5.56 Timeline

Iron sights are still fun.

LMT MARS-L lower with Colt SOCOM upper.

Every so often I get the desire to build or buy a carbine with an A2 upper so I would have fixed iron sights. But every time I think about it, I realize it would be just like throwing a carry handle on a current upper I own. Without the option of being able to take the carry handle off when I want to run an optic. So I started leaving a gun set up with a carry handle.

Maybe, someday, when I have more money and places to put stuff, I’ll get a carbine with an A2 upper.

A canteen

My Grandfather marked his Canteen with where he went and dates. I’m told that the first Canteen he did this too was confiscated and he was told not to do that as the Germans might find out where they had been. He responded something along the lines of, “We shot at them, they knew we were there.”

More random internet stuff

So I was going to write an article about the new screw bore action being developed, but I got distracted.

I never heard of this thing before. A Russian revolver with a .50 cal bore.

It is a 12.7x55mm somewhat like .50 beowulf. The cartridge was made for a rifle, but why not put it in a revolver? Note that it fires from the bottom of the cylinder.

I don’t think this is a gun I would want to shoot much but I am sure that there is someone out there salivating over the idea of making this their CCW piece.

Over in imgur, a clip was posted made by drummechanic showing rain being deflected by muzzle blast.

Ammo choice, barrel length, and muzzle device can make such a big difference in muzzle blast. I recall long ago shooting Norinco .223 ammo and it would make fireballs. Firing an 8 inch 5.56 with a muzzle break felt like being slapped in the face with each shot.