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Hate Mail Part 6

You guys are funny, but I’ll entertain this one last time. You obviously had interest in a China Doll or you wouldn’t have been looking at the auction…..and probably didn’t buy now because your account wouldn’t support it. However, you should send your comments via reply instead of hiding them on your forum. As far as validity….For Iraq, I spent one tour in the VBC AOR (prosperity/Loalty)(SADR City), one tour in the Tallil/Adder AOR (Hunter/Garryowen), and one tour in Balad AOR (Anaconda). Then, spent part o a tour in Bagram, Afghanistan. Since you have my email, please reach out and I’ll be glad to give you my number if you should deny anything said on my part. And, for the peanut gallery, I’m almost 50….far from my parents basement.

I’m sure we are all very impressed.

Hate Mail Part 5

Our new reader and noted magpul china doll collector had more to say. This time doubling down on what he thinks I can and can not afford and attempting to use his claimed vet status as proof of his higher intellect and world view.

I’m not hurt at all and sorry you can’t afford certain things. I don’t visit the site much, but from what I see, I’m not impressed. Maybe you should do some time in Iraq and Afghanistan like I did and you’d probably see things a little different. But, you’d have to leave your parents basement. -Love, Eric

We are truly humbled..