5.56 Timeline

Gone plinking

Did a little shooting this morning. Top rifle is a Colt AR6951 with Aimpoint PRO in Wilcox mount. ARMS 40A2 rear sight, KAS M4 RAS quad rail, Tango Down Stubby Grip, and a B5 SOPMOD stock. Bottom rifle is a SBR with a Colt 10.3 inch upper and a Surefire 556K silencer. KAC RIS quad rail, and a TA01NSN ACOG in a Larue mount. Also a Gasbuster charging handle.

I had moved the ACOG from another rifle to the SBR, and took the Aimpoint off the SBR and moved it to the 9mm. So, I had to zero those. That went quick and easy, so I shot at a few clay pigeons left on the berm with the rifles.