5.56 Timeline

WTF quote of the day

This gem bought to you by AR15.com, a giant forum that sometimes talks about guns.

The 5.56 round is practically harmless unless it fragments. Reliable fragmentation velocity is about 2600 fps.
Your barrel has a muzzle velocity under 1900 fps, which means its effective range is zero meters. You could shoot someone with it point blank in the chest and they’d likely be fine, unless you happened to get lucky and strike the spinal cord. If you had used an 11″ barrel, you would probably OK for 30 yards or less…or if you had used a .300 blackout, you’d be fine with that barrel length.

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At least the first person to respond to him responded with laughter.

Just Some Friday Night Fun

I had friend of the website, photoshop savant and general Limey Degenerate, Dean Charles do up this banner just for fun. I am a fan of exploitation B-moives from a certain era so I asked him to make it up to look like a movie poster. It’s not gonna be the new website banner but I felt it was too good to waste. Tell me what you think? I know its not to everyone’s taste but I like it.

I ran across this picture of a custom made action figure on Facebook the other day. If you are of a certain generation the packaging will inspire some nostalgia. Combined with my favorite comic book character made it too good for me not to save.

I think this photograph settles the debate once and for all.

I ran across this meme on the gun grabbing memes facebook page. It cracks me up every time I see it. It’s funny cause its true!

Last picture for the night is this cool display of the Stoner 63. I sure would like to own one of these.

That’s it for this week. Busy day so I didn’t update with the normal 5 posts a day. But I will be back to normal 5 posts a day Monday.