guess which country they all want to go to. One with no extradition.

Another factor stoking interest is the prospect of a President Biden and a flipped Senate in January resulting in massive tax hikes on the wealthy. Others are securing the passports out of fear of social unrest according to Apex Capital Partners, which says its clients have increased 650% since the November 3 election.

They seem to know who would be among the first on the chopping block if CW3 happens.

“We’re seeing this interest from Americans who are all saying the same things that Chinese, or Middle Eastern or Russian clients are saying,” said Apex founder Nuri Katz. “They’re saying, ‘We’re not leaving the U.S. right now, but we’re concerned and we want to have something else, just in case.’”

Over half-a-dozen countries are now offering a citizenship-by-investment program, after St. Kitts and Nevis was the first country to do so in the early 1980s. Malta, for example, has raised $1 billion through June 2019 following the launch of their program last decade. The Carribean territory of Dominica has raised over $350 million in five years.

Fugitive Malaysian financier Jho Low was among 26 individuals to lose their Cyprus citizenship last year. The speaker of the Cypriot House of Parliament, Demetris Syllouris, resigned last month after offering to help a Chinese businessman with a criminal record get citizenship.

Following the scandal, Cyprus said it would end its current passport-for-investment program on Nov. 1. The European Union, meanwhile, issued legal ultimatums to Malta and Cyprus about their citizenship-by-investment programs, claiming they may have violated the EU law. Representatives for Malta’s government, which announced plans to revise its program before the EU’s action, didn’t respond to requests for comment. –Bloomberg

Mississippi Cops Can Now Use Your Ring Doorbell Camera To Live Stream Your Neighborhood

from zerohedge

Today in “those who surrender their liberty for security” news…

The Jackson, Mississippi police department is piloting a 45 day program that allows them to live stream private security cameras, including Amazon Ring cameras, at the residences of its citizens. 

It’s no surprise that Amazon’s Ring cameras were the only brand named for the pilot program, as EFF pointed out, since they have over 1,000 partnerships with local police departments. 

The program allows Ring owners to patch their camera streams to a “Real Time Crime Center” – i.e. a dispatcher on desk duty whose new favorite way of passing the time is to watch you bring out your garbage twice a week in a bathrobe. 

While the pilot program is supposedly “opt-in” only, meaning residents have to volunteer to be a part of it, it is an obvious step in the wrong direction of mass privacy invasion without a warrant. 

The worst part is that even if you don’t participate and a neighbor’s cameras are pointed off center, perhaps towards a portion of your property, that footage can now be reviewed and combed through by law enforcement officials. 

Police have used Ring cameras to “build comprehensive CCTV camera networks blanketing whole neighborhoods”, EFF notes, reducing the hardware burden on the department and slipping their presence into a neighborhood where it may otherwise not be welcomed. 

Amazon published a statement distancing themselves from the program: “[Amazon and Ring] are not involved in any way with any of the companies or the city in connection with the pilot program. The companies, the police and the city that were discussed in the article do not have access to Ring’s systems or the Neighbors App. Ring customers have control and ownership of their devices and videos ,and can choose to allow access as they wish.”

Maryland Governor Promotes COVID-19 Snitch Line. Do Your Duty Fellow Citizen!

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R) says Americans have ‘no constitutional right’ to refuse wearing a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic, likening it to refusing to wear a seat belt or follow the speed limit. Or refusing to bake that cake, so do it bigot. Don’t question this constitutional scholar.

It’s sort of like saying I have a constitutional right to drive drunk, I have a constitutional right to not wear a seat belt, or to yell ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theater, or to not follow the speed limit,” said Hogan during a coronavirus press briefing reported by the Washington Times.

I have a great idea of what to do about guys like this.

“We’re talking about a quarter of a million people dying already — more than the Korean War, the Gulf War, and the Vietnam War added together,” he continued, adding “Which part don’t you understand? You wear the mask. There’s no constitutional right to walk around without a mask. We did it in 1918, I don’t know why we can’t do it now.” Literally its like another Holocaust bro. Do you want Granny to die?

(There was actually an anti-Mask league of San Francisco during the 1918 pandemic to protest mandatory masks – a law which lasted one month before being repealed.)

Barbers in California wear masks during 1918 pandemic (UC Berkeley archive)

According to Hogan, Maryland State Police will deploy “High Visibility Compliance Units,” which will have a special focus on bars,restaurants and other venues in order to ensure they remain compliant with state regulations surrounding the holidays.

Compliant and obedient. Pickup that can, subject.

MD Police will also expand their 24/7 COVID-19 Prevention Hotline, which will allow people to snitch on each other for ‘unsafe activities’ and public health order violations, according to the Times.

Just what we needed.

Your Package Delivery Has Been Delayed

Armed criminal gangs in Baltimore City have recognized the online shopping boom. They’re giving up on robbing brick and mortar stores and have now opted to hijack or rob delivery service vehicles.

Just this week alone, there’s been a series of mail and package delivery drivers targeted in lawless Baltimore City. 

According to FOX45 News, the first incident occurred on Monday along Mosher Street, in west Baltimore, an area known for criminal gangs, widespread homicides, and out of control opioid crisis. Imagine that.

Investigators said armed suspects hijacked a USPS mail carrier. The van was recovered hours later, but it appears the suspects were able to loot it. No PS5 for little Timmy this year.

USPS is offering a $50,000 reward for any information about the gang involved.

A second incident occurred Tuesday evening at Mary Avenue in northeast Baltimore. A UPS driver had their truck stolen and has since been recovered. 

One can’t help but wonder if the drivers are in on the caper.

On Wednesday night, investigators say an Amazon delivery van was targeted along Highland Avenue in east Baltimore. Police say the Amazon worker was able to prevent the armed suspect from commandeering the delivery vehicle.  

Imagine caring about Amazon and zillionaire Jeff Bezos so much that you risked your life for it.

“There’s been an increase in the number of deliveries of packages, parcels and boxes,” Jeffrey Ian Ross, a criminologist with the University of Baltimore, told FOX45. 

Ross said the attacks on delivery vans are”unusual.” He said with increased mail volume because of the virus pandemic and holiday season creates an opportunity for armed gangs. 

“It’s a cost-benefit calculation,” Ross said. “They may find that other avenues of normal criminality are drying up for them so they’re innovating.”

Well, there is one thing we all know. A certain demographic won’t work a real, honest job, but they will always figure out a new way to steal.