5.56 Timeline

More random internet stuff

So I was going to write an article about the new screw bore action being developed, but I got distracted.

I never heard of this thing before. A Russian revolver with a .50 cal bore.

It is a 12.7x55mm somewhat like .50 beowulf. The cartridge was made for a rifle, but why not put it in a revolver? Note that it fires from the bottom of the cylinder.

I don’t think this is a gun I would want to shoot much but I am sure that there is someone out there salivating over the idea of making this their CCW piece.

Over in imgur, a clip was posted made by drummechanic showing rain being deflected by muzzle blast.

Ammo choice, barrel length, and muzzle device can make such a big difference in muzzle blast. I recall long ago shooting Norinco .223 ammo and it would make fireballs. Firing an 8 inch 5.56 with a muzzle break felt like being slapped in the face with each shot.

Colt Demo/Sales Pictures

Over on AR15.com, a member aeyoung, shared some really cool photos of some of the demonstrations Colt did to sell weapons. Doing things like throwing them around, burying them, putting them in water, before shooting them.

Note the “Dissipator” on the far right. That is the Model 605. Colt would later sell a couple of limited runs of 16 inch carbines with rifle length handguards to the public.
I didn’t see the rifle the first time I looked at this photo. Good throw.
That is either some sort of barrel shroud or different barrel profile I have not seen before on this .50.
That is a pretty big drum. Aeyoung comments that it might be 500-1000 rounds.
Colt CMG-2
XM148 Grenade Launcher. I’ve never seen that handguard with it before.
Colt 608, AKA the CAR-15 Survival Rifle

I really wish photos and videos of demos like this were more readily available. So many people forget that military grade weaponry is designed to be able to survive abuse. Also it is easy to forget how much cool stuff has been made and forgotten about over the years only to be rediscovered later. Like that cone flash redirector.

Random Pictures

Colt ACR, built to fire duplex rounds. It is said it had 40% less recoil than a M16A2. Note the stock which was a predecessor to the SOPMOD stock.

Much to my dismay, some years ago, I saw a near complete set of Colt ACR parts for sale individually. A bunch of different people bought individual parts. I think it is a real shame one person didn’t buy it all to build a semi auto one.

Who wants to play “spot the error” in this clip from an ad for the SEALs.