5.56 Timeline

Ugh, Fedex

A gun is being shipped to me via Fedex, signature required.

At first Fedex said it would be delivered Monday (today). Then they said it would be delivered Saturday (2 days ago). It was loaded on the truck and I cancelled my plans spent all day Saturday waiting for it to arrive. They didn’t bother to deliver it.

The attempt to deliver it today fails because I was at work. As expected, Fedex leaves a door tag. I expect to drive over to the Fedex hub and pick up the package in person after the trucks return.

Nope. They won’t let me to do that. I either have to let them fail to deliver it 3 times, then they will hold it. Or I can have them drop the gun off at a Walgreens so I can pick it up from the Walgreens. If I desired, I could spend money to have it delivered to a different address.

So. . . my gun is going to be delivered to Walgreens and sit there until I can pick it up.

This whole affair is pissing me off. I find every interaction I have ever had with Fedex has been a bad on.

Still, I suppose it could be worse. Twice UPS delivered guns of mine to my neighbors.

So Simple Even A Dirt Farming Peasant Can use

I ran across this doozy on facebook this morning. Maya added me to this FB group a few weeks ago and told me “this is the dumbest gun group I have ever seen.” Thats really saying something when it comes to FB gun groups. They are full of all kinds of “helpful advice” from people like the guy above.

He managed to get the mag stuck in his AK pretty impressively. I have seen this happen so many times I can’t count. Which always makes me chuckle. The AK is so simple any third world dirt farmer can use it. The gun really isn’t all that ergonomic with its controls though. The safety for instance. The magazine rocking is used on other models and I have never liked it. Of course these things can be over come with training. But that doesn’t make it great. I could learn to drink pepsi if I choked it down over a long enough time. That doesn’t make it Coca-cola.

I don’t want to say the AR15 has spoiled us. That’s not exactly right, but it has set a gold standard for ease of operation.

KY Bigfoot & The Ball Fork Monster

This news story is pretty funny, but the reason I posted it was because it reminded me of another personal story worth readings so stick with it till the end of the news article for that .

A man who opened fire in Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park claimed he was hunting Bigfoot, witnesses report.

Brad Ginn and Madelyn Durand were woken by strange noises Sunday night while on a weekend camping trip. They encountered a man who claimed he was on the hunt for whatever destroyed his campsite, warning them they were in “Bigfoot Country.”

“[It] seemed a little weird that he would say that,” Ginn told ABC 13 WBKO.

mammoth cave
Historical entrance to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky Getty Images

The unnamed hunter also advised Ginn and Durand to arm themselves.

“He said, ‘I hope you have weapons’ and then he flashed his gun at us. [He] was like ‘I have this [gun], so if anything happens to you then just yell and I’ll come,'” Durand told the station.

Moments later Durand and Ginn heard gunshots and dialed 911, before hiking five miles to meet up with park rangers.

Officials at Mammoth Cave confirmed (part) of their story: “Law Enforcement Rangers responded to a reporting of an individual with a firearm in one of our backcountry campsites in the early morning hours of Sunday, July 28,” park spokesperson Molly Schroer said in a statement.

While she assure the public that the park was safe for visitors, Schroer said the investigation into the incident was “ongoing.”

This news article reminded me of a story. In the early 70’s into the 80s there was a lot of talk about the “Ball Fork Bigfoot/Ball Fork Monster”. People reported seeing what appeared to be a Big Foot at night while on a certain road that went from one hollow, crossed a mountain and into another hollow. As you can guess, the mountain is named “Ball Fork Mountain“.

For years people talked about seeing the mysterious mythical beast and still do if they are of the Adults in the 70s. People reported seeing it dart across the road late a night when crossing the mountain. Never anywhere else but Ball Fork mountain.

In the 80s my Dad had befriended a goofy fellow that worked in the same coal mine who lived nearby Ball Fork and Dad asked him if he ever saw the beast. The worthy who will remain nameless, looked around then confessed to Dad the it was him!. He had been putting on one of those stupid gorilla party costumes, going up on the mountain late at night and when A car came, he would dart out of the treeline long enough to get caught int he vehicles headlights, then dash over the hill. He had been pulling this prank for years and never told anyone.

Eventually he did this little joke a bit too often. Enough people had seen him to the point it was not looked at as some tinfoil hat or dope head delusion anymore and the locals started crossing the mountain at night to find the monster. And of course that meant guns. One night as he was giggling to himself and running from some one’s high beams, their drunken buddy leaned out the passenger window and fired off a round from the old trusty 12 gauge. He didn’t get hit but it meant the end of The Ball Fork Monster. He never told anyone else about it but Dad so the legend still persists to this day if you run across some one old enough to recall it’s heyday or was told about it by a parent. If you are curious you can google map up Ball Fork in Stone Kentucky to see the road and what is left of the mountain after strip mining.