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“Allegedly” Antifa arsonists are setting the wild fires on the west coast

Mounting evidence is starting to indicate the wildfires being are being set by antifa/BLM/Communist activists.


In June, Acord led a Black Lives Matter march in Seattle. Previously in 2014, Acord was caught with a cache of weapons and arrested during the Ferguson Decision Protest. Officers found the man carrying a 7-inch knife in his backpack, a box of ammunition, an assault rifle, a shotgun, and a box full of illegal fireworks in his car, according to a KOMO news report. When officers contacted Acord, he admitted to carrying a loaded gun without a permit.

Emergency radio chatter about possible suspects

West of Eugene


Wesley Marcello Reed: 39, of Red Bluff was arrested Friday and charged with arson of a structure or forest land. No bail was set.

More arsonists






Reminder that these fires have killed people


Florida No charges for gun pulled during Capitol protest, state attorney says

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – State Attorney Jack Campbell says no charges will be filed in connection to the incident in which a gun was pulled on Black Lives Matter protesters outside the State Capitol building on August 29.

“We reviewed video surveillance, media footage, citizen recording, officer body cam videos, witness statements and Tallahassee Police Department reports,” Campbell wrote in a letter to Tallahassee Police Chief Lawrence Revell. “We ultimately conclude that no charges are warranted in reference to this incident.”

Remington sold Its Ammo division


Firearms maker Remington Outdoor Co. has agreed to sell its ammunition business out of bankruptcy to South Carolina-based investment firm JJE Capital Holdings LLC for $65 million plus the assumption of liabilities, subject to better offers.

The JJE offer came in the form of a stalking-horse bid, setting a floor on the sale price for Remington’s ammunition business, which the company has been marketing while in chapter 11. Remington filed for bankruptcy protection in July and has been open to selling its ammunition and firearms…

Virginia Bans Guns On Public Property During Protests

“The Richmond City Council has voted unanimously to adopt a gun ban on public property during protests and other events.

The new law, approved Tuesday evening, bans the carrying of guns at any event, whether or not it is formally permitted by the city. The ban would also apply to any public area by an event, including streets, sidewalks, alleys and other public rights of way.”