A warning about shills

About a year ago I saw a scammer make eighty thousand dollars in about 3 hours. Oh boy was I jealous. I’m in the wrong line of work. Sadly my ethics won’t allow me to do what he did.

I grew up reading gun magazines. Those were always fun to read. But I never saw a bad review of an item.

A review of an Auto Ordnance 1911 mentioned having so much metal shave off inside the action that it jammed the gun. The reviewer still said that it would be a good choice for a new shooter. That is just plain ethically wrong to promote unreliable junk that someone’s life might end up depending on. But I suppose those big bucks of being a gun writer just are more important.

One of the NRA magazines had a list of the top 10 pistols and they left Beretta off the list. Beretta threatened to pull their advertising, so the NRA dedicated the following magazine to Beretta products.

Those are just a couple of quick example that pop up from memory. I saw a new one today about IraqVeteran8888 (IV8888). Forged From Freedom showed how IV8888 was paid $6000 per video for four videos ($24,000 total) to promote Olight products. IV8888 did so while claiming to be impartial.

Picture from ForgedFromFreedom.

ForgedFromFreedom has come out showing this only because IV8888 shorted them the cash they felt they deserved. The were perfectly fine with what IV8888 was doing when they thought they would be paid to help.

You see can ForgedFromFreedom’s side of the story here:


Remember, this is the same IV8888 that after he claimed he was never paid to review a product, Yankee Marshall showed his price sheet where IV8888 charges up to $4000 for a positive gun review.

As always, don’t just believe what you see online. Do some research for your self. Unless it is posted on LooseRounds.com, then you know you can trust it. And Olight, have one of your reps use our contact form, we could use some money too.

Armslist: For Sale 5.56 Shorty

Here is a gem of a gun for sale on Armslist.


At first glance you might just think this is an illegal short barreled rifle, bu then it gets better, look at the third hole.

Now in the past, I would have said something like “don’t be stupid, stay in compliance with the law. It isn’t working spending time in jail over a NFA violation.” But now that I see marijuana being decriminalized or legalized due to the mass amount of people not following those laws, I’m wondering if gun owners need to do the same.

But if you are not going to comply with unconstitutional gun laws, you might not want to advertise that publicly.

Hate Train, cont.

I saw a comment on a forum about Benchmade. Sadly I forgot to screen shot it when I saw it, so I don’t recall who said it or the exact wording. It went something like:

Don’t tell a company you will never buy from them again. Tell them that you will currently buy from their competitors, and in the future reevaluate if this company has changed. If they changed, you will buy from them again.

Poorly paraphrased quote.

There are two companies, I’m not going to go into details, where I once told them, “I hope you go out of business so that your employees can get jobs they are competent at.” Now one of those companies went out of business. The other has changed drastically and I am a fan now. I have purchased a good deal of their stuff now that they have changed and stop making crap. I’ll continue to buy from them as long as they continue to make good a good product.

Might be worth telling these companies that if they support what we want (or at least don’t support our enemies) we will buy from them. As long as they don’t, we won’t. I think many people would argue that Ruger is currently not the same company as back when Bill Ruger said that people don’t need more than a 10 round magazine.

Oh, L3 Eotech donates to Diane Feinstein. If you really want to get mad, look at how the NRA spends money.